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    Domino is a skilled mutant mercenary who possesses the ability to manipulate probability in her favor, giving the effect of incredible luck.

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    Domino was the result of a top-secret government breeding program known as Project: Armageddon, which was made specifically to create the perfect weapon and genetically engineer fighting soldiers. Out of the test subjects, Domino was the only survivor but her powers of 'good luck' was deemed a failure in the case of meeting the project's goals. She was freed from the project by her biological mother who left Domino with Father Rudolpho Boschelli, leader of the cult called the Church of the Sacred Heart which was based in Chicago. Domino lived within this cult until she turned thirteen and escaped. She decided to become a freelance mercenary and worked with various government agencies. While working for the NSA, Domino was tasked to guard the genius, Dr. Milo Thurman, whose analytical ability made him too dangerous for the government to set free. While guarding him, Domino and Dr. Thurman somehow fell in love with each other, even going so far as getting married, apparently officially. Dr. Thurman gave Domino the nickname 'Beatrice' due his obsession with Dante's Inferno. When A.I.M soldiers raided the facility, Milo and Domino separated, with Milo believing that Domino was killed during the raid.


    Domino was created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld. The Domino persona first appeared in New Mutants issue 98. These early appearances however where later revealed to actually be Copycat, a mutant whom had taken Domino's place. It was in a flashback story in X-Force issue 8 (1992) and later (in present time) in X-Force issue 11 that the true Domino was first seen. Though her character persona was first drawn by Liefeld, it wasn't until her unveiling in X-Force 11 that Mark Pacella actually drew the first Domino.

    Major Story Arcs

    Wild Pack/Six Pack

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    As a mercenary, Domino joins the group the Wild Pack, later called the Six Pack, where she meets the mutant Cable. Much of their contract work involves a businessman named Tolliver. The team is sent on numerous missions of corporate espionage and payback. Domino normally acts as the wise-cracking straight shooter and scout. While Tolliver's contracts normally deal with business overseas, the team still allows themselves to contract elsewhere - one of which is to New Mexico to re-steal an energy fibrillator that HYDRA stole from A.I.M. The contract ends up being a ruse, as the gadget they steal is defective. The team hates being used like this, especially since they were almost blown up, but the check more than compensates for any hurt feelings. Within the group, Domino is closest to Grizzly and Cable.

    Cable eventually leads the team to break a contract with Tolliver. On a routine mission in which the Six Pack is checking on an opium route, Domino finds a hidden hatch. The Six Pack does an initial search but, when things begin to look dicey, Domino is keen on getting the team out. Cable ignores her and continues on to meet up with his nemesis, Stryfe. The team narrowly avoids getting blown up (again), but they now have a target on their back, as Tolliver is none too pleased that the Six Pack broke protocol.

    This broken contract results in other mercenary groups trying to cash in on the deaths of the Six Pack. In Singapore, the team is fairly well pinned down. Domino dives under a bridge and plants an explosive that effectively takes out each and every enemy.

    Cable doesn't much care that the team is targeted and he leads them to one last confrontation with Stryfe. They enter his base and set explosives to go off in a few minutes. Before they can escape, however, Stryfe arrives and takes Kane captive. Domino and Co. want to comply with Stryfe's demands but Cable refuses. Stryfe leaves the Six Pack to die in the explosion. Cable teleports out and leaves Domino and the rest of the team to fend for themselves. Fortunately, she, Grizzly, and G.W. are able to make it out in one piece. The same can't be said for teammates Kane and Hammer. Domino and the rest of the Six Pack carries a grudge against Cable for many years after this.

    Guest of Tolliver

    XF #14
    XF #14

    Domino lays low for a while but is kidnapped by Tolliver and is replaced by the mutant shape shifter, Copycat. Once Cable takes over leadership of Professor X's group of young mutants, the New Mutants, and transforms them into the rapid reaction strike force team known as X-Force, he calls who he thinks is Domino to help him lead the team. Copycat, still posing as Domino, answers the call and grows attached to the team while the real Domino hangs, shackled, to Tolliver's wall. Once Cable learns of Tolliver's hideout, he and Copycat/Domino break in. Cable sees the real Domino and grows confused, as he never new Copycat had taken Domino's place. As Cable fights Deadpool, Domino is freed when a Deadpool sword severs her shackles. She then picks up a gun and blasts the mercenary in the back. Copycat escapes. Cable and Domino then head after Tolliver, but he instructs her to find his X-Force kids. He then blows up Tolliver's helicopter (supposedly killing him) and then bodyslides to the future.

