Best Hunters/Trackers (DC & Marvel)

Hunters, Trackers & Bounty Hunters. If they have a prey, they might make it into this list. This won't be a popularity contest but rather a list based on skill.


List items

  • The main man is simply the best Bounty Hunter in the galaxy. Boba Fett ain't got nothing on him.

  • Not a "bounty" but simply a hunter… and simply the best.

  • His tracking skills are unmatched, possibly only rivaled by our #4 spot.

  • Yes, this #4 spot. Who's the only man able to match Wolverine in his own game? You guessed it. Sabretooth's got every power Logan has.

  • Here we jump into Monster Hunter territory and this red bombshell is at the top of that list. If you have fangs, claws but not due a mutation, consider yourself hunted.

  • Come on, he's just like Wolverine and Sabretooth, he's even got shaman powers to help him track his prey.

  • Bet you didn't know Deathstroke's side job is bounty hunting. Well, it is, and he's hella good at it.

  • The son of Kraven the Hunter. He took after his daddy and is a superb hunter/tracker just like the original.

  • Come on now, this is no surprise, we are closing the top 10, she's got to be in the list.

  • Shanna's better half. Just like her, living in the jungle makes you an excellent tracker.

  • Another monster hunter although he kinda is limited to vampires, yet he's damn good at killing them.

  • The best man hunter in the old west.

  • She's an amazing tracker and killer, you don't want her chasing you.

  • Yet another monster hunter and father of Elsa Bloostone.

  • His name is Manhunter... MANHUNTER, and has a dog named Thor.

  • A successor to Manhunter, she's the 5th (minus the clones) person to take the name and she makes good use of it, if you catch my drift.