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Top 15 Characters I Want to Write For

As a man who is destined to be one of the greatest writers in the future, one who will rival Gran Morrison and Alan Moore, I've pondered at times what characters I'd like to tackle. So today, I bring you a list of the characters I plan on gracing with my genius. I will not give away story lines of what I'm going to do, but just a general statement as to what it maybe.

Chosen One Coming THrough
Chosen One Coming THrough

The higher they are on the list, the clearer a vision I have for what I'd do with them.

PS-You'll obviously notice the lack of Marvel characters. It's mostly because I haven't really been a part of that world and know less about them than I do about LOSH. BUt to please you Marvel fans, if I had a gun to my head I guess I would write for characters like Captain America, Ghost Rider or Fantastic Four.

List items

  • How does this house of cards stay up? Well blood is really sticky. An origin depicting how these guys got together and why it doesn't end with all of them dead on the floor.

  • Not in a comic. That's been done to death. I want to give the Man of Steel a proper animated series that would put Superman TAS to shame and be the best DC animated show ever. I think I could do it. And while you could just brush it off as an other origin, my goal is to make Clark more approachable to a newer generation by focusing on what I think are the more important qualities.

  • Earth One Style origin story.

  • Not his version, but a child from the procreation of Superman and WOnder WOman. Say what you want about the pairing, but a story about the child of these two is interesting enough to give a look at.

  • I'd like to do Lethal Weapon with Hal and JOhn. Basically what the upcoming GL movie is rumored to be.

  • I got a hip story in mind for this world of monsters.

  • I gotta be honest, I know close to nothing about these characters but from what I hear they have been rebooted and Thrown around so much I don't think I have to follow a strict set of rules so I could probably do anything with them. Conceptually, the sound easy enough to create stories for.

  • Elseworlds.

  • This is a character that has the potential to be a great addition to the Superman Family and it frightens me that just because he was made by Lobdell, he's gonna be forgotten. I mean sure.... the Superman family is a total sausage party, but that doesn't mean this character should vanish. I think his importance to the Superman family could surpass that of Superboy and even tie with Supergirl.

  • An other non origin story. I think I could write some cool stories with Ollie at any point of his life... as long as I'm not anchored to continuity that is.

  • Such wasted potential. And it sucks too, cus the guys that wrote it could have done better. This book should be Richie Rich in the DC universe. You can keep the teen Drama in, but the teen superhero angle has got to go.

  • Not really the city, but rather an Gotham Academy type book set in Metropolis. Less Mystical, more Silver Age Sci-Fi. Just like how people say that Gotham is it's own character, I hope to do he same with Metropolis.

  • Pre or New 52. Either or really.

  • I think that a neat anthology series set in the Silver Age would be a cool comic. It's kind of what books like Batman 66 and Wonder Woman 77 are going for.

  • Dick, Jason or Damian (not you Tim). Didn't want to create different slots so I just put this.