How I Would Write Lois Lane

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For all those who know me, you know that I'm a fan of the Superman Wonder Woman relationship. I never really cared much for the Lois Lane and Superman dynamic/romance, even now that I've been more exposed to it I've come to even be annoyed by it. That being said, I do see an appeal to it on some level. While not so much for how it's been written, but for the potential that lies within.


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So where I may lose any credibility in this, is that I dislike ton of the things people love about her. Her personality often comes off as grading to me. In my mind, all I have is this caricature of an annoying ball busting character, who always needs to be saved and was too dumb to figure out the man she comes to marry is Superman. Personally, I feel like I'm taking crazy pill and anyone who likes this character is insane.

In recent years it's swung hard in the other direction and they've tried to make her hypercompetent and involve her in the action to make up for years of being a Damsel in Distress. It's not even entirely her fault, Disney has tried to rewrite history that their empire isn't built on the backs of Damsels who were saved by men (Example- Ralph Wrecks The Internet). I've seen scans of her wearing tech suits to save Jon in Rebirth, or we got that cringey War Hammer scene in Elseworld, where she had to save her useless husband. You'd think this would rectify the "Damsel In Distress" label, but it just feels like over the top damage control. While it's an apples and oranges comparison, I liked how she was in MoS. She was thrown into the danger and in her own way fumbles through it with the help of AI Jor-El.

To be fair to her it isn't just her fault, but how they've written the Superman side of that pairing. He always just feels like the dope in love with her while she makes constant zingers. People find it endearing, I find it as grading as nails on a chalkboard. But that's just my opinion.

The Anchor Argument

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So this mini side rant is about an argument I constantly see from some CLois shippers. I'm going to give these people a brief schooling in the ridiculousness of this argument, and anyone who believes it has any merit. cus quite frankly it's a counter-intuitive argument to make.

The "Anchor" belief is one that states that Superman needs Lois, cus she's human and Clark needs that tie to humanity or he'll go nuts. While some stories like to depict that, there are also just as many that debunk it. But at it's core, for any mainstream Superman it's a rather demeaning one to have. It throws the Kent's and his upbringing in Smallville under the bus. It all depends on how you like your Superman written I suppose, but Clark was raised on Earth, he's human, famously stated to be more human than any of us.

Why It Works

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So there have been multiple breakdowns of what they all believe is the appeal to why this iconic pairing works, and none of them really ever won me over. With some tweeks and an attitude adjustment, she could work. But before I get to the face lift, ya'll must be curious as to what in the core of the character actually appeals to me? It's ironic really, when people talk about the Superman/Wonder Woman pairing, they always say how simple and convenient it is, but honestly it's the deeper relationship out of the two. Two halves that complete each other and make the other better. The Lois and Clark relationship, for me at least, works better as a simple office place romance. It's more about the aesthetics, rather than the actual heart.

I may get some angry CLois shippers in the comment section trying to tell me off, but that's just how I've seen it so far. Admit tingly though, I haven't read every Superman and Lois story, I'm basing it off the good chunk I have seen.

Anyway I've blathered long enough. What was that core that made it work? It's something that has been there since the Golden Age and can still exist today. Clark is an immigrant who moves to America in search of the American Dream. Sure it's been warped and lost it's meaning to many people, but it's a noble aspiration for him to have. The idea of coming to America, getting a job and having a wife and kids. I think deep down, Clark wants that sense of normalcy and still romanticizes the American Dream. Lois lends herself to this purpose. In my opinion, if Clark wasn't Superman he would be fine with being a reporter and having a simple life with Lois Lane.

Make Over

Disclaimer- As stated above, I haven't read every Superman/Lois story and I'm simply going off everything I've read. Any alterations that may seem similar to an other run are just coincidences. I'm making the changes because it's not ones I've seen in major depictions of her character. Some charictaristics may match up with some, but this is a complete rundown of everything I need, not just one or two aspects that are IMO cancelled out by bad ones.

I'll always just see it as an office romance, and I think that's all it should be. The appeal should be it's simplicity. Here I'm just going to fine tune Lois. For the most part, this Lois fits within the canon of the Superman Animated Series Pitch I wrote up a while ago, which is a whole 3 seasons mapped out. The new additions to it are pretty much the reason I wanted to do this. Like Busiek, I want to prove to myself that I can even write character romances even if I prefer the other. Busiek being the opposite to me, in that he prefers Lois and Clark but went on to write the best Superman Wonder Woman stories with Astro City.

Personality- In terms of attitude adjustment, it's really all about keeping the traits she has but in moderation. She wouldn't be so on all the time. I'd like her to be closer to something like Velma from Mystery Incorporated. She could hang with the guys, but it doesn't come off as overcompensating. Very mellow. That being said, having grown up in an Army Base, she can throw a punch and protect herself a bit.

Looks- She isn't this beautiful woman in the office as often depicted. When starting out, she's a gritty reporter and dresses more like Jessica Jones or the female version of Eddie Brock from Venom. She isn't all dolled up, but it doesn't mean she can't rock a dress if she has to, but only does it for important occasions or to work a man into giving her a story.

Social Life- I want this Lois to be more dedicated to her work to the point where it hinders everything else. She has trouble keeping a man. She's even dated Lex Luthor, but it didn't work out, but they both respect each other (of course at some point this relationship splinters after Superman comes to town). She has this frenemy relationship with Kat, where Kat constantly makes fun of her for not being able to keep a man and how "no mortal man is good enough for Lois Lane"

Intelligence- Lois has to find out Clark is Superman... PERIOD! Not told, she has to figure it out on her own. In the Pitch, I had a moment where Lois is so astute, she sees through Batman's mask of Bruce Wayne. What started out as a simple fluff piece interview about a charity, turned into a big investigation into how Bruce Wayne went from solitary Academic, into a socialite playboy after his journey.

Reporter- She takes being a reporter really seriously. And dedicates her life to it 110%. To the point where other parts of her life are falling apart. Not in a bad way, more comically. Like she forgets to pay rent and her apartment is a mess. We'd often see her spend long nights hunting a story and passing out at her desk the next morning to finish a story. Only reason Perry doesn't fire her for sleeping at her job is because she's a great reporter.

