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From the day of her mother's death in a German terrorist attack, Silver Sable devoted her life to preparing for the day she would take over the Wild Pack; a group founded by her father Ernst Sablinova to hunt down Nazi war criminals. Symkaria had suffered badly whist under German occupation during the second World War. She became a master of many forms of martial arts, a highly skilled marksman and swordsman. As leader of the Wild Pack, she continued the job of bringing former Nazis to justice, but in later years as there were less and less Nazis to capture, this expanded into The Silver Sable International company which provided security, recovered stolen property and apprehended felons for big companies and even countries.


Silver Sable was created by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz and Josef Rubinstein and first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #265.

Major Story Arcs

Becoming a Mercenary

Silver Sable
Silver Sable

The operations of her organization brought her into contact with Spider-Man in New York, a hero with whom she would go on to have many team-ups and conflicts. In their first meeting, The Wild Pack were in pursuit of the jewel thief the Black Fox, but were inadvertently thwarted from capturing him by the actions of Spider-Man. The gems he had stolen were retrieved, but the thief was able to escape.

When the terrorist group Hydra came to her cousin's school and started murdering her friends, Silver rescued them with the aid of Spider-Man and her soldiers, although she stated that she didn't need Peter's help. Silver has collaborated with other heroes, such as Punisher, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Venom, Captain America, Deadpool and many others.

During the Infinity War, Doctor Doom was replaced by an evil doppelganger. During the annual diplomatic dinner between Latveria and Symkaria which was being held in Doom's castle, Silver's driver was killed by a doombot and a servant was killed by the doppelganger. When she discovered this, Silver was attacked by the doppelganger but was rescued by her soldiers.


When Matt Murdock ( Daredevil) took control of the Hand and built Shadowland in Hell's Kitchen in New York City, Silver Sable teamed up with Misty Knight, Paladin, and Shroud to stop Daredevil's Hand ninjas who were secretly targeting members of the mafia.

Heroes for Hire

Silver Sable was recruited to work as a Hero for Hire by Misty Knight. She is called in to investigate some demon-weapons dealers, who turn out to be under the command of Baron Brimstone. Sable is briefly possessed by one of the weapons and is unable to drop it, but is able to remove all the ammunition before handing it to Brimstone who is dragged down to a demon dimension.

Ends Of The Earth

Silver Sable appeared in the Spider-Man event Ends Of The Earth when Doctor Octopus threatened the world with annihilation. She played a pivotal role in saving both Black Widow and Spider-Man from the Sinister Six so they could launch a counter attack later. At the end of the arc she sacrificed herself so that Spider-Man could stop Doctor Octopus. During the search later the Avengers and Spider-Man failed to recover Silver Sable's body, however.

No Turning Back

In the Spider-man arc No Turning Back, Julia Carpenter (the current Madame Web) told Spider-Man that Silver Sable was still alive. Spider-Man was wrestling with Morbius and his own anger at the time, and so was unconvinced as he thought Julia was just telling him what he wanted to hear so he'd do as she said. Julia however insisted she wasn't lying. Whether there is any truth to her words remains to be seen.

Dying Wish

Silver Sable made a brief appearance in the Spider-Man story Dying Wish. When Peter briefly dies in Doctor Ocotpus's body he goes to what seems to be heaven where he speaks to Silver Sable who criticizes him for not killing Doctor Octopus when he had the chance. This means that either Madame Web was lying and Silver Sable truly is dead or the whole event was simply Spider-man hallucinating as he passed out.


Silver Sable
Silver Sable

Silver Sable is a born leader and highly trained in martial arts and weapons use. She uses her training to lead a group of reformed criminals to an honest life working as mercenaries in her Wild Pack. Silver’s occupation is CEO of Silver Sable International, which is based in Symkaria - a small country in the Balkans. In combat she has been known to use a katana and a chai (a weighted projectile of her own design). She often uses this latter weapon to disarm or disable her foes.

Personal Data

  • Real Name: Silver Sablinova
  • Height: 5' 5"
  • Weight: 125 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Silver / White


  • Citizenship: Symkarian
  • Place of Birth: Symkaria
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Education: College Graduate
  • Affiliations: Intruders, Wild Pack, Outlaws, X
  • Occupations: Mercenary, Ruler of Symkaria, CEO of Silver Sable Intl.
  • Known Relatives: Ernst Sablinova (father), Anastasia Sablinova (mother, deceased), Fritz Sablinova (paternal uncle, deceased), Anna Sablinova (niece), Foreigner (ex-husband)

Alternate Versions

Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

Ultimate Silver Sable
Ultimate Silver Sable

Ultimate Silver Sable is not so different with her mainstream counterpart, she is still a mercenary from Symkaria and leads the Wild Pack. She became a mercenary when she followed the footsteps of her father who hunted down Nazi criminals, although he was very much not caring to his daughter in the past. She first appeared battling Spider-Man, but her purpose in fighting him is a mystery.