    Finding X-Force

    Domino spends the next months trying to locate X-Force. Her first order of business is to find some old teammates. She hooks up with Grizzly in Australia after he slinks away from the X-Force/Weapon: PRIME fight. Finding Hammer, the three break into Department K to find any information possible on Cable and the whereabouts of X-Force. With very limited time to sort through the various encryptions, Hammer has Domino dump all the data into his harddrive. As the download begins, a new team of Weapon: PRIME gets the jump on the troupe. Hammer tells them to go topside through an air conditioning duct.

    It ends up being a sewage line and Grizzly has a grand time ribbing Domino about her new perfume. Using some of the information they gathered from Department K, they search for Copycat (since she had such intimate knowledge of X-Force). They find her at the mercy of Deadpool and Sluggo. Domino covertly blasts the crap out of the two mercenaries and Copycat begs for her life in exchange for information on X-Force's latest hideout.

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    Copycat leads the "Three Pack" to the old X-Force hideout in the Adirondack Mountains. When Grizzly relates that he was present at the battle that blew this base up Domino threatens to kill Copycat then and there. Copycat talks Domino into patience and they dig their way into the old base via magnesium strips and Grizzly's brute strength. They find some computers miraculously still online and Copycat gets a trace of X-Force's mutagenic signatures. Following this, they are led to the new X-Force base in Arizona at the old Camp Verde reservation of Warpath's ancestors. Instead of X-Force, however, they find Cable. The Six Pack is back together (as Kane and G.W. Bridge are with Cable), albeit very, very briefly. Hammer threatens to kill Cable and Kane talks him down and the group decides that, while they would like to be together again, they can't if Cable is going to be secretive. He can't promise otherwise and the Six Pack departs, Domino leaving with the team.

    Six Pack is contracted to steal something from NASA and Domino leads the ground team in. Unfortunately, Nomad is contracted to steal the same thing and does so before Six Pack can. Domino manages to find the object but it gets smashed by Nomad before she and the Six Pack can take it to their contractor. Shortly thereafter Cable asks Domino to officially join his team. She does.

    Joining X-Force

    Things are a little icy for Domino at the start of her tenure with X-Force. Most of the team remembers her from when Copycat was impersonating her. Nobody really knows who she is. Cable assures her that everything will be fine.

    One night, Cable asks Domino to accompany him to the grave of Madelyne Pryor. Mr. Sinister shows up and reveals that Madelyne was Cable's mother while Stryfe was Cable's clone. Domino doesn't like Sinister's vibe and tries to shoot him. Mr. Sinister merely knocks Domino out while pulling Stryfe's psyche out of a dormant part of Cable's mind. She awakens to find Cable gone. She makes her way to Professor Xavier's school and alerts he, Cyclops, and Jean Grey about Sinister's revelations, as well as the fact that Stryfe may now be inhabiting Cable's body. The four of them find Cable/Stryfe and convince Stryfe to let Cable go. He does and Cable and Domino reunite with X-Force.

    The Younghunt

    Many of the X-Force members take vacations. Trouble arises during the Child's Play arc, however, when Cannonball and Boomer go missing on the Guthrie family farm. Cable and Domino interview Paige, Cannonball's sister, and learn that their teammates were abducted by Siena Blaze. Domino leaves Cable with his thoughts and finds another bounty hunter, Trevor Fitzroy. The team easily defeats him and they head to confront the mastermind behind this game of hunting young mutants, the Gamesmaster. They arrive in Switzerland and Domino witnesses Cable use telepathy for the first time in his life. This revelation is moot as the team is easily defeated. Domino and the rest are spared, however, when the Gamesmaster simply finds another game to play.


    Domino begins to build unity with the team by accompanying Cable and Rictor to Mexico so that Rictor can see if there is anything he can do for his family, which is embroiled in gun running accusations. Little can be done and the trio marks the trip up as a loss.

    Confronting Nimrod

    Having received intel that the government is close to realizing an artificial intelligence capable of wiping all mutants from the Earth, Domino takes Shatterstar to Hannigan Electronics (an arm of Strong Industries). The two infiltrate the lab and find two things: 1) the body of Martin Strong, and 2) the INTELLECT chip, which possesses information regarding the new AI.

