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    The Son of Denethor Steward Of Gondor. A brave and respected warrior, a member of the fellowship of the ring and was killed by Uruk-Hai after succumbing to the power of the ring.

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    Early Life

    Boromir was born in the third age, in the year 2,978, and was a legendary Lord and Captain of the forces of Gondor. He was the heir to his fathers throne, the stewardship of Gondor (Caretaker to the true King's throne). He was the elder brother to Faramir (captain of the gondorian rangers) and was revered by soldier and citizen alike.

    Boromir was Denethor's favored son, with his father apparently despising his younger brother, yet between the siblings, there existed a strong brotherly bond, and the respect between two lifelong soldiers. Though flawed in character, he was still honorable, courageous and strong; he believed passionately in the integrity of his home, and his duty as a warrior to protect the people of his city and country.

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    Gifted with a commanding presence and great strength from an early age, Boromir rose quickly through the military academies of Minas Tirirth, becoming a captain through both his own merits, and the influence of his father. His fellow soldiers saw him as a true leader and were willing to follow him anywhere.

    He rose even further when he was named the Captain-General, the highest rank in the Gondorian army, and indeed the rarest. He fought all over Gondor, and into the borders of Mordor and Harad. His greatest success was in the summer of 3018, when he led a Gondorian army against the orc forces occupying the city of Osgiliath, and utterly destroying them almost single handed. He was even credited with personally killing the entire Orc command in the city. It was Boromir's finest hour.

    The Fellowship of the Ring

    He had been haunted by a forboding nightmare for sometime, one that told of his destiny and his death. His brother Faramir also experienced it as well. Within hours of his victory at Osgiliath, he was told by his father Denethor to represent Gondor at the council of Elrond, a meeting between the leaders of the different races of Middle Earth. Boromir was hesitent to go, but his father told him if he claimed the ring, it could be used in the defense of Gondor.

    Boromir left that night, and travelled for several days before arriving in Rivendell, where the meeting was taking place. He told them of the situation in Gondor and beseeched the council to use the ring as a weapon against Sauron. Unable to convince the council to use it or hand it over to him, he joined The Fellowship Of The Ring to protect the newly named Ringbearer, Frodo Baggins.

    As the months wore The Fall of Boromiron, Boromir eventually began to fall to the ring's will, as it manipulated his genuine desires to protect his people from danger. At the hill of Amon Hen, he attempted to take the ring from Frodo. He failed, and immiediately knew what he had tried to do was wrong. He was ashamed of himself, knowing he'd disgraced both himself and his people. Despite all this, he redeemed himself, by protecting Frodo and Sam's friends Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck and Peregrin "Pippin" Took from an army of Orcs, also known as Uruk Hai, sent by the corrupted wizard Saruman, to capture the hobbits.

    Boromir was a warrior to the very end, leaving a hill of orc corpses behind him before falling to several orc arrows fired by the captain of the Uruk Hai: Lurtz. After taking three arrows, he refused to give in, and continued to fight, but his efforts were sadly in vain as Merry and Pippin were captured. He would be avenged by Aragorn.

    As he lay dying, he confessed to Aragorn what he had done and placed upon him the responsibility of protecting the people of Gondor. With his last breath, he swore his allegiance to Aragorn. He had paid the price, and had conquered his fears and madness. He was given a hero's funeral and recognised by his allies as a man who was worthy to be called a king.


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