Silver Sable in X

When Deadpool was put on trial for his part in a military fiasco in Mexico (in Wade Wilson's War) he spun a story in which - for a short time - Silver Sable was in a U.S. sanctioned, top secret team with him. This team was to handle all the black bag jobs no one else would take. Codenamed ' X' the team would include Domino, Deadpool, and Bullseye. It is unclear how real or canon this story actually is, being told by the known madman, Deadpool.

Other Media



Silver Sable in Spider-Man
Silver Sable in Spider-Man

Silver Sable appeared in the Spider-Man animated series episode ''Six Forgotten Warriors'' voiced by Mira Furlan.

Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

Silver Sable in Spider-Man: The Animated Serie
Silver Sable in Spider-Man: The Animated Serie

Silver Sable appeared in the Spider-Man: The New Animated Series episode ''Spider-Man Dis-Sabled'' voiced by Virginia Madsen.

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Silver Sable in The Spectacular Spider-Man
Silver Sable in The Spectacular Spider-Man

In the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series Sable's back story is drastically changed, although her look and abilities seem to remain the same. Instead her real name is Sable Manfredi and she's the daughter of Silvio Manfredi the crime boss, also called Silvermane. She represents her father's interests in criminal endeavors while he is serving time in jail.

She is also the ex-girlfriend of Tombstone's right hand man Hammerhead.


Ultimate Spider-Man (video game)

Silver Sable in Ultimate Spider-Man Game
Silver Sable in Ultimate Spider-Man Game

Silver Sable first appears in the game sending her Wild Pack team after Venom, but he escapes them.She manages to bring him to custody outside a museum. When Spider-Man asks her of what she's doing, Sable replies that it is not of his concern. Later, she appears with Eddie Brock trying to use him as bait to lure Spider-Man out, but he fights her and escapes again.

Later, while Peter Parker is walking in the streets, Sable hits him with a tranquilizing dart in the neck and kicks him, knocking him out. When he escapes, she tells him that she now knows he's Spider-Man and fights him, but loses and troubles occur in the bridge. She temporarily teams up with Peter to save them, and once again tries to knock him down with a tranquilizer. Suddenly, she is kidnapped by Venom, and Spider-Man saves her life, but is knocked out by the tranquilizers she kept on shooting him.

When Spider-Man chases Trask to a rooftop, he finds Sable in front of him and thinks she's gonna attack him. Fortunately, she's not gonna since her contract with Trask has expired 10 minutes ago, and tips that he doesn't know how to fly a helicopter. Just as Spider-Man questions her about what she does, Sable interrupts by claiming it's "business is business" and leaves Spider-Man to get Trask.

Jennifer Hale voices Silver Sable.

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe

Friend or Foe
Friend or Foe

She appears as a playable character and is voiced by Jennifer Hale. Her appearance looks like from Spider-Man: The New Animated Series.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Silver Sable in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
Silver Sable in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Hale reprises her role as Sable in this game. She appeared in the Juggernaut level as she tries to capture the titular character. When Spider-Man tries to get a piece of the fragment from him, Sable declares a secondary bounty on him. The end level has her witnessing the Oscorp building collapsing with Spider-Man and Juggernaut in it. She gives up the hunt, thinking it would be a miracle if either of them survived that.

She appears in the ending credits having finally caught Juggernaut.

The Punisher: No Mercy


Silver Sable is playable character in The Punisher: No Mercy game for PS3 available for download through the Playstation network.

Marvel: War of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes
Marvel: War of Heroes

Anya appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

  • [Pack Leader] Silver Sable
  • [Mercenary] Silver Sable
  • [Huntress] Silver Sable
  • [Escape] Silver Sable
  • [Unrequited] Silver Sable

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes
Marvel Heroes

Silver Sable is a non-playable character in the game. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Marvel Avengers Academy

Silver Sable in Marvel Avengers Academy
Silver Sable in Marvel Avengers Academy

Silver Sable is a playable character in the game. She was released during the Spider-Man: Homecoming Event. Her Recruitment Quest was Get Silver Sable! she is voiced by Morgan Berry


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