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    The Heir to the throne of Gondor, Aragorn was a ranger of middle earth and second in command in the Fellowship Of The Ring. It is his destiny to become the lost king of Gondor, but it is not a responsibility he wants.

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    Aragorn is descended from the mightiest race of men called the Numonoreans. These were tall, proud men most famous are the ancestors of Aragorn: Elendil the Tall and Isildur. Aragorn's father was called Arathorn, however was not King of Gondor, because that line had been lost prior to his time. His father was killed by a group of mountain trolls while on a hunt. Throughout his youth he had strong ties with Rivendell, because his father was a friend of Elrond, and also because both of Elrond's sons Elrohir and Elodir were Rangers of the North alongside Aragorn. Furthermore, it was during his youth and large amount of time spent training here that his relationship with Arwen was started.


    The character Aragorn and all characters that appear in Middle Earth are created by J. R. R. Tolkien and were adapted to comics by Luis Berjmo and Toutain Editor, and to several films by a host of different directors.

    Pre Fellowship

    Aragorn was a ranger of the North and a mysterious figure for many years. He protected the local people of the land from evil. He was trained by Elves and men both, inheriting the strengths of both peoples.

    He is well skilled in swordsmanship, hunting, stealth, field medicine, and tracking skills. Aragorn meet Frodo at the Prancing Pony and led him and his hobbit friends to Rivendell. He agreed to protect Frodo with his life, which he proved valiantly in the Mines of Moria.

    After Gandalf apparently died fighting the Balrog , Aragorn led the Company. Aragorn fought at Amon Hen with his friends, afterwards he accepted his role as future king of Gondor, after swearing to do so to the dying gondorian Captain Boromir.

    Major Story Arc

    When they realized Pippin and Merry were captured and Frodo and Sam had left for Mordor they decided to find the captured hobbits. Aragorn tracked down the location of the two hobbits which led to Fangorn Forest and he found Gandalf ,who helped them get to Edoras where they met with King Theoden and were informed of the predicament that Rohan was in.

    He fought to defend the caravan of travelers who were destined for Helm's deep from ferocious Warg Riders sent by Saruman, however he fell off a cliff and was believed to have died. A few hours later he appeared at Helm's Deep armed and well. He was instrumental in holding the front line of defense, particularly after the breach of the wall.

    Following this battle and the departure of Gandalf for Minas Tirith we do not hear much from Aragorn until we see that he was the first to realize that The Beacons of Gondor had been lit. He joined the army of Rohirrim 6,000 strong that Theoden assembled to aid the Gondorians.

    Upon arriving in Gondor, the Rohirrim rested near Dunharrow. It was here that Elrond came bearing the sword Narsil, renamed Anduril (meaning flame of the west) so that Aragorn could confront the army of the dead. While the rest of the Rohirrim rode on Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli ventured into the Path of the Dead and Aragorn swore that should the Ghosts aid The Gondorians in defending Minas Tirith they could pass into the void.

    Aragorn along with his newly found army overran the Corsairs-pirates who were on their way to fell Minas Tirith-and turned the tide of the war. After the battle he fulfilled the oath he made to the ghosts and visited the Houses of Healing where he demonstrated that the hands of the king are indeed the hands of a healer.

    He bravely led a small army to the Black Gate in the battle of Mormonan to distract Sauron and allow the ring-bearer to complete his task.

    Post Fellowship

    After this came both the marriage and coronation of Aragorn. He was recognized as the King Of Gondor and was named King Elessar Telcontar, and at the same time he took Arwen Undomiel daughter of Elrond of Rivendell to be his wife and Queen. His coronation marked the end of the 3rd age and marked the beginning of a very prosperous time for all men under the wise guidance of the new King.

    Aragorn is the son of Arathorn and is the 26th King of Arnor, 35th King of Gondor and the first High King of the Reunited Kingdom, He is 87 years old at the point of the Lord of the Rings novels, this is the prime for someone of Numenorean descent. He died at the age of 210, after 120 years at the throne.

    Physical Description

    • Height: 6'6" (198cm)
    • Hair: Dark Brown with some grey
    • Eyes: Grey
    • Skin: Pale

    Skills and Abilities

    • Tracking: Due to the large amount of time Aragorn spent in and leading the rangers he has developed fantastic navigational and tracking abilities.
    • Sword Fighting: Through decades of training with both men and elves and thanks in part to his heritage he is one of the greatest swordsman in Middle Earth, and one of the greatest swordsman ever.
    • Leadership: Aragorn has displayed exceptional leadership traits when he led the Rangers, The Fellowship (following death of Gandalf the Grey) and Gondor.
    • Diplomacy: While leading Gondor he secured various treaties and agreements with the Rohirrim and Haradarim and Easterlings to ensure and maintain peace.
    • Horse Riding: He has the ability to ride for several days without rest, and can also ride completely silently.
    • Endurance: He has fought continuously for several days without proper rest, and has tracked hobbits for hundreds of leagues of a few days without sleeping.
    • Indomitable Will: He has shown the ability to resist Sauron's malice and evil and inspired courage in the darkest hour.

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