    Domino and X-Force infiltrate Camp Hayden in Kentucky to destroy any Nimrod-like prototypes that may be in the process of manufacture. Things go horribly, as the project is further along than anticipated. X-Force is easily overcome and Domino and Cable are the only ones standing as Nimrod reveals itself. Domino is able to avoid serious damage until Nimrod learns that direct attacks at Domino are fruitless. Domino is eventually taken out when she dodges a projectile but an unseen pipe releasing hot steam. She is saved by Shatterstar and Domino leads a rag-tag effort to get a leg off Nimrod. She is relieved when Nimrod shuts itself off (due to some logic introduced by Cable) and suggests that the team leave before security arrives.

    Finding the Morlocks

    Ceremony of the Light

    With so much history, Cable and Domino finally decide to go on a date. Domino is less-than flattered when Cable confuses some of Domino's tastes for Copycat's (who had impersonated Domino as a member of X-Force for quite a while). The date is derailed, however, when Thornn shows up and begs Cable for help bringing the Morlocks back from another dimension. Domino tags along and the trio spends the night arranging mirrors to reflect the sun. The site it beautiful. Despite the endeavor failing, Domino admits that she ended up having a good time.

    The Dark Ride

    After a brief rest, Domino is tasked with finding X-Force a new home. She finds one in the most unlikely of places: Murderworld. Before X-Force moves, however, Domino accompanies Cable to Xavier's Mansion so as to inform Storm about the potential return of the Morlocks. The three search the Morlock Tunnels and find Caliban. They also find the Dark Riders (the minions of Apocalypse) are reforming. Domino follows Cable to Egypt to search for the Dark Riders. Upon finding them, Domino witnesses Cable's son revealing himself to be the eventual heir of Apocalypse. When Cable surrenders himself to his son, Domino leads Storm and Caliban on a mission to infiltrate the Dark Rider base, quietly taking out enemies until they can free Cable and destroy the base.

    Relocating X-Force

    Once back from Egypt, Domino officially introduces X-Force to their new home in Murderworld. It takes some convincing (New York nightlife is close, technology is sound, training is readily available), but soon everyone is on-board with the location. Before too much can happen, however, Domino accompanies X-Force to the Bronx where there is a possibility of arresting a former teammate, Feral, for the murder of her family. Outside the old family apartment of Feral and Thornn, Domino sets up as a sniper in case things with Feral go poorly. Domino informs Cable a couple times that she has a shot but is told to stand down. Fortunately, Feral is overpowered and casualties are kept to a minimum.

    Legion Quest

    When Professor Xavier calls Cable to the Nagev Desert in Israel, Domino accompanies him. They learn that reality hangs in the balance due to Legion traveling to the past to alter a key point in history. Domino tries to keep things light but eventually succumbs to her feelings for Cable an the two share a kiss before reality shatters.

    Upon regrouping with X-Force, Domino accompanies Cable and Shatterstar to see Rictor off to Mexico for some time away from the team. She then helps Cable and Shatterstar dispel a mob protesting Genoshan arrivals.

    Tragedy with Grizzly

    One of the biggest tragedies in Domino's life comes when she hears of a serial killer in Colorado. Seeing the evidence, she is convinced that her old friend and teammate Grizzly is involved. She takes leave of X-Force and tracks the killer down and discovers that he is being manipulated by Genesis, Cable's son. To free himself, Grizzly forces Domino to shoot him. She then buries one of her only friends.

    Adventures with Other Timelines

    Back to the Future

    Having only just buried Grizzly, Domino is sent to the future to help Cable with a mission. She helps the Clan Chosen save the of the young Cable, Nathan Dayspring, by retrieving the Professor from Stryfe. All the while, she notes how conflicted Cable feels after prolonged exposure to the wife he buried in the future, Jenskot. After the Professor is bonded with Nathan, Domino is sent back to the past with Cable.

    Genosha and the Sugarman

    While traveling back to the present with Cable, Mr. Sinister alters their course and the two end up in Genosha. They are met by Phillip Moreau and Jennifer Ransome, two leaders in the rebellion to overthrow the Genoshan hierarchy. Domino wants nothing more than to leave or, at the very least, contact X-Force to let them know what's going on. She is rebuffed on both accounts. Domino joins Cable in the fight against the Genoshan Magistrates and then accompanies him to the Ridgeback Mountains where they encounter the Sugarman, the person/thing responsible for the mutate bonding process. Crisis is averted and Mr. Sinister shows up to thank them for their help and sends them on home.

    Krakoa and the Aftermath

    Domino accompanies X-Force to an island retreat and have a brief encounter with the Impossible Man and his kids.

    Upon returning home, X-Force goes out for a night on the town but go missing. Domino joins Cable in the search for the team. It turns out the team has been co-opted by Sebastian Shaw, Lady Tessa, and Holocaust. The two put up a valiant fight, but Domino is stabbed in the shoulder when trying to take Shatterstar on alone. Cable soon wraps things up and arranges for Domino to get the care she needs.