Values- As stated above, she loves journalism and wants to honor the tradition. She hates the toxic and shoddy journalism practices and tries to set a better example. She hopes to use Journalism to make the world a better place and loves to hit people with the hard truth. That being said, when she finds out Clark is Superman, she couldn't bring herself to break that story. She's loyal to her friends but will call you out when you need to be. One thing she learned from her years on a base, is that sometimes you need to take a bullet for a friend.


Clark- It's in stages. First she treats Clark as a rival since he breaks the Superman stories. Then when he starts working at the Daily Planet, the rivalry is still there but it become a friendly rivalry and they both respect each other. It's not love at first sight for either, but a romance does slowly form after months/years as friends.

I've written a massive 3 Season Arc for how I would do Superman, and I'd just pair him up with her. But if I'm being honest if Lois was written more subtle, I'd probably would be fine with her and a more traditional Superman. But on the flipside, I wouldn't be find with my Superman dating the mainstream take on Lois, since she bugs me. So yeah, fixing her fixes my problems with her

Cat- Frenemies. Lois works on the serious stories while Cat is on the celebrity side of the news. A very catty and contentious dynamic.

Perry White- He's not just her boss, but he's her hero and they develop a Father/Daughter relationship since Lois wasn't really close to her father. In my Pitch, Perry White dies and recommends Lois in his will to be the Editor. A job she always knew Perry wanted for her, but never took until that moment to honor him.

In Conclusion

I don't know, tell me whether you agree or how wrong I am in the comments. How do you feel about Lois?


Saint Reboots: Superman Season 4

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So I know Season 3 was supposed to be my swan song for the series, but I've been stuck with certain ideas in my head that I haven't been able to drop. The first 3 seasons are a tight compact arc of Clark going from Farmboy to Icon, heavily inspired by Avatar The Last Airbender. I shouldn't say this (not that it matters) but this season isn't important to read, but it's a fun project for me to do. This season will just be a "balls to the walls" Multiverse story, so hold on tight.

Season Summary

Journal Entry: Superman

A lot has changed since we've left off. This season takes place about close to 5 years from the ending of Season 3. Clark and Lois have been married for a while and currently want to have a kid but cannot due to gene incompatibility and are looking for methods with the help of Kara and New Krypton. More heroes exist than ever before and Lex has been put in prison in the opening of the first episode. Clark is living a great lift... and that's when things start going to shit. The sky turns red for a few minutes and no one knows why, hours later we get wind that while the sky was red a ship crash landed in the middle of Smallville. This ship held a young female Monitor who requires Superman's help, for someone wants to destroy all the multiverse. So Clark has to depart from Lois to go on this journey alone to save the Multiverse from the Anti Monitor.

Main Characters

Clark Kent/Superman

Clark is now a fully formed character. He's been at this hero thing for close to a decade so it'd be weird if he wasn't. At the beginning of the series is now father hood, despite being this hero to the world and a mentor to so many people the notion of being a father still catches him off guard which I think is more humanizing and endearing. Him and Lois are actively trying to find a way to have a kid through outside methods, which IMO is the biggest issue I have with Jon since them just having him squanders the potential and drama for him to be birthed through scientific means. Anyway, Clark is thrown into an other insane adventure when a female Monitor requires his help to stop the Anti Monitor and Clark has to leave this earth to help her.


Lois has been running the Daily Planet since the ending of Season 3. A tough but fair boss whose made the Daily Planet even more successful since Perry's passing. And even though she does that and has married the worlds greatest hero, she more than Clark wants to have a kid but fights showing to much excitement at the notion. So while they are trying to take this next step in their relationship, Clark has to leave her and she doesn't know how to handle it. She tries to put on a brave face and much like a Cop wife, she kisses him and wishes him well on his journey while she holds down the fort.


This young Monitor wants the help of Clark to stop the Anti Monitor from destroying everything. Clark wants to help her because she, much like his father, was ignored by the leaders and he believes her cry for help. She is young (not really, she's like millions of years old, but relatively young) but we'll come to find out she's being used by the Anti Monitor. Her personality will be that of a young Starfire-esque character. She's bright but a fish out of water.

The Supermen (+Woman)

This list will consist of the main Supermen that will be part of the crew. While there will be many, these are the main ones for the season.

Atlas Kent

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Atlas is someone who will play a pretty big role this season (but never trying to outshine Superman). He's the son of a Superman from an alternate earth where the Justice League was killed a decade ago, and the kids of said heroes have grown up. His sister is the leader of the Justice League, while he never really fit and decided to be a lone wolf hero. While his sister is the smartest and most wise leader, he's the more powerful hero. A cocky/funny hero, but one that doesn't feel like he wants/can live up to his father's memory and lacks a proper purpose in life.

Clark and him develop a good relationship and Atlas constantly jokes about them doing "father son bonding". Clark asks him to join the fight, and Atlas agrees to be there when called upon. In the final moments of the episode, we see his sister finally arrive behind him and calls him "Hyperman" which is a name he dislikes to be called on. On his sister's waist (cus we never see her face), she has the Lasso of Truth.

Old Superman

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The eldest and wisest of the Supermen. Lives on a simpler world and his Lois has since passed away. He'd been retired for a while but is convinced by Clark to come join them. Whhile past his prime, he's still pretty strong. Clark will learn from him to cherish every moment with Lois, since old Superman is actually over 100 years old but only looks 60. So he'll learn of the tragedy of being Kryptonian with a mortal wife.


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Mainly cus I'm trying to add some chicks, cus it'll be a total dude fest if I don't. She'll be a smart and observant character who will figure out what's going on with Zillo. Clark and her have so much in common and are going through similar things (trying to have a kid), since she's just a gender bent version.

Alexander Luthor

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They tried to get Ultraman to join the team, but he's to much of a dick to work with them. Alexander willingly joined the team in his place though. Clark has met him before and trusts him to be a good addition to the team. He's the brains of the team.

Legion of Luthors

That's right, there will be a Legion of Luthors, which is created by Red Son Lex Luthor. When CLark goes to visit his Superman, he bumps into Clark and they talk a bit. The red skies were seen across the multiverse, which made him curious. Having seen the tech in passing, Luthor was able to use the information to finish his own multiverse machine and travel to other earths to get the help of Luthors. He helps break out (although he didn't need help getting out), the main Luthor, and they go world hopping themselves. We won't see much of them, but I would set them up at least since they'll play a role in the finale.

Other Supermen

While not ever Superman will get time to shine, here's a list of Supermen we'll see.

