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    A New York City tabloid newspaper organization located in New York. J. Jonah Jameson, a superhero aggravant, served both as the editor and publisher. Under his leadership it was known for its smear campaigns against superheroes, particularly Spider-Man. It was sold to Dexter Bennett after Jameson suffered a heart attack. It was renamed to the DB and was destroyed after a battle between Electro and Spider-Man.

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    The Daily Bugle was first founded in 1897 as New York's daily tabloid newspaper.


    Daily Bugle was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1962

    Team Evolution

    During the 30's its reporters started getting involved in super-heroes' adventures like those of the hero Night Raven. During World War Two, the reporters covered the Invaders' and the Howling Commandos' activities, even one photographer, Jameson, almost caught a picture of Captain America without his mask. In 1945, Jameson became an editor and then publisher at the Daily Bugle and ran headlines about the death of Captain America despite the Government's denial.

    Later on, a young reporter named J. Jonah Jameson purchased the Bugle from the recently deceased Jameson (who was presumably his step-father), and financially helped the Bugle with his personal assets and inheritance as well as having it owned by his own company, Jameson Publications. Jameson became the paper's publisher and Chief-Editor and brought it many success, becoming one of the most dominating newspapers in New York, rivaled only by the Daily Globe. At the end of the 60's, Jameson's company purchased a building on 39th Street where the building became known as the Daily Bugle Building, a 46 stories tall complex with a 30-foot logo on the roof.

    For many years in the comics, the Daily Bugle aimed to support civil rights and was against organised crimes. After the death of Jonah's wife in the story, he became more focused and obsessed with his work to point of becoming self-absorbed and led smear campaigns against costumed vigilantes.

    Major Story Arcs

    A Nemesis Born

    When Spider-Man came to town, Jameson immediately launched editorial attacks against the young hero, ruining his career as an entertainer. Even during Spider-Man's heroic activities, Jameson still sees him as a criminal and uses his paper to ruin Spidey's reputation, even conspiring to form some of Spidey's notable threat including the Scorpion and the Spider-Slayers. Ironically, Spider-Man's alter ego, Peter Parker, works as a freelance photographer and sells pictures of himself as Spider-Man to the Bugle, even though they are used against him. However, Spider-Man has a supporter in the Daily Bugle in the form of Robbie Robertson, the city editor and Jameson's only employee whose not intimidated by him.

    Blackmail by Hobgoblin

    At one point in the story, the Hobgoblin attempts to blackmail Jameson by revealing his involvement in the formation of the Scorpion but Jameson publicly confesses about this conspiracy and resigns as Chief-Editor and named Robbie to take his place. However, he still remained active as publisher of the Bugle.

    Green Goblin Takes Over

    Later on, Norman Osborn blackmailed Jameson into selling him the Daily Bugle by threatening to hurt his family and hiring the supervillain Mad Jack to go after. But Jameson regained ownership of the Bugle after Norman Osborn went underground.

    Stop of Anti-Spider-Man Campaigns

    When the New Avengers were formed, a team Spider-Man joined, Iron Man struck a deal with Jameson that the Bugle will be allowed exclusive contents in exchange for halting his Anti-Spider-Man campaigns. Jameson agreed but found a loop hole by attacking the backgrounds of other Avengers like Luke Cage, Wolverine, and Spider Woman, while not even mentioning Spider-man. Angered by this, Luke Cage's wife Jessica Jones sold photos of their new child to the Bugle's rival, the Daily Globe.

    Civil War

    During the Civil War, the Daily Bugle supported the Super-Human Registration Act. However, when Spider-Man publicly unmasked himself as Peter Parker, Jameson suffered a near fatal heart attack. After recuperating, Jonah's anger towards Spider-Man grew and he publicly fired Peter and filed a case against him.

    Also, Ben Urich was fired from Daily Bugle after Jonah did not believe a story about Norman Osborn, leading Urich to form his own newspaper, the Front Line, with reporter Sally Froyd. Jonah also forced Peter's old girlfriend Debra Whitman to write a story about Peter but Betty Brant secretly supplied the Daily Globe with this information and it published a front page expose.

    When Spider-Man went rogue, Jameson attempted to post a video of Spider-Man in order to further ruin his reputation. This angered Robbie who stood up to Jameson and denounced him for all the things he has said about Peter over the years. The dispute ended with Jameson firing Robbie but after a conversation with Peter, rehires him.

    Brand New Day

    After Brand New Day, when everyone forgot about Spider-Man's secret identity, Peter returned to the Daily Bugle which was suffering from a buyout from Dexter Bennet, forcing Jonah to stop all cheques and the employees had to work for free. This didn't sit well with Peter who argued with Jameson and as a result, Jameson suffered another heart attack. Because of this, Jameson's wife decided to sell the Bugle to arch rival, Dexter Bennet. Bennet renames the Bugle the DB!, (either a shorter version of the Daily Bugle or after his own initials), and recreates the paper as a scandal magazine. After the changes, many staff members left, including Peter Parker, and Robbie Robertson, leaving only Betty Brant. Recently though, during the events of the Gauntlet story arc, Electro begins a smear campaign against Dexter Bennet, After gaining a power upgrade from the Mad Thinker, Electro storms the building to destroy it. After a fight between him and Spider-Man, the Bugle is demolished, leaving Bennet crippled. It is not known if the Bugle will be rebuilt, having been destroyed two previous times, but it was stated by Ms. Brant that all funds used for this sort of thing had been used for positive PR during Electro's smear campaign.

    Big Time/Superior Spider-Man

    Following the destruction of original Daily Bugle building, the Frontline Newspaper organization is officially given the Daily Bugle rights by J. Jonah Jameson where Robbie Robertson and Ben Urich are sole share owners with backing from Jameson. During this time Ben's nephew, Phil Urich becomes one of the feature photographers along with Norah Winters due to Phil taking on the identity of the Hobgoblin when he murders Daniel Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin's brother who was trying to infiltrate the Kingpin's empire. During this time, Phil works as an anti-Peter Parker as he gets exclusives for the Bugle through his various crimes while becoming romantically involved with Winters.

    Following the dawn of the Superior Spider-Man, Otto Octavius exposes Phil's identity to the entire Daily Bugle staff which leads to Norah Winters being fired, Ben Urich stepping away from the Bugle and Betty Brant being rehired to replace Norah's position at the Daily Bugle. The current Daily Bugle uses more online resources and real time streaming news thanks to Phil Urich's actions during his employment at the Bugle.


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