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The Archetypes

This is just basically a list about which archetypes, power wise I would choose for a team. This is just my personal preference so if you have a personal favourite archetype that I haven't put on the list, feel free to sound off your preferences in your comments

List items

  • Martial Artist/Gadgeteer/Mastermind/Leader

  • Armoured Hero/Gadgeteer/Mastermind

  • Team Mentalist.

  • Team Mage

  • The adaptable member. His ability to change his body into various elements and materials gives the team a power variety.

  • Speedster. It's true that speedsters are tricky buisness but Quicksilver isn't as fast as say the Flash or the Silver Surfer but is fast enough to be a useful addition to the team.

  • Marksman/Martial Artist. Also adds another human to a team of super powered individuals with a political conscience as well.

  • Powerhouse/Paragon/All rounder. This was another tricky one. Even though I prefer Superman, Thor or Captain Marvel to this guy, they are all too powerful and could arguably deal with threats faced by a team single handedly. As such I choose this guy due to him being powerful as he has gone toe to toe with the Sentry but he isn't as powerful as say Thor or Silver Surfer in the MU. As such he is probably the better choice of powerhouse for the team.

  • Behemoth/Tank of the Team

  • Blaster/Ranged attacker/Energy Projectionist. An underused heroine whose ranged powers are almost as formidable as her temper. As well as seeing the original lack of women on my team, I therefore decided to put her on the team.

  • Reserve Member. Shapeshifter with elastic abilities who is hardly used in comics at the moment when he was once a member of the JLA and counted among the greats like Superman and Batman.

  • Reserve Member. Another under used heroine whose totem based animal channeling powers add to the mix in this reserve member.

  • Reserve Member.A heroine with ghost like powers that provides something unique that is not present in the main team.

  • Reserve Member. The back up martial artist/leader should Batman not be available. Personally handpicked by the Dark Knight himself to be a reserve member when he's not leading his brothers. He's my favourite non DC or Marvel character as well.