Red Son


Captain Marvel

That Discount Dr. M

Rocker Superman

Knight Superman

Major Villains

General Villain Levels

Last season I stated that the villain levels would be broken, well they're even more broken now. We'll see a ton of Multiversal/Cosmic villains... I don't know many by heart but it'll be great.


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Superboy will be the mid season villain. As the strongest of all the Supermen, he is also naive and young. He wants to be a Superman like all the other Supermen, but his inexperience doesn't garnish him that respect or title yet. Atlas always ribs him for being a young teen, but is cautious around him since he's so strong. We start to see that something is right with him mentally, and he's hearing voices. His screw ups on the field cause the voices finally break him and start rampaging against the Supermen. All of them have a hard time taking him on, and Old Superman is badly hurt in combat. Atlas decides to take him on, using his full power on him and weaking Superboy with Kryptonite, which doesn't affect him like it does the other Supermen. Even then, the fight is a hard once. old Superman teleports him and Superboy into the Source Wall as a last resort and the Old Superman dies. Atlas is badly hurt and the kryptonite has nerfed his healing factor and made it hard to heal him. Only his sister can heal him so they take him back to his earth (despite his disapproval) and leave him, since CLark didn't want him to die.


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With Old Man Superman dead, and Atlas badly hurt, the team is demoralized but most go on.

Atlas doesn't take it well and after a few hours of being on his Earth he does to his earth's Luthor and asks for help to go find the Supermen. Instead Luthor finds the Legion of Luthor's and Atlas joins them instead on their adventures and to keep on eye on them.

We find out that the Anti Monitor hopes to extract the concept of Hyper Time so that he can use it for his own nefarious purposes. The Supermen are able to stop it and aquire it themselves but don't know what to do with it. The Luthors and them finally meet and they have an idea.


The series builds up the impression that the Anti Monitior was Zillo's brother but it turns out that it was Superboy pretending to be him. He convinced Zillo that he could help get out Dax if she helps him with his plans to kill all the Supermen so that he could be the only one in. What will throw people off is that what happened to Dax and the creation of the Anti Monitor happened billions of years ago, but the Source Wall doesn't move linearly, it's wild and chaotic. So while Superboy was sent there 1 month ago, he feels like he's been stuck there for centuries and was able to escape due to Dax's involvement and has been infused with energies from beyond the source wall that have helped him become immortal as a man.

Final Fight

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The Luthors help the Supermen think up a plan and they decide to use the concept of Hypertime as a weapon against the Anti Monitor. It would disperse the energies of the ANti Monitor across the multiverse destroying him, but also destroy all the SUpermen. They all decide to do it, even Ultraman does it out of pride. Atlas can't fuse since he's not really a Superman. All the Supermen would fuse using Hypertime into one Cosmic Superman and with one will lift Hypertime, which its weight is said to be infinite, so only infinite Supermen can lift it. What proceeds is a fight to end all fights. A fight across galaxies and universes, only to end with Cosmic Superman destroying him with a final punch, all their wills into one goal. Superman Prime is destroyed and so is the Anti Monitor... or so we thought. Superboy/Man was able to break out of his armor at the last minute and survive. It left him weak but his plan sorta worked and he got rid of all the Supermen, leaving only him. Atlas, who is raging pissed. punches him. Superman Prime still thinks he won, but he realizes that the punch really hurt. Atlas was holding a piece of gold kryptonite which a Luthor had invented to get rid of a Superman's power. Superboy no longer has any powers and is defeated, but at what cost?

Zillo, wanting to make up for what's happened finds a shard of Hypertime and gives it to Atlas. By fusing with it, he can help bring back all the Supermen, since they aren't really dead, but their molecules are dispersed across the cosmos. The drawback being that he would wipe himself out of existing in his reality, but he would be the guardian of Hypertime and be able to bring back the Supermen. He does take the offer, stating that all the Supermen just gave up their lives to save everyone, so it's time someone else take a bullet for them. All the Supermen come back, Clark coming back just in time to see the birth of his son and all the other Supermen getting their happy endings. Superman Prime is now sitting powerless in a prison outside of reality. Atlas seen one last time going to meet Clark and thanking him since he wasn't able to thank his own father, but Clark doesn't remember him since he doesn't exist anymore in anyone's memories.

Welp, that's it for this. The last (and I think I mean it this time) addition to the Superman TAS map I created for you fine people. A bit clunkier than the other seasons, and would probably have been just as oddly looked at as Season 4 of Batman TAS, but I had to do it. Comment down below, did you hate it? Did you like it? Don't pull any punches.

Start the Conversation

Ranking The Arrowverse Crossovers (Update)

So recently I went back and rewatched every single crossover episode in the CWverse of heroes. It was fun marathon and now I'd like to break down and review them while also ranking them.... cus wynaut? The only rule for these crossovers is that for it to be considered a crossover

1- it has to be the main hero coming over, not some supporting character (like how Diggle shows up on Flash)

2- The character actually has to do a lot, and not just make a brief appearance. Like how Oliver showed up for the Flash finale and vice versa.

3- The character crossing over has to have a show at the time of crossing over. This means that the first appearance of Barry on Arrow doesn't count, and nor does the Constantine episodes even though I really want them too. Vixen is also not allowed.

Simple "no duh" rules to some, but I thought I'd lay down the ground rules. Each one will have a mini review, a grade and they'll go from worst to best. So let's do this!


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Already wrote a big review, but I'll post a short version here. This event was a total mess and easily the worst of the bunch. The LoT backdoor pilot episode felt less out of place than this schlock. It's the DCTV equivalent of Age of Ultron, nothing but a bunch of self promotion and repetitive story lines. Only episode that is even close to salvageable is the middle one, since it's basically a backdoor pilot for Batwoman, and that's really the only reason to watch it. You could watch it and not have to watch the episode prior or after, that's how self contained it feels. Even then, prepare yourself for a season's worth of easter eggs.

Rating- 3/10

Legends Of Tomorrow Backdoor Pilot

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I do wanna clarify that despite how low this is, it doesn't mean I hate it. I actually don't hate any of the crossovers, and at best I just find them to be cringe worthy at times. This event should have been a warning that Vandal was going to drag down the Legends of Tomorrow first season. It showed how much they had to go out of their way to make Vandal a threat, even though Barry should have been able to easily kick his ass. Also, despite that the Hawks are supposed to be the center of the thing, the kind of just become the least interesting story. It's actually kinda weird how this garnered a spin-off about them joining a Time Traveling Crew of heroes.

