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The S Stands for Ass Kicking 4

Superman Unchained #7 ReviewAlthough I’m reviewing this issue of Superman Unchained earlier than I usually do, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s been a long wait for the 7th issue of this series with 2 more still to come. The last comic was in March so it’s been well over a 3 month wait for fans of this series. Nonetheless, this issue promised action galore in the Batcave so it has a lot to live up to suffice to say.PremiseSuperman faces General Lane and The Machine...

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The Countdown to War Continues... 18

Wonder Woman #31 ReviewSince Superman Unchained has long delays to say the least, I’m gonna try my hand at reviewing something else instead. One series that came to mind was my favourite DC, if not comic series in my pull list, Wonder Woman. It’s provided some of the most consistent, high quality writing out of The New 52 and has actually improved Wonder Woman and her world as opposed to most characters getting treated poorly by the changes made in The New 52. Azzarello has delivere...

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A Doomed Disappointment of a Superman Event... 15

Once the news broke of a New 52 interpretation of the infamous “Death of Superman” storyline, despite my misgivings and scepticism about what this event would bring, I decided to at least read the one shot. If nothing else to see how the Superman vs Doomsday fight played out and how the battle would end. And suffice to say, I’m regretting having spent £3.75 on this comic. SPOILERS from here on out:The event starts off with the big introduction (after the Doomed prequels ...

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This issue could have added up to more 19

Yes another late review I know. September is a really late month of comics for me and the fact these comics arrived a couple of days ago doesn't help. But I’ve now read this issue as it’s the first one I read. The last two issues of Unchained presented an excellent Superman story with solid characterisation and were just what the Man of Steel needed. Now the third issue has quite a standard to live up to. When last we left off, Lois was on a plummeting plane, Superman was subdued by ...

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