Character » Pac-Man appears in 45 issues.

    Namco's original mascot and one of the oldest videogame icons around. This pellet eating and ghost fighting ball of yellow will always be an icon.

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    Other Media


    Pac-Man the Animated series - A Hanna Barbera cartoon series which started Pac-Man, Mrs. Pac-Man, and their family while they lived in Pac Land and had to fight off the Ghost Monsters. The show ran from September 25, 1982 till November 5, 1983. Thee Christmas and Halloween specials can e found on Boomerang during those respective Holidays. The entire series is available for download on Xbox Live.

    Video Games

    Street Fighter x Tekken - Pac-Man will be a PS3 exclusive character in the crossover fighting game representing Namco, Due to his small size he will be piloting Mokujin from the Tekken series as a wooden mecha of sorts giving him the feel of a powerhouse character. He will have access to lasers from Mokujin's eyes and will attack foes directly if Mokujin gets a hold of them. He will appear opposite of Capcom's mascot Mega Man who will be based off his original North American Box Art.


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