    Once better, Domino accompanies Meltdown and Siryn to Camp Hayden to check on intel regarding the Nimrod project. They are surprised to find that the place now appears completely deserted. The only indicator of trouble is the word "Onslaught" spray painted on the walls. An augmented Blob shows up and threatens the ladies, but Meltdown gets a time bomb down his throat and Blob offers to provide them information regarding the new goings on with Camp Hayden. The Mimic shows up, however, and flies off with the Blob - noting that Onslaught will not be pleased.

    Later, Domino accompanies Cable to Camp Hayden to show him the Onslaught stuff, but the two are met with extreme resistance and barely make it out alive.

    Once Onslaught makes himself known, Domino leads X-Force in protecting Nate Grey. Nate isn't too keen on accepting Domino's help, as her counterpart in Nate's home (the Age of Apocalypse) is a cold-blooded murderer. Mr. Sinister attacks and Domino decides to blow up part of the mansion, but to no avail. Mr. Sinister is too powerful and subdues the whole team. Domino wakes with the team to find the Onslaught threat neutralized and welcomes Cable back.

    Leading X-Force

    While Cable takes several leaves of absence, Domino continues to lead X-Force. On one mission, she searches out Shinobi Shaw who is trying to remove the X-gene from mutants to give him the upperhand. The attack by X-Force is ineffective, as Mindmeld transfers Domino's consciousness into Caliban. She notes, however, that another Shinobi mercenary, Clear-Cut, hides a key on Domino's lifeless body. When Mindmeld is distracted, Domino's mind reenters her body and she frees herself and the others of their bonds. Domino then leads an attack on Shinobi's laboratory that ultimately shuts down the entire operation.

    Operation: Zero Tolerance

    Later, Domino got herself into a bit of a trouble during Operation: Zero Tolerance, where she was taken in, and had her powers tinkered with. A woman she had dealt with in the past had come to seek revenge against her, and in doing so, set Domino onto a long path that dampened her humor and personality. Her head was shaved and her powers were blocked. She had no access to them until they were surged up by Jesse Bedlam and his abilities. Following her loss of power, she left Cable and X-force, but eventually rejoined the team.


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    When X-Force disbanded for good, Domino joined the X-Corporation, a search and rescue organization for mutants. She was located in the Japanese branch of the organization and soon joined the New X-Men on a mission when they where in Japan. During this mission, Domino and the New X-Men encountered the mutant known as Xorn. Domino left the X-Corporation when she was approached by the government agency, SHIELD whom asked her to join a newly formed Six Pack. While with the new Six Pack, she was ordered to investigate Cable's mission on his utopian island and Deadpool's role in it. While they where ordered to capture the two, the mission failed and was left.


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    After the events of M-Day, in which the majority of mutants lost their powers, Domino and former X-Force teammate Shatterstar liberated the 198, mutants in a refugee camp, imprisoned for their own safety against the rest of the world. She then left the Six Pack when most of its members were captured and deported to Rumekistan and rejoined Cable in Providence until a battle against the Hecatomb sank the island and Cable was presumed dead. She was later recruited alongside Silver Sable and the Contessa to capture the Punisher. However, Domino was the only to believe his innocence until everyone saw the impostor killing civilians.

    Rejoining X-Force and X-Men

    The New X-Force
    The New X-Force

    Domino joined the new X-Force, now a mutant Black Ops team lead by Wolverine, which is able to use any means necessary, including lethal force, to preemptively deal with the threats that would be too dangerous or unsavory for the X-Men to handle. After tracking down and blackmailing the Vanisher who has stolen a strain of the Legacy Virus, the group is now preparing to deal with the Messiah War.

    Wolverine then asks Domino to stop in a cemetery in Japan to deliver flowers to a deceased loved one. While there she finds Spiral, Chimera and Lady Deathstrike who have dug up Kwannon's body. After a brief fight she wounds Chimera and the women teleport off with Kwannon's body. Later Domino replaces Jean Grey's body before the Red Queen could take it as her host. Whilst Domino is on a mission she accidentally becomes the first person to discover the Red Hulk's identity and is then marked for death by him. Thunderbolt Ross and Samson provide Rulk with a list of mercenaries to help him hunt her down and only gives him 24 hours to do it. Among those on the list are Deadpool, the Punisher, Thundra and Elektra. They then find Domino hiding in a bar. When the group arrives to take Domino out they find the bar inhabited by all the members of X-Force.

