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Since I don't have a comic shop near where I live, I order them online via a Forbidden Planet comic subscription instead. They usually arrive at the end of the month, though occasionally they're posted shortly after all the comics I'm subscribed to have been released. Thus, I get my comics at the end of each month or when all of them have been released in the month. If you don't get what I mean, well I get January's comics in February, February's comics in March and so on. Since I've graduated from university, I've increased my pull list to 7-8 comics per month.

I like both DC and Marvel a lot, honest. But if I had to choose, my favourite characters and stories tend to come from DC. I grew up watching the DCAU cartoons such as Superman: The Animated Series, Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Nonetheless, Marvel is still a close second due to the Spider-Man and Fantastic Four cartoons I also watched as a kid, as well as my uncle giving me part of his Stan Lee Amazing Spider-Man comics collection (they were republished stories, not the original Amazing Spider-Man comics but I didn't really care about that as a kid) when I was younger.

Just because I love the Big Two companies doesn't mean I don't have my problems with them both. Marvel's reliance on shock value, controversial gimmicks, status quo alterations in the name of diversity and Breevoort practically admitting to pi$$ing off Marvel's longtime fanbase to attract attention was the last straw. Well, Thor becoming unworthy and being replaced by Jane Foster as Thor was the last straw. So I'm not going to buy any current Marvel comics for the foreseeable future, as I passionately dislike Marvel's creative direction justified under the false pretence of diversity and inclusiveness in their comics. Many of my favourite established characters have been swapped out with unsuitable replacements. This gimmick has ruined many of Marvel's most iconic characters and their negative attitude towards the fans has alienated long time readers such as myself. So I'll be sticking to back issues and trades of pre Marvel Now stories from now on.

But DC haven't been exempt free from making mistakes either. Although the New 52 is thankfully no longer the direction DC are following , DC's compressed, confusing and contradicting continuity during the New 52 had stripped it of its rich and complex history. As a history student and comic book fan, that was the New 52's greatest sin for me. Many of my favourite characters felt unfamiliar and in some cases, completely changed from who they were and what fans used to like about them. The prime example was Superman, who had a controversial and divisive redesign during the New 52. Many hated New 52 Superman's characterisation, myself included for how this Superman was angrier, brasher and more aloof than the Pre Flashpoint one. The Truth storyline in particular made me stop buying any ongoing Superman comics (aside from Lois & Clark) because it stripped Superman of everything I liked about him. Superman was my least favourite character in the New 52 but Lobo, Cyborg Superman, Shazam, the Teen Titans, the Earth 2 universe, Wonder Woman and more were portrayed poorly as well.

Fortunately, DC Rebirth has managed to restore the hope and optimism that I had in DC Comics before the New 52. Not only do I feel like buying more comics from DC, but the DCU is starting to look and feel like the DCU again. So far Rebirth has been a big improvement especially on the differences in quality storytelling, world building and returning heroic optimism to the DCU. Best of all, the Post Crisis or Pre Flashpoint Superman if you prefer was brought back and later merged with the New 52 Superman to make a Reborn Superman. Still, my dissatisfaction with Marvel led me to buy comics from other companies like Alterna, IDW and Boom Studios to go beyond my usual superhero comics purchases. The IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic is one example of a consistently well written comic not published by the Big Two that I have been reading for years and Alterna's cheaper priced comics and focus on engaging with customer support of their products sounds very appealing to me.

Upcoming Comics

  • Teen Titans
  • Detective Comics Annual #2
  • Batman/TMNT III

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