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My Top 10 Favourite Writers

This list details my top 10 favourite writers with reasons why I like them. So there... :P

List items

  • It would be hard for me to describe why I love Morrison's writing but I'll try to summarise it. Morrison is a very clever man, a story telling genius and his stories are filled with insane concepts that challenge the hero and entertain the reader. Some things he writes can go over your head but when you're in the zone and able to comprehend what Morrison is writing, you can see the grand scheme that his run has been building up too. That's why Morrison is my favourite writer and many of his stories are amongst my favourites.

  • This is the guy who created Ben 10 to any fans reading this list but it's his Superman and Justice League work I'm a bigger fan of. Kelly is adept at writing mature, gritty stories that balance out with the purity and idealism that superheroes like Superman represent. What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way ranks as my second favourite Superman and comic book story. Plus his JLA run is second only to Morrison's in my book

  • If there's one writer who can understand just about any character he writes whilst depicting them in a fresh, exciting way, Mark Waid can. His versatility to write most comic book characters like he's known them for years is astonishing. And more recently, he's been shaking up the status quo of characters like Daredevil and Hulk yet keep the core of these characters intact is an excellent skill. Plenty of Waid's stories are greatly loved by me.

  • Wolfman wrote an excellent Superman story in the 70s but there are 2 bigger reasons why Wolfman is here. Firstly, he's written possibly my favourite ongoing series, the New Teen Titans. It ticks all the boxes for what the perfect series should be. Compelling characters with interesting personalities and problems, teammates butting heads whilst deepening their relationships along with creating classic villains and making the reader care about the stories written. Also he wrote a little thing called Crisis on Infinite Earth which is one of the truly great superhero crossover events. Like ever.

  • Similarly to Morrison, Moore is another clever writer whose stories I've only read a small selection of but those I have read are simply fantastic. For the Man Who Has Everything and The Killing Joke are simply top notch reads. But it's Watchman that was a genre defining, jaw dropping read for me. Moore's disassembling of the superhero genre and setting a new standard for telling comic book stories was simply legendary

  • RIP good sir. You will be missed for your excellent writing of Justice League and JLU episodes, your great run on JLA and your championing of black superheroes.

  • Before you break out the pitchforks again, JMS is not perfect that much is clear. OMD, Sins Past and Superman Earth One are not my favourites. Nonetheless, his Spider-Man run is one of my favourites on the character and if it weren't for his redefining run on Thor, I'd have never come to know and love the character so much. He can come a cropper sometimes but so can almost every writer at some point in their career.

  • This guy is a writer who pioneered the more serious, mature and reflecting upon real issues approach to story telling. "Must There Be a Superman?" opened the gate for stories such as The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen.

  • Mr Dini has had one helluva good Detective Comics run along with his excellent Gotham Sirens series and generally writing every good DC character in his animated stories

  • I'm a big fan of Rucka's World of New Krypton series and it was his influence that made it an awesome Superman story. His Wonder Woman run and independent work have been brilliant too.