    Domino and the X-Force manage to escape the encounter. Later on, Domino and Wolverine meet the Red Hulk and Elektra at Silver Sable's estate where she forces Silver Sable to tell her that Domino was set up to be where the Red Hulk Doc Samson), giving her false information on an A.I.M. front. The Red Hulk says it doesn't matter and blackmails Domino into not telling his identity to anyone, despite Domino claiming she wasn't sure of what she saw, since the government is looking for an excuse to exterminate all mutants and if word got out of X-Force, a mutant hit squad, that would be all it took. They reach an agreement and Domino is let go.

    Second Coming

    In the events of Second Coming, Domino travels with the X-Force and Cable to the future in order to rewrite the Nimrod's programming and stopping them from traveling to the past to kill all the remaining mutants that were all concentrated in Utopia due to the Bastion's campaign against Hope and the X-Men. She ends up facing a Sentinel with X-Force but Cypher manages to rewrite the programming and stop it. She then returns to the present.

    Sex and Violence

    X-Force: Sex and Violence
    X-Force: Sex and Violence

    Domino shows up all beaten up at the X-Force's headquarters and request that Elixir heals her. Wolverine however doesn't let him until she tells him what is going on. Domino explains that she took a job from the Assassin's Guild that involved going up against The Hand. However during the job Domino found out that The Hand was trafficking young women so she rescued them and left the team of assassin's that accompanied her to die. This drew the hatred of the guild who went after her.

    Wolverine decides to help Domino trying to set things right. While driving with Wolverine, Domino states that he has been attracted to her since the X-Force's last mission in Japan. Before Wolverine can reply, he is shot in the head and they crash. They then engage some assassin's and after dispatching them, they share a kiss. They are interrupted by an angry Razorfist leading more assassin's and asking Domino: "Where is the money?". Wolverine is confused by this and Domino says that she'll explain everything once they take care of the ambush.

    Once they take care of Razorfist, Domino explains that she took the women to a Japanese Consulate in a van she hijacked at The Hand's base and when she got there she found out the van had about 237 million dollars in it. She gave 1 million to each woman and kept the rest. She leads Wolverine to the van in a warehouse where he is in awe, after seeing all the money. They then go to a hotel room and have sex. Bushwacker comes for Domino but they manage to handle him. They then fly to New Orleans in order to move the money.

    Security Recon

    Found out
    Found out

    Upon Wolverine and Cyclops' little Schism, the X-Men split in half. Seeing as how she isn't exactly school material, Domino stayed with Cyclops. Although, it wasn't as easy as it looked.

    In Puternicstan, Domino is seen spying on the men who were dealing with the Sentinels, for a moment, mysteriously a head get's blown off a and fire-fight breaks out, she get's caught and is required to leave the area, immediately, they try to fight her off but with Luck, she wins the fight.

    Storm and Cyclops are discussing the fall out of the arms conference which happened during Schism, Storm presumes that Cyclops want's her to round up a team to end all the Black Market dealings and Sentinel sellings once and for all, Cyclops then lets Storm aware of a situaiton, Domino is at the centre of it all.

    Storm, Psylocke, Jubilee, Domino and Colossus for a team dubbed txhe Security Recon Team. Cyclops international team and main act of defence for Utopia, of which, Domino is now a part of.

    At the mercy of the Sentinel
    At the mercy of the Sentinel

    While Domino still fights off the men of that country, Storm and Psylocke finally manage to make contact with her, the situation though, is still dire. As she converses with them about her current situation, Domino get's apprehended by one of the newly revamped Sentinels. At that moment, all communications and contact between Domino and the rest of the team is lost. Storm starts to get worried and initiates a battle plan, Psylocke, Warpath and Jubilee are tasked with finding Domino as fast as possible, they then get apprehended by a ticked-off Warmachine who had previously spoken to Storm about her not interfering with the global matters, during that, Colossus and Warmachine start fighting, Storm strikes Warmachine with a harsh bolt of lightning to put him down, he then continues to go on about how she needs to leave, she makes it clear that her and the rest of her team will not be going anywhere for as long as Domino is still left for dead.

