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There's a lot of hype for King's take on the New Gods. Hopefully it lives up to it.

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On the one hand I suppose that if Batman were to ever propose marriage to someone, one of those women would have been Catwoman. I'd like to think Silver St Cloud would have been another myself. So Batman asking Catwoman for her hand in marriage has a precedence. On the other hand, unlike other DC romances like Clark and Lois, Barry and Iris or even Hal and Carol, I can't buy these two ending up together at the end of the day. Batman has a precedent set up and usually that involves the writers making sure Batman doesn't end up being romantically satisfied.

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@lukehero said:

Good. Make a tight story and don't wear out your welcome. Honestly unless you're giving us more action a movie should be too long...

That's a lot to fit in less than 2 hours though. I could accept a 2 hour movie since Ragnarok is a massive event in Norse mythology and Marvel comics to expand upon. Rushing the pacing of a movie is equally as bad as the film dragging on longer than it should.

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Last time I saw Vulture, he was blinded by Superior Spider-Man/SpOck and in prison. Haven't seen him in a recent comic since then.

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This is a solid list, a lot of recognisable characters but also some like Seven Deadly Sins I wasn't aware of.

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@boschepg said:

No Luther?

SFW felt betrayed when Justin Jordan stated Luther only had peak human stats.

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Godzilla is your favourite character?!!

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@brucerogers said:

Good list. Me likey

Thanks mate :)

You should debate every character in existence.

If I could waste that much time on pointless fictional debates, I would be a very happy man.

@sophia89 said:

You stole that list you criminal! have no proof of that (looks around shiftily)

Experts agree Lvenger is a terrible debater who does not understand Thor is the Alpha Male.

I can't argue with the experts, they know my jealously towards Thor's masculine virility and his FTL speed.

Back in my day we made a list instead of creating a thread :p but I'm always suprised you like Rwby

I have one of those too. Yeah I do, been a Rooster Teeth fan for years now, came across the show just before its second season started IIRC.

Aquaman is a brick?

Admittedly he does have the trident and aquatic telepathy but his main trade, especially since the New 52, has been his strength.

Pretty versatile I see. You are only missing Skyfather tiers, Abstract tiers and mid tiers, even tho nobody even uses those characters anyway.

They are kind of hard to use and I'm nowhere near as good as the likes of Laylah or Killemall at using them.

@giliad_ said:

Do you rank lanterns over S-class powerhouses? Interesting...

Now that you mention it, it does look like I've put Lanterns over powerhouses. I should change that. To clarify, I regard Lanterns above Superman but I rank Martian Manhunter as powerful as Silver Surfer overall so he's above Lanterns too.

You misplaced Batman. He should be at least at the cosmic tier section.

How could I forget about the almighty prep time of Batgod? Lemme just change that.

Since both are on your list, who do you think would win in a fight between Daredevil vs Captain America ??

Hmm that would be a close call. Daredevil is the more skilled fighter, has better situational awareness due to his radar sense and is arguably more agile but Cap has superior physicals, tactical analysis and that shield is better than the billy clubs. Cap probably could take it due to stats, Daredevil isn't as strong, fast or tough as Batman.

@lvenger: You probably have your hands full with CaVs right now, so let me know when your schedule clears up and I can match you with literally any character from any tier you listed. Just pick your favorite person to debate with and I'll match them

so let me know when your schedule clears up

If this ever happens :P

Admittedly I was only making this thread for my own personal lists and not for challenges but I'd be interested in seeing what you're like at debating. I'll contact you once I've finished a couple more of my current CAVs.

@lvenger: Good List. I would like to go against a great debater using Wolverine or Spiderman one day.

I can give you some recommendations in that department since I'm not a great Wolverine or Spider-Man debater. WarlockMage is a really great Wolverine debater and Jashro is the best Spider-Man debater on the site.

Interesting list, seems like you don't like Sky fathers.

More like can't really debate with them.

@lvenger: Had no idea you were into Avatar.

Yeah I love Avatar, watched it as a kid and then watched it again when I was older along with Legend of Korra. ATLA is probably my favourite ever cartoon next to Justice League and JLU. Been thinking about having an Avatar CAV once I'm done with my current debates.

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BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT, Guest-Starring Riri Williams, Ironheart! There’s room for two young, black, gifted girls in the Marvel U, isn’t there?

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@thor_ul said:

Nothing to say about the Sentry, uh?

Oh I've got plenty to say about Sentry believe me. If you're interested in hearing my reasons.