Rating- 5/10

Supergirl Meets Flash

This was a huge surprise when it happened (or should I say announced), because it wasn't really sure if Supergirl would ever crossover cus at the time she was on a different network. The premise for this entire thing happening gauges on no one asking questions and just accepting it. Barry has never shown the ability to travel through worlds and hasn't since. But... whatever, lets just let that slide and judge it as it's own thing. At the time of this episode, Barry was still a likable character and he did his best to make this episode work. The writing on Supergirl has always felt so cheesy that it makes the Superman 1 and 2 look like The Dark Knight. From jealous love triangles with the awful Jimmy/Kara romance and to the over the top villains, this episode was a hard sit... and yet it was probably it's best episode of the season.

Rating- 6/10

Musical Episode

This is this high up almost entirely by default, but it does have a really great aspect to it that the others don't. I think this episode more than the last one understands what it is and the ridiculous nature of it's musical aspirations. I think it's a fine enough episode, even though I don't do musicals, but what makes it really stand out is its "villain". It's supposed to be Music Meister, but in my head canon he's Mr. Mxy and a better one than one we got. I still don't like the notion of a hot Mxy, but I think this one has a more enjoyable personality than the one we saw in Supergirl. If I ever got a chance to write a Mr. Mxy story, it would be similar, in the sense that he's not just pulling random pranks but has a clear goal and wants to be entertained by the hero and will only leave when they complete the task, here it was a musical.

Rating- 7/10

Invasion Event

So Invasion was the first big event for the CW. All their heroes together, fighting an alien invasion. Some might whine that it's rip off of Avengers, but there's a history of the heroes all coming together for an Alien Invasion. Justice League did it in several times, both in the Animated Series and in JL:War. All that hubbub aside, this was a huge undertaking an what I have to assume is thw CW pulling off on the small screen what Avengers pulled off on the big screen. IT"S A FREAKING BIG DEAL... but why o why does it have to be so underwhelming at times? Don't get me wrong, the event isn't total garbage and some parts are really good... but there are some parts that are either repetitive or confusing. There are three times where a character is dismissive of a character, only for them to change their mind a few minutes later. Wild Dog didn't trust Flash and Kara, Oliver didn't want Kara fighting on the team (for a dumb reason) and the LEgends didn't want Cisco and Felicity coming with them. Then you also have the Government not wanting the heroes to fight, not trusting them, but end up celebrating them. This rinse and repeat made it really annoying to watch. There's no denying it's a spectacle that even if you're a lapsed fan of the CW, you just gotta watch it.

Rating- 8/10

Arrow V Flash

So technically speaking, this was actually two episodes. Unlike previous ones, it wasn't one story but rather two completely different episodes but I'm just going to count them in one block and break down which is better here. As a whole, while the premise of Flash vs Arrow seems absurd (mainly cus of how OP FLash is and Arrow isn't really known for being a prepper), but it happens early off enough in the franchise where I can buy it and Oliver has been established as calculative. There is a lot right with this episode and it's got a lot going for it. If I had to complain about something, it;s mainly how wacky Flash acts when he's In Rage Mode. He almost looks as if he's on drugs and his persona feels more like that of an angry mean girl.

Part 2 of this was the Boomerang episode on the Arrow side of the crossover. I think as a whole this episode (while not as epic in concept) was a tighter episode. Can't say I'm a fan of Arrow's take on the personalities of SS members, and Boomerang is no exception. That has more to do with me being used to the comedic relief Boomerang we've seen in the movies.

Rating- 8/10

Crisis On Earth X

Crisis on Earth X is hands down my favorite event of the them all. What makes it better than Invasion, is that right away they wrote this thing as a long story, as opposed to having each episode feel like a part and the episodes don't focus on the set of heroes in the part they take place in (like Team Arrow being the focus of the Arrow part and the Legends only showing up in the final Part). The humor is much more palatable and the CW-isms aren't as bad (still pretty bad at times) as usual. The Action was also an improvement. They actually spend some time giving their villains a purpose and personalities. Both Overgirl and Dark Arrow are great alternate takes and I would love it if they actually made Dark Arrow a thing in the comics where he is a high ranking. The weakest link is without a doubt Reverse Flash. You could have just had Nazi Flash look like Wells. You didn't need to go the extra step and say he's the actual RF. They also weren't afraid to show us the dark reality of the Nazi world, they didn't shy away from it. The teams are used much better and the Legends do seem to have a larger role this time around which I'm always a fan of. I'm excited for the next Event, and I hope they bring on Black Lightning.

Rating- 9/10

So what did you think of my list? Did you agree or disagree? How would you rank them?


Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4 Wishlist

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So with Legends of Tomorrow being renewed for a Season 4, I thought I'd make a list compiling some things I'd like to see happen in Season 4. Normally I'd write a Season Map/Reboot Style blog but those have died in comments lately. Unless I reboot something terrible like BvS of Suicide Squad (hmmm, may do one on Justice League), no one gives a shit. So I'll be doing a wishlist instead of things I'd like to see happen in S4, with some plot points that I think would be cool to see.

10) Giant Ray/Robot Monster Fight

No Caption Provided

So they kinda did a giant monster fight already, but I think it'd be cool to see Ray have to turn into a giant to fight a robot or something. Maybe even have an old school miniature set where they fight, ala Power Rangers style.

9) A Better Time Bureau

No Caption Provided

I think one of the weakest aspects of Season 3 was how the Time Bureau was handled. They were supposed to be the Posh Frat house to the Legends Animal House antics. They ended up becoming fodder who sucked at their jobs. That plot line has been ruined, so I don't know what they could do next, but whatever it is make it interesting. Make the Time Bureau feel like they matter. Make them get infiltrated by a Demon in disguise, or just kill them all except the main two.

8) Vixen Makeover

No Caption Provided

I... freaking... hate Vixen. I want her off the show and I'm tired of her. She was good in Season 2, but something about Season 3 Vixen is just a reminder of the Hawk/Ray romance of Season 1... never do a thing that Season 1 did and failed at doing. They spent this entire season building up to her leaving and going back, so freaking stick to it! I'll loose such respect for the writers if flat out bring her back. I've heard whispers that she may end up playing a different character. Considering that the Vixen they hired to play Modern Day Vixen is unavailable, maybe that's who she'll be playing in which case I may be fine with it.