    It is then apparent that Domino's run in with the Sentinel left her fatally wounded and almost dead. She is found by some of the scientists working for the Puternicstan government and they take her in on a death bed. They believe her to be a lost cause, as they've infered that no one would be able to survive an attack like that anyways, so she should be dead. As they continue to converse, Domino start's to come through, it is unknown whether or not her Luck powers had anything to do with this miraculous recovery. While she comes through, one of the scientist's leaves the room for some doughnut's, unbeknownst to his colleague, Domino catches him by suprise and then proceeds and sabotages him unto a seat, his collagues comes into the room and tries to make an exit, cunningly, Domino throws a scalpel at his hand, fly-kicks him and starts drinking the mans coffee. During all that, Governor Strelonivich and co. are manning and deterring some of the newly revamped Sentinels, of which attack Warmachine, Storm and Colossus.

    In combat
    In combat

    The rest of the team come across a warehouse full of dormant Sentinels and then are attacked by armed men. Amidst all that, Domino takes one of the scientists hostage and forces him to help her locate the rest of her teammates and get to the bottom of all the trouble, while Psylocke, Warpath and Jubilee finish fighting, Domino makes her entrance and finally rendezvous with them along with her hostage. All of a sudden, the dormant Sentinels in the warehouse are activated, much to everyone's suprise, Jubilee get's a little excited and decided to fight her own way through, leaving the rest of her teammates. Psylocke makes Storm aware of the current situation heading her way, to halt the dire threat, Storm summons an equally primal force. Before everyone's eyes, an immensely powerful hurricane is formed in the path of the Sentinels, giving everyone else enough time to act.

    As the scientist that Domino brought in refuses to say anything, Psylocke then telepathically interrogates him for quicker answers, as they attempt to leave the area, they come under attack by more armed men and are required to fight them off as quick as possible. As the siege continues, Madison Jeffries steps in to help Psylocke and the rest of them shut down the Sentinels, it works. Strelonivich is put in prison and the Sentinels are dispatched and destroyed, but, at the end of battle something odd happened, Jubilee went missing.

    Cable and the X-Force

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    Domino is a member of Cable's new X-Force along with Dr. Nemesis, Forge, and Colossus as they protect the world, but remain on the run from the Avengers and prevent a techno organic virus from spreading. After a misunderstanding and shooting at the Avengers, the team remains on the run with Domino hiding away with Colossus. After a night of spirits and fun, Colossus turns himself in to the authorities. Domino teams with Boom Boom in order to invade the Raft prison to free an intergalactic criminal based off of prophetic visions from Cable. Domino ends up freeing Colossus but Colossus turns a blind eye and lets Domino perform her mission. Domino and Boom Boom end up getting kidnapped by the alien criminal and are flown into space. Abducted by Abigail Brand, Colossus and Cable use her help to rescue the captive teammates and they leave Brand in space while they steal her ship. Cable's X-Force is seen resting on an Indian reservation that Forge lived on for a few years. Domino plays some horseshoes with Dr. Nemesis, but checks on Cable. Neena brings up that Cable needs to stop shouldering all of the responsibility and trust the others to handle their parts. Domino gives the assignments Cable had, but the Avengers attack them. The X-Force can't hold out long due to the overwhelming power of the Avengers, but Cable manages to telepathically down the Avengers members, allowing the X-Force team to split up in their respective groups and head off onto their assignments.

    Domino and Boom Boom must kidnap an awakening mutant from a hospital, otherwise when his powers manifest the whole hospital and everyone in it will be destroyed. Domino poses as a nurse and successfully gets the sedated patient out of the hospital, only to meet Boom Boom outside in an ambulance with the cops in hot pursuit. The escape the police but end up on a bridge. Boom Boom manages to clear the people off the bridge and the kid's powers manifest and liquefy party of and they fall to the water. Domino planned ahead as she calls a boat and the team and passenger drive off.

    Domino helps Colossus deal with a relic that could cause an apocalypse and bring Hell on earth. During the encounter, Domino and Colossus discuss their current relationship and Domino thinks it won't work while Colossus does. After they stop the demons, they have another conversation and while Domino is talking, Colossus brings her in with a kiss and says they will make it work. Domino hesitantly seems to agree they can. Domino, Colossus, and Boom Boom defeat a giant monster tearing up a town. After the creatures defeat, the group rejoins with Forge and Dr. Nemesis to break into Avengers Mansion and save Cable.

    Domino is seen fighting the Avengers before the mansion explodes due to Cable's powers overloading, but Hope manages to save him. She is on a new mission with Colossus to stop a group from breaking into a Trask family vault. Domino heads in to plant a transmitter on a massive sentinel for Forge to disarm, but he doesn't respond.


