Top 15 Villains I Wanna See Appear In A CBM

That's right folks, I took it up a notch. To make this interesting I plan on naming villains that haven't appeared or are set to appear. Some will have explanations, others won't. I'm lazy, sue me.

List items

  • Or just Ultraman. I wanna see Superman and Ultraman go at it. Both are equally matched and then a campy Earth 2 Superman stops the fight. THAT IS MY DREAM MOMENT! And if the CS is also included, I wanna see a bunch of back stabbing.

  • If you have the Crime Syndicate, you're surely gonna have AM. I wanna see a COIE adaptation so freaking bad.

  • Most people would consider him the JL closer, but AM takes that position IMO. I still wanna see him though in a JL movie.

  • There's no way they'd adapt the "For the Man who has everthing" story in one movie, but it could be a part of an invasion story where the War World is coming to Earth.

  • A story ripe for adaptation. Incest and all.

  • To people who only watch comic book movies, the Loki of Aquaman's mythos.

  • It's going to be hard to top Koba

  • Come on Time Travel story.

  • A must happen for any Superman fan. But he already gets enough Jesus comparison comments, so maybe an arc where he dies and comes back to life isn't a good idea.

  • An Immortal caveman? You must WB!

  • But do not cast Tim Allen as him WB

  • That Blackest Night arc is mandatory when making GL movies.

  • It will never happen but it be awesome.

  • An other story ripe for adaptation.

  • I doubt they'd also include the Bizarro World or League though. He's just be a defective clone.