7) Wally West Time Travel

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Now I don't particularly have a specific idea for this, outside of just having a Wally West centric episode, but I think they should do something with the fact that Wally could potentially time Travel. Have some fun with this ability as opposed to it being a miserable experience as it is on Flash.

6) Evil Legends Episode

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I couldn't find a good image of that, so I had to use this. Point is, I think Legends could pull off a really bonkers Evil Reality episode. They've done a body switch, time loop and an alternate evil time line episode, don't tell me the can't do an evil mirror universe episode. GET OUTTA HERE WITH THAT NOISE!

5) Zatanna/Swamp Thing/ Possible JL Dark Episode

No Caption Provided

Didn't want to create a point on the list naming a different special appearance, so I'm just giving the JLD it's own spot together. With a huge possibility of most of these characters making an appearance, it'd be cool if was saw a mini Justice League Dark on the small screen. Zatanna having a bad past (laced with a bit of sexual tension) with Constantine. It's up in the air if we'll ever get this since the studio keeps hinting at a JLD movie, but I think the CW is growing more in power as the DCEU continues to fail to get its shit together. It doesn't have to be a backdoor pilot into anything, it can just be a self contained thing within the season.

4) A Blend of Constantine and Legends

No Caption Provided

For the most part, I have to imagine that Season 4 will be a pretty heavy Constantine season. With his addition and the season revolving around Demons, it's hard not to imagine that's the mentality of them going into Season 4. I think the general consensus for Season 3 was that it was a bit joke heavy. Still a great season, but they could have pull back a bit. Now with Constantine joining the team, it's almost a requirement. However they work it out, they have to meet each other halfway. Have the horror/darker aspects that make Constantine mixed with the Justice League International dynamic that the team has grown accustomed to.

3) Teen Constantine

No Caption Provided

Legends has done such a good job at visiting past selves and having hilarious interactions with them. This however won't be a laid back one like it was with Ray. We'll get some chuckles but we'll see Constantine on the verge of screwing up the timeline in order to save the girl he failed. This will either end in some deep dark depression for Constantine or turmoil between him and Sara. This one has a high chance of happening and I'd be flabbergasted if they haven't already written the episode for it.

2) Etrigan Is Tied To The Main Threat

No Caption Provided

So I don't know much about the origin for Etrigan outside of the JLTAS episode, but I think that it'll most likely be tied to the demons that came out of the prison. I think either Jason Blood is someone who is part of some evil Demon Cult or he was just possessed. All the demons are very much like Mallus, in that they possess someone and they slowly gain power and burst out of their shell into a fully formed demon. Jason Blood is a rare case of one that gets fused with his human. He could either be a villain or a hero, either or is cool.

1) Future Constantine Is Dr. Fate

No Caption Provided

This is kind of a retread of the Chronos plot line of Season 1, but it would be cool to see that Future Constantine has to don the helmet at some point. Like throughout the series we see other Dr. Fate's at different time periods, and we get thrown off to the possibility that the main one we see is from the future. We come to find out that Constantine as Dr. Fate produces the strongest version of Dr. Fate ever and he stopped a giant threat in the future. But the Legends muck up with Mollus had infected time with dark Magic and has made this plausible future on the brink of not happening.

That'll do for my list. What are some things you'd like to see them do in Legends Season 4?


Saint Reboots- El Tigre

No Caption Provided

El Tigre is a 2007 short lived cartoon that only lasted on season. It revolved around Manny Rivera and his Superhero dad and Super Villain Grandfather. His Dad and Grandad both wanting him to follow in their footsteps. Mainly played up for laughs and never really settling into a side. As with all prior reboots, I take a look at concepts that could be injected with some long over arching story telling and character development. This one probably has the most potential out of any of the shows I've tackled. If played a bit more serious, the notion of a kid who has to decide between being a hero or villain is a good one. Add onto that that his Pops and Grandad are experts in their field. I'll keep this brief and just paint a general picture of what I'd do with a reboot.

The Pitch

So I just want to set one thing up before I get into the characters. In the show Manny is believed to become a villain because of the Rivera curse. In the show it's obvious that the men in the Rivera family alternate every generation from hero to villain, and vice versa. It plays a big part into everyone's role in the show. Okay, with that cleared up, here is a brief character breakdown.


No Caption Provided

Currently living with his mom, and child of divorced parents, Manny's powers don't develop till the start of the series. His powers (and his families) work very much like Thor's. In which his belt is merely a conduit for him controlling his powers. Similar in personality like how he was written in the show. He was a brash, cocky, trouble making kid.

The Curse


No Caption Provided

Still true to her comedic relief/side kick roots but she'll be more useful in the series. Because her dad is chief of police she knows lots about hero world and criminal hierarchy.

White Pantera

No Caption Provided

This is where the show diverges a lot from the series in that more will be added to the mythos and structure of being a superhero. Pantera is also shown to be more proactive in wanting Manny to be a hero and fears that his son will become a villain because of the Rivera Curse. Him and his dad actually had a huge falling out and Pantera banned him from ever meeting Manny. Still kind of a dope, but he's Mexico's greatest hero and the only Level 10 Hero in Mexico.

Puma Loco

No Caption Provided

Closer to death every day, Puma Loco needs an heir to take his place in the Mexico's Crime Family organization. Since his son turned his back on it and became a hero, he hopes that Manny will succumb to the curse and become a villain.


I'm going to give a brief breakdown of each season. It'll be a simple 3 season structure. Season 1 is the hero season, Season 2 is the villain season and Season 3 is the finale with the conflict reaching its peak as to what he'll choose?

Season 1- Pantera shows Manny how to use his powers and the ways of being a hero. We get to learn about the hero hierarchy and Pantera's history.

Season 2- This season will be much more interesting because it involved Manny having to prove himself to the crime families so that he can inherit the title. The children of the members actually integrate into Manny's school and keep tabs on him. One of them being Zoey Cuervos, who does become somewhat of a love interest since Rivera men just tend to attract the ladies. Season ends with the kids trying to pull a heist, fighting Titanium Titan, and Manny having to save them and prove himself a villain.

Season 3- With White Pantera finally knowing that Puma Loco is back in Manny's life, home life becomes more hectic. Manny will learn more about the Rivera curse and about the Original El Tigre. The villain is Sartana of the Dead. She is a problem for both heroes and villains.The series ultimately ends with Manny never really choosing, and his dad and grandad stopping their attempts at convincing him to a side.