    During the Weapons of Mutant Destruction storyline, the Weapon X Project is interested in Lady Deathstrike, Warpath, Domino, Wolverine, and Sabretooth for a new experiment. Domino joins Old Man Logan's new team. After Old Man Logan and Warpath left the team, Sabretooth renamed the team to Weapon X-Force, Domino staid on the team until the team disbanded after Sabretooth's inversion was reverted.

    Krakoa's X-Force

    When X-Force was reformed in Krakoa, Domino rejoined the team. Domino is sent in a mission but soon goes missing, having been kidnapped and experiment on by an anti-mutant group that used chunks of her flesh to infiltrate Krakoa. She is found and rescued by Wolverine and Kid Omega. Forge gives her a Krakoan organic weapon that shapeshifts to her desires, such as an Rm cannon, blades, or armor. They receive an alert that a security alert that a company that is researching Krakoan tech is being attacked. Domino is the only one to not make it through the portal as it gets shut off mid-jump, killing Kid Omega and slicing Wolverine in two. They get another portal open as Domino gets help from Forge to go and get revenge on the mercenaries attacking the building and initially kidnapped Domino. Domino is sent on a mission to stop an assailant that has been going around and killing mutant sympathizers. While chasing down and battling the assassin, it is revealed the clone is a modified clone of Domino. She manages to intercept the clone and kill her. While back at Krakoa, Neena goes for a swim and meets up with Colossus. The two discuss the tragedies that have be felled them and Colossus suggests they drown and get resurrected without having to remember the pain. Neena declines, saying she wants to remember. Before the conversation carries on much further, Domino gets a message from Sage. She sends Domino and Colossus to Russia where they intercept a train carrying parts of bodies and ingredients to create more weapons. In another car a horde of Domino clones is waiting. The two Krakoan fight them off until Colossus decides to forcibly stop the train, killing all of them, including Neena. Domino is resurrected and returned to normal.


    Domino's mutant powers essentially give her good luck. She can subconsciously and psionically affect the probabilities and make things work in her favor and against others. Mostly, she has used her powers subconsciously, but she has shown the ability to force her powers into working. She is an expert in using firearms and explosives, a highly skilled mutant in the field of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat


    • Known Relatives: Beatrice, Armajesuit Leader, mother, Lazarus, genetically engineered, brother , Dr. Milo Thurman, husband (deceased)
    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: Project Armageddon Base, Everglades, Florida
    • Marital Status: Widowed
    • Occupation: Adventurer, former mercenary and bodyguard
    • Education: Unrevealed
    • Fears: Chickens


    • Gender: Female
    • Height: 5'9"
    • Weight: 130 lbs.
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Black
    • Unusual Features: As a result of her mutation, Domino has chalk white skin. She also has a tattoo around her left eye from her days in a Mutant Breeding Program.

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-295 (Age of Apocalypse)

    Earth-295 Age of Apocalypse
    Earth-295 Age of Apocalypse

    In the Age of Apocalypse , Domino is working for Apocalypse as his most trusted and skillful assassin, was accompanied by Caliban, the tracker, and Grizzly, the berserker force (Bounty Hunters). They were assigned to hire or kill the highly powered telepath X-Man. Tracking down X-Man she killed an AoA version of Omega Red.

    She killed Mastermind with a gun blast discovering his illusionary powers. Then, she confronted Nate but he left her in a catatonic state using her own suffering memories against her brain, as revealed Shadow King to Apocalypse. Her failure filled with rage to Apocalypse.

    In this reality Domino has the same powers as in the main continuity.

    Earth-1610 (Ultimate Universe)


    In the Ultimate Universe, she is shown to be a part of the Ultimate Cable team from a different a apocalyptic future where Apocalypse ruled. She is summoned to the past by Cable to help him fight the X-Men.

    Earth-9997 (Earth X)

    In Earth X, Domino is still in the X-Force, who are being controlled by the Skrull


    In this reality, Domino took the identity of Stryfe. She traveled to Earth-616 to rebuild the Mutant Liberation Front and help Cable to defeat Skornn.

    Earth-1030 (N.Y.X.F)

    Domino is part of a special team called N.Y.X.F led by Cable to police the growing mutant population.

    Earth-1036 (Deadpool: I'm Available)

    Domino is killed by Deadpool and he takes her eyepiece as a memento.

    Earth-1815 (Operation: Zero Tolerance Successful)

    In this reality,where Operation:Zero Tolerance is activated and all superheroes are killed or de-powered, Domino is imprisoned along with many others where she is forcibly sterilised to stop the breeding of super-powered beings. This caused her hatered towards humans and she joined Professor Xavier's team to eliminate them.

