Top Sharpshooters in DC & Marvel


List is ordered. Not based on popularity but skill, accuracy, feats and how much the character relies on guns to accomplish his goal, although I might be biased.

List items

  • No brainer, really. He's just the best ever. Except when he's shooting Batman for a reason.

  • He has matched Deadshot shot for shot in the past. His enhanced senses and reflexes greatly increased his aim allowing him to snipe people from afar.

  • He's a highly skilled vigilante with a happy trigger without any enhancement. All natural. All badass.

  • Highly skilled, highly trained. He's able to take on large groups of armed men and alien alike.

  • A super soldier with a keen eye. Even as a teenager he was already the best sniper in his division.

  • Said to have one of the most powerful handguns ever made by men and he wields with extreme accuracy.

  • Let's say she's just a lucky girl. *wink wink*

  • Not much explanation needed, he received training and is proficient in all kinds of weaponry.

  • He's an acrobatic marksman with enhanced senses which also translate to enhanced accuracy.

  • She would be alive as a monster hunter without some sharpshooting skills. She's used pistols, shotguns, rifles, carbines, crossbows and more, she surely loves her guns!

  • She's a super spy with extensive military training in combat and sharpshooting, most of it taught by Winter Soldier himself.

  • The man who sniped Captain America, he's a brutal assassin and mercenary. He's shown to be quite accurate with his shots.

  • She's an expert marksman, prefers to carry two guns.

  • Spy, mercenary, assassin and sharpshooter.

  • Is it cheating if he gets help from a symbiote? Flash received military training ans is an amazing shooter by himself. He can generate tendrils to hold more guns.

  • He's probably the fastest gun in the wild west, and the most accurate.

  • A military trained man turned psycho mercenary, devoid of all reason and left with a taste for gunpowder and blood.

  • WHO?… Star Lord man! His guns shoots all kinds of energy based rounds.

  • Not sure who's better, Rocket or Star Lord but I'm pretty sure this little fella loves guns more than any other rodent in the universe.

  • His power is immortality, and do Immortals do best?: Kill.

  • He was a soldier once, received training and became an excellent shooter.

  • He's a human arsenal, he has all kinds of alien guns including an "infinity rifle" that Deathstroke took from him.

  • She's a decent shooter, with a little help from all her toys she can be better.

  • Any gangster should know how to shoot straight if he ever hopes to make it into that world. Roman is quite a good shooter.

  • A decent marksman, he's uses 2 guns and has a cloak to teleport around.

  • A police officer with a decent aim.

  • He's a nice shooter but let's face it (pun intended) you got 50-50 chance to survive.