Well, that'll do it. Tell me what you think down below, or even if you didn't read tell me what you'd think of an El Tigre serious reboot?


Saint Reboots: Legends of Tomorrow Season 1

Yes, I know it's a season 2 image. Sue me!
Yes, I know it's a season 2 image. Sue me!

So recently I've been throwing a lot of love towards the Legends. I've also found a surprising amount of fans here, which I'm pleasantly surprised by. This show has brought us a lot of laughs and makes us feel that magic. This show is way better than it has any right to be and it's only getting stronger with additions like Wally West and Constantine to the roster. What was once a group of characters whose actors were available, has become a force to be reckoned with. With all that smoke blowing, it's not exactly a perfect show. Universally it's first season is considered it's worst by fans and even the show runners. So I'm here to give a hand and use that voodoo that I do and fix season 1 for them. Get ready to have your socks knocked off.

The Reboot

If "Raiders of the Lost Art" (the George Lucas episode of LoT) was any indication, the biggest issue was the villain. So not only would I recast him, but I'd also like to bring back his origin to his Caveman roots. I don't have a problem with changing it, but the whole "love dissed" priest thing was kinda lacking. I'll pretty much be reworking Vandal, as well as the stuff with the Hawks. I'll also be adding a new character as well.

Vandal Savage and The Hawks

No Caption Provided

So as I stated above, we're going back and making him a caveman again. This time he rises to power and becomes Ruler of Egypt, while the city is on the verge of a civil war and wanting to dethrone him. He's more occupied with a possible meteor falling. The first one gave him his immorality, he wants the second one because he believes he'll become even more powerful.

In come Hawks. Shayara is his trusted priestess whom he desires and Connor is his trusted admiral. Both however see how twisted he's become in his pursuit of power. They know what must be done for the good of the people, and betray him. Knowing they can't kill him, they lock him up in a tomb.

Little do they know, the meteor that's coming is coming with a barrage of other normal meteors behind. It lays to waste the entire empire of Savage but the Hawks become endowed with the ability to reincarnate. Centuries later, Vandal Savage escapes his tomb. Having lost everything, he changes his strategy of becoming a ruler. The following millennias he goes on to have a hand in everything (League of Assassins, Politics, Crime, Time Masters), and decides that by infecting everything, he can crush all attempts at usurping him when he takes his rightful place back.

In this version, Vandal doesn't need to kill the Hawks or whatever. He just enjoys doing it, but he doesn't seek them out.

No Caption Provided

His whole thing regarding his wife and kids can stay. The only real change I would make is regarding his first meet with Savage. He's actually made several attempts to kill Savage, all of which had failed. Poison, fire and viruses. None of which worked. Finally Rip just blew his head off and even that didn't stop Savage. Rip barely escapes Savage after his final attempt and he goes on to for the Legends.

There will be a reason as to why they don't know about his Caveman origin and why he didn't attempt it back then. That'll be put in the next character bio.

Scandal Savage

No Caption Provided

This could be a dude or chick, either way. But it's probably better to make it a dude, so as not to feel like it's the Damian Darhk scenario with his daughter. Childhood friend of Rip, he unknowingly grew up with the child of Savage. Vandal Savage can't actually have kids, and if they do they come out as brute monsters. This genetically (possibly using Shayara's DNA) created spawn will grow up to be his second in command. Endowed with insane durability and healing factor, he/she is a viscous fighter and quickly climbs up the ranks along with Rip.

In the series, we aren't supposed to know it's his child, and he'll be portrayed as being Rip's friend. He'll take the role of that Time Master Rip kept interacting with, but he won't turn on Rip so early on. We won't find out it's Savage's child till the finale. In fact, we'll even see him/her fight Savage and seem to be conflicted when ordered to hunt down Rip.

Scandal is meant to represent how all encompassing Savage's reach has been. Scandal is the reason that no one knew about Savage's Caveman origin. He hid those records.

The Chrono's stuff can still play out. And this character may or may not betray Vandal.


I think we can all agree that the finale was dumb and confusing. So instead we're just gonna go with Vandal wanting to get his hands on an other incoming meteorite in the future. As for how to end it, it's hard. Either the Legends keep him form getting it or he does. Here are two detailed possibilities

A) Sending it to the Past- Vandal has to fly into space to grab the meteor. An epic fight ensues in which they time jump throughout history in their time ships. The battle ends with them being the cause of the meteor hitting Egypt and the ships explosion wipes out the city. Essentially they caused the events to unfold.

B) God Savage- I honestly don't know what I'd do here. But essentially Savage becomes somewhat of a god, and they have to stop him... *shrugs*, IDK, they blast him into void or whatever. Or THe Hawk's do some magic double attack. Or Scandal has some weakness they could exploit. Any of these is possible.

The show has the same repercussions. The Hawks leave and the Time Masters are gone.

That's A Wrap!

That'll do it for this reboots. Kinda rushed, but I just had to get it out there. What changes would you have done? Is my version vastly superior? Comment down below and let me know!

Legends Never Die!


Legends of Tomorrow Review

Legends of Tomorrow is the 3rd CW produced DC hero show, and probably it's more underrated one as well. I want to throw a bit of love it's way by giving it a review praising what is a show that is way better than it had any right of being.

The History of Why

No Caption Provided

So a long time ago rumors were circulating around that the Suicide Squad episode on Arrow was meant as a backdoor pilot for a potential Suicide Squad show. They had done this with the Barry Allen appearance episode, so it wasn't that much a leap. Sadly (or gladly depending on your point of view), the show got axed with the movie version being announced. With that off the table and the growing success of Arrow and Flash as their biggest shows, they desperately wanted an other Superhero show and quickly.

Cue the Legends! Unlike what happened with Suicide Squad (which I believe was backed up by the show runners) this is purely my speculation. After the death of Suicide Squad, the quickly scrambled to make an other show. They knew they had to use B or C list characters because WB wouldn't allow them to use any bigger characters. Only reason Flash happened is because he quickly he got in before they closed the doors on any potential movie character. Essentially the looked at all the characters they had that would just end up collecting dust and put them on their own show. This was a rushed product that feels like it lacked any clear vision.... and they made it work!

