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Norah Winters is a young reporter who just started out at the Daily Bugle. Her first assignment was with Peter Parker, better known as the Amazing Spider-man. She has a spontanious and outgoing personality, often bringing a smile to the people she meets.


Norah Winters was created by Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 issue 575.

Mayor Story Arcs

Daily Bugle and Norman Osborn

Norah's smiley-face
Norah's smiley-face

She was often flirtatious with Peter Parker (and later, with Phil Urich, the current Hobgoblin) while they worked together. Norah and Peter had numerous assignments together, one of them was to expose Norman Osborn as the villain he was during his reign of power in the events of Dark Reign. During this assignment she flirted with a male receptionist at Norman Osborn's headquarters so that Peter could sneak inside Norman's building. Norah was set on exposing Osborn, and did everything in her power to do so. She eventually succeeded. After the events of the Siege on Asgard, Norman Osborn was put to jail. Norah wrote about this and even interviewed Norman Osborn. After this she could finally putt an ending to her crusade against the mad-man. Although there was definitely a connection between Norah and Peter, nothing came out of it since she began dating Randy Robertson, son of Robbie Robertson, editor of the Daily Bugle.

Norah's nosy and unusual personality sometimes got her into trouble, but this was also what made her such a good reporter. Eventually Norah was fed up with the life she lived in New York City, feeling that nobody understood or liked her, and was planning to leave New York to return to her home state to once again live with her parents. Luckily, Peter Parker brought her off the idea, and Norah stayed in New York City to work for the Daily Bugle. She however still fell she was not seen as a real reporter, but more as a pretty face, making her even more determined to become a real good journalist.

The Punisher

With the Punisher
With the Punisher

More recently, Norah was reporting on a crime scene at a wedding that left 29 people dead. Because of her reporting, she eventually met the vigilante known as the Punisher. He was taking care of the criminals whom had killed the 29 wedding goers. Norah even helped the Punisher when he was wounded after a fight. She took the Punisher in her car as he directed her to his secret hide-out. Norah learned the Punisher's whereabouts because of this, and struggled with this knowledge. She asked fellow reporter Ben Urich whether or not she should write an article on her adventure and inform the audience of the Punisher's hide-out. Ben told her that he himself once stood for this choice (knowing Daredevil's real identity, but refused to write about it) and told Norah that she should only do this if it was for the benefit of the people, not just for her own well being.

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