    Other Media


    X-Men: The Animated Series

    No Caption Provided

    Domino appeared in the episode "Slave Island" as one of the mutants that were handicapped by a device that prevented them from using their powers. With the efforts of the X-Men, they were able to destroy the device and use their powers against its ruler. She also appeared in cameos in other episodes as well. She was voiced by Jennifer Dale.

    Wolverine and the X-Men

    No Caption Provided

    Domino was a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants who saved Toad from the MRD. She also apologizes to Rogue because of her inconvenience with Toad. She later persuaded Rogue to join the Brotherhood. During the Brotherhood's attempt to assassinate Senator Kelly, she asked Rogue to absorb Warren Worthington Jr.'s memories and know Kelly's whereabouts. When the Brotherhood was all set, she fired a bullet but it was stopped by the X-Men. In an alternate future, Domino is one of the mutant prisoners of the Sentinels. She was later recruited to join Professor X's X-Men in that timeline. Together, they took down a group of Sentinels.

    She was voiced by Gwendoline Yeo.


    Deadpool 2

    Zazie Beetz as Domino
    Zazie Beetz as Domino

    Domino makes her live-action debut in the second Deadpool film, portrayed by Zazie Beetz. She first appears as one of the new recruits for X-Force, the team Deadpool is putting together to protect Russell Collins from Cable. Following a botched aerial jump, Domino and Deadpool are left as the only survivors of the group. She continues to assist Wade throughout the film, and ultimately helps liberate the mutant orphanage where she was tortured as a child.

    Video Games

    Deadpool (360, PS3)

    Domino with Psylocke
    Domino with Psylocke

    Domino appears as a supporting character in the game, with Gwendoline Yeo reprising her role from the Wolverine and the X-Men animated series. She is a member of the X-Men in the game, and first appears alongside Psylocke when the two wake Deadpool up after he's been knocked out by Blockbuster, one of Mister Sinister's goons. She and the other X-Men accompany Deadpool to Genosha to stop Sinister, but ends up knocked out after Deadpool crashes the Blackbird. She is last seen in the game's ending after Deadpool defeats Sinister.

    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    No Caption Provided

    Domino is a reward character, and became playable, in the PVP Tournament: Season 12. She becomes permanently recruitable at the end of PVP Tournament season 13.

    Her bio says: Neena Thurman was genetically modified in a top-secret government breeding program, one of only two individuals to survive the process. After she was freed by a religious cult called the Armajesuits, Neena became the mercenary known as Domino. Her skill with firearms and her mutant powers of probability manipulation make for a potent combination.

    Marvel: War of Heroes

    War of Heroes
    War of Heroes

    Domino is one of the many characters featured in the card mobile game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Armageddon's Child] Domino
    • [Hot Fun in the Summertime] Domino
    • [Odds Favor Me] Domino
    • [X-Force] Domino
    • [Cool Under Fire] Domino

    X-Men: Battle of The Atom

    X-Men: Battle of The Atom
    X-Men: Battle of The Atom

    Domino appears as a support card in the mobile game X-men: Battle of the Atom. Her cards are:

    • Domino
    • [Black Ops X-Force] Domino
    • [Pale Riders] Domino
    • [Ghost Dance] Domino
    • [Necrosha Team] Domino
    • [X-Force] Domino
    • [Ghost Dance] X-Force
    • [Black Ops] X-Force

    Marvel Heroes

    Marvel Heroes
    Marvel Heroes

    Domino appears as a Team-Up character in the game. She is voiced by Vanessa Marshall.

    Marvel Contest of Champions

    Domino Contest of Champions
    Domino Contest of Champions

    Domino is a playable character in the game. She is a mutant type of character.

    Marvel Future Fight

    Domino in Marvel Future Fight
    Domino in Marvel Future Fight

    Domino is a playable character in the game.


    Domino in Fortnite
    Domino in Fortnite

    In 2020, a downloadable Domino skin was added to Fortnite as part of the X-Force DLC event.


    Marvel Legends and Bishoujo
    Marvel Legends and Bishoujo
    • Domino was featured in ToyBiz's X-Men: X-Force line back in the 90s.
    • Diamond Select released a Domino figure in the Minimates line.
    • Eaglemoss produced a figurine of Domino for The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection.
    • Domino was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Hasbro produced a Domino figure as part of a Marvel Legends two-pack with the 90s version of Cannonball.
    • Hasbro later produced a second Domino figure as part of the Marvel Legends Sasquatch Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Domino was featured in the Bishoujo line from Kotobukiya.
    • The movie version of Domino was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line.

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