How It Stacks Up

No Caption Provided

Legends has become easily my favorite DCTV show and probably in my personal top 5 CBTV show. It's a show that is way better than it has any right of being. The cast bounce really well of each other and any romance (outside of the Hawks) feel believable. That being said, the main draw for this show is just how bonkers and funny it can be. It's on the opposite side of shows like Black Lightning and Arrow, but it does it's cheesy aspects much better than the Flash.

The show isn't by no means perfect. Most of the problems however do stem from Season One's rough start, the Hawks and Vandal Savage. The show even acknowledges how bland and not scary he was in the George Lucas episode. As with anything that focuses on time travel to much, it can also become a bit chaotic since their will always be inconsistencies. Personally I don't mind, and it's not as bad as with Flash.

Once season 2 hits, it almost becomes a totally different shows. The series is more self aware and goes all out. It'll have episodes where they have to take on Zombies during the Civil War or where they take on Vikings who think a talking doll is a god of war.

The show has a way of making you care about characters you didn't think you would. Heatwave is a comedic MVP, since he acts almost as their aloof uncle who loves to drink. Ray Palmer's unwavering optimism is a great assert to the team. The one that I'm personally surprised I care about is Citizen Steel. The way he came to be on the group is a bit clunky, but for the most part he's a witty addition to the team. While they may be my favorites, everyone on the crew have their stand out moments and are used to their full potential.... unless you have budgetary issues which Firestorm seems to run into.

This show makes no qualms about showing their characters screw up and that certain changes to the time line have to be made. Either because it's necessary or because it's a patch to a screw up. It gives the show character by having their adventures not be so clean cut.

After Vandal Savage, the villains became much better written. In season 2 they were using Merlin, Reverse Flash and Past Darhk. I loved their dynamic and their goal, but then again I'm a sucker for anything that involves the Spear of Destiny.

Legends Never Die

Or at least I hope not. I have a nagging feeling in my stomach that this show may soon see the axe but I'm going to enjoy it till the end. I can't recommend this show enough, and I think if you're wanting to get into it, it's on Netflix and you should start on Season 2. Then one day if you're ready, go back and watch season 1. I think you'll fall in love with this group of lovable rogues by watching them get into all kinds of wacky time travel adventures.

Rating After Season One- 8.5/10


Top 10 Western Animated TV Villains

Villains are what make many stories work and are arguably at times more important than the heroes themselves. The come in different shapes and sizes, all with a wide aray of goals. They can either be mirror versions of the character or big bads who loom over the story until the hero is ready to face them. I'll be looking at some villains which I consider the best of Western Animated TV Villains. No anime but adult series are okay.

Disclaimer: I tried to stay away from DC or Marvel villains, since their either in all lists. Personally, the ones that are all on lists (Joker or Lex) really wouldn't be on my list anyway, but maybe there are others that would be.

10) Bill Cipher

Gravity Falls was a series that was layered with potential and had me hooked on episode one. It's only fitting that a show with such a weird vibe and occult concepts would have a villain like Bill Cipher. Much like almost every Reality Warping character, Bill is an other nutty villain who seems to have fun screwing with his victims. So much potential was set up with Bill... but there's a reason he's on number 10 on this list. Every appearance after his first was worse than the last, with the finale being a huge mess. I suppose that's what happens when you are told to wrap up your 3 season story in season 2.

9) Aku

Now, Samurai Jack wasn't a series I watched that much growing up. Outside of the theme song and a few episodes, I couldn't tell you much about the series... but Aku was a pretty entertaining but scary villain. I will say, he's almost on here by default. I think with the origin special and the final season (as boring as it ended), there is enough for him to qualify on this list.

8) Professor Strickler

No Caption Provided

Couldn't find a decent image. This is Strickler from the Netflix series Trollhunters. Now, I discualified Zuko for eventually turning good, but his route seemed more obvious and fitting. Besides, Strickler only became an ally to the hero to save his own skin, so I'm gonna let it slide. I liked the Mentor relationship they both formed, and how Strickler kept trying to keep it up. He was willing to let all humanity get destroyed in order to get the respect of the true villain of the show, but he showed multiple sides to him. He was cunning, petty, pathetic and cocky. His character bounced well of the more stubborn and violent troll pictured in the gif. Honestly, he was probably the best villain so far, but the show is doing a good job of building up to the actual big bad of the series.

7) Azula

Why is she on here and not Zuko or her Father? I think everyone can agree that Zuko never felt like a villain, but he was a great character nonetheless. As for why her father isn't on it.... he was just meh. There really isn't all that much that's interesting about Ozai, he's probably the least interesting character in the whole show. He's not meant to be anything more, but he doesn't even stand out in terms of one dimensional villains.

But back to Azula. Honestly, I wasn't thinking of putting her on here since in my heart she's not in the top 10, but objectively it's hard to deny it. The brilliantly craft her entire character and add a layer of tragedy while at the same time never deny she's a bitch.

6) General Modula

A villain who left us wanting more... and still does close to 10 years later. What happened to him?Why did he turn on his people? Is that creature on his head destroying him? Sadly we'll never get the answer to these questions. All we're left with is these few moments of him being a total badass and showing some Faora level moves. Bonus points to the voice actor (Don Leslie), for making him both intimidating and terrifying.

5) Norman Osborn(Spectacular)

Spectacular Spider-Man is probably one of the most underrated animated series ever. It can be a hard rewatch at times, but overall it still has a good standing. As I state in the opening statement, I don't have Lex or Joker, but I guess this is like having both on here. It's hard to say which persona is worse, Norman or Green Goblin? The moment when he purposely breaks his own son's leg just to throw off Spider-Man is a total dick move and he earns a spot automatically.

4) The Lich

Easily one of the most terrifying villains on the list. Now, I'm not the biggest Adventure Time fan, but anytime I see The Lich , I'm just impressed by the effort they put into his character. It's hard to do characters who just personify evil and make them resonate, but this show makes him have an impact on the viewer. Both the dialogue and Ron Pearlman's voice acting make for a killer combo.

3) Slade

An other villain voiced by the great Ron Pearlman. There's a bit of bias, since Slade was one of my favorite villains growing up. He stuck with me more than Lex or Joker. Not as terrifying as Ron's Lich performance but probably way more intimidating. Where I think he also fairs better, is in his interactions with Robin. Typically a great villain will have great chemistry (in this chase, volatile chemistry) with their hero, which Slade does in spades.

