Top 10 Favorite Superhero Flicks

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  • There was a lot I loved about this film, the tone and the world it is set in is so . My favorite Characters being Dr. Manhattan, Ozymandias, The Comedian and Rorschach. I espcially like to think that the ending as a live action interpretation as to how Lex beat Superman in Red Son. Not with brute force but by tricking him and appealing to his humanity. Anyone who says that the changed ending is stupid needs to go read the comic again just to refresh their memory.

  • Ahh yes, the most controversial movie of 2013 and CBM period. While I agree I had a few problems with it, what it did right it did great.... which was a lot. The Action, the score, his journey etc.

  • I would have put TDK in the top 3 but I enjoyed this movie much more. The open mike night that was Avengers is not as rampant in this movie. The jokes are in all the right places and not over done, the action is much better choreographed and the bad guy actually feels like a threat. It's safe to say that Captain America is now my favorite Marvel hero..... now if only I read Marvel comics :P

  • I feel like the Fox X-Men universe is a fusion of the jokey Disney movies and the dark WB movies. The perfect combo. Also, bravo to them for making the fans jaws hit the floor with their Quicksilver, Kick Ass is gonna have to step up his game.

  • How low you have fallen TDK. Would have been in the top 3 but Top 5 ain't so bad. Not much to explain in this one, just read what other love about this movie and it's a safe bet we have some of the same points.

  • A great movie growing up. Can't stand the new ones, and the way Doc Ock was handled in the movie is way better than the way ASM 2 handled all of their villains.

  • Good movie. RDJ was born to play Iron Man, now if only the other 2 were half as good as this one.

  • That end scene would get it into this list alone. Although I do love the comic book version this movie got me interested in the character.

  • The mythos in this movie is great, really spooky back story stuff.

  • :D