2) Evil Morty

How does a character whose had the least amount of screen time out of anyone on the list end up in the top 3? With tension, mystery and build up. There's a great joke by Dave Chappelle, where he points out that a white guy in a group of gangster black guys is the scariest guy in the group. That same mentality applies here. In the world of Rick and Morty, Mortys are nothing more than cloaking devices for a Ricks brilliance. No Morty is meant to be smarter than a Rick... but Evil Morty somehow manages to be smarter than every Rick. In the end, it's hard to say if Morty is even the bad guy, since Ricks are known assholes and maybe he's doing the Multiverse a service. Theories abound on what Evil Morty's role is, but we're all dying to find out. I'm hoping my Original Morty Theory is correct, but the creators have a tendency to mess with peoples fan theories.

1) Toffee

Star vs The Forces of Evil has become hands down my favorite current cartoon. I was offput at first by Star's personality and other characters, but the show has done a total 180 in terms of my enjoyment. Toffee is one of two characters who this show would just loose everything that makes it special.

Voice by Dexter star Micheal C Hall, he does a great performance as this emotionless lizard with the master plan. What sets off his journey to his eventual demise is so damn poetic. His entire demeanor and the way he handles himself is what makes him such a cool villain to see operate. He's not meant to be kick ass bad ass like some of the others on this list, despite that he is more than capable of doing so. His special skill is strategist mind, and he knows how to use it.


Hire Saint Wildcard Campaign

Ready To Serve
Ready To Serve

It's no secret that Comic Vine is going the way of Anime Vice day by day. They shut down the CV Twitter and Youtube. They also fused the Facebook page into the Gamespot page. Articles are posted with a month long break in between them (if lucky), and they keep letting Comic Book Movie reviews slip through their fingers. It's time to get some new blood in here, and I'd like to put in my application.

My Application

Education: I'm an English Major. I'd like to put my education to good use or I'm going to end up having to eat my degree.

Experience: I've written a review here and there, but what I lack in experience I make up for with raging tenacity. I can also be an overly critical asshole like any other Comic Book Nerd.

Dedication: I have nothing else going on, my social life is pretty much dead so you won't have to worry about me needing time off.

Special Skills: I may not write as eloquently as some people here, but I make up for it with pizzazz. Some people, including those that have worked here, lacked that. Boring articles with very lame jokes, snooze! You need to keep your readers engaged, and I can do that.

Innovation: I'm always willing to try something new and push the boundaries. As someone who used this site when it was actually maintained, the people here love to be interacted with and that'll be a big part of my reign.

Social Media: I don't like using Twitter, but I will adapt. I'll also put out quality podcasts.

Reviews: I'll also review mainly CBMs and CBTV. That seems to be where the real money is. Occasionally I'll review big event titles, like Rebirth. Which if you knew me, you'd know I'm forcing myself to do that.

Diversity: I'm Mexican, which means I'm a hard worker. Also good to get some diversity into this corporate world.



Feel free to ask me about how I'd run this site?


Saint Reviews- Coco

Coco is the newest animated movie by Pixar that revolves around the Day of the Dead. What I find so hilarious is the irony around this movie and it's timing with Justice League. Justice League is all about hope and a character being reborn, but it's going to get killed in the box office by a movie about Dead People. That's some spicy irony. But I digress. Gotta come clean, I may seem that I may be bias since I'm Mexican, but... that's kinda cus I am, or at least there is a small possibility. There are times that I wonder if I love the movie as much as I do because of it, but I'm going to try and be as objective as I possibly can. I'll point out the pros and cons like with any other review. Lets get started

Anything that's slightly spoilerish, will be blacked out.

The Review

No Caption Provided

The amount of detail and research that went into this movie to make it as true to Mexican culture must have made for a daunting task. And from what I can see it paid enough. In fact, at several times in the theater, I would turn to my cousin and say "This movie is Mexican as f***". Considering that it's now Mexico's highest grossing movie, I think it paid off. It's good because after the whole controversy of trying to trade mark "Day of the Dead", they had to give this movie their all to repent for that sin. Now, it being too Mexican may be a problem that I'll get into later.

All the characters in this movie are lovable. The dynamics between all the characters are aces. Miguel's VA really sells the movie and his comedic timing is bound to get a chuckle or two. That being said, comedy isn't the movies strong point, nor do I think it has to be. It's more about the message and the culture. With that being strong and the characters being so likable, the movie does well enough without having to add a joke every few minutes.

This movie is probably one of Pixar's best yet in terms of animation. They keep getting better and better. Their human characters also keep improving and IMO it's much better than something like Moana, in which all I saw was a doll for a toy line. The Land of the Dead is a fusion of all Mexican culture and the traditions of the holiday.

The movie is surprisingly dark for a kids movie. Although I think Pixar has always pushed the boundaries (movies like UP and Incredible for reference). I think what sets this movie apart is that we get to see the deaths play out. Because the movie takes place in a reality where The Land of the Dead is a thing, the movie has to create a set of rules to establish a threat for both Miguel (human character) and Hector (dead character), which I think the movie does wonderfully. They change it up to keep things both interesting and meaningful. I've become so jaded by self sacrificing deaths, but the way they tease the aspect in the movie makes for a more satisfying and tragic way to go.

At it's core the movie is about Music, Mexican Culture and most importantly Family. I gotta say, I'm a sucker for a movie about family. I almost never cry when it comes to the death of a character, but I break down whenever I see strong moments of friendship or family. I also like how the movie isn't about one character having to learn a lesson, but everyone has to change their mentality and meet each other halfway.

The Bad

While I'm always willing to forgive a movie for having a cliche if earn it, that doesn't change the fact that it's a cliche. It got spoiled for me, but I think I would have figured it out anyway. It does get kinda predictable with it's story.

One thing I fear is that the movie may be too Mexican for the general audience. Mainly when it comes to the music. It's unapologetic in the music choices, which obviously work for the setting but some people may come to expect the same Pop Hit Song you see in most of these movies. I think he main song "Remember Me" will meet people half way, but almost every other song is leaning way more into that Banda type music. The references may also go over a lot of peoples heads and the abundance of Spanglish.

In The End

This was a delightful look at the importance of family through the lens of a family home. It has a timeless feel to it that I think will give this movie less and appreciated for years to come. The colors, humor, culture and music are all so dedicated and true to it's world. A perfect movie to watch this holiday weekend, since it's about the unity of family.

Rating- 8/10