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    Rock, once a simple robot made by the world-renowned Dr. Light, was modified to become Rock Man (Mega Man outside of Japan) and fight against the evil robots sent by Dr. Wily.

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    Rock was built by Dr. Light to act as a utility droid as well as serve as his son. Just prior to building the small boy-robot, Dr. Light had just released his new industrial Robot Masters: Guts Man, Cut Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Elec Man, and Fire Man. All was going well until all of a sudden, all of the industrial robots went berserk. Destroying everything in sight and taking control of all of the nearby utility and security droids, the town was thrown into a panic. Of course there was a reason behind this tragic event, and it was in the best interest of Dr. Light to figure out just what exactly had happened. But first, the Robot Masters had to be stopped. Rock, seeing the horrible destruction the industrial robots were causing, volunteered to have himself converted into a battle robot by Dr. Light. The idea was approved! Dr. Light wanted Rock to be fully prepared for what was to come. In fact, Dr. Light knew that robot hardiness would not be enough, so he gave Rock the best armor he could make. This new armor was to make Rock faster and stronger. Rock had already demonstrated his courage, but even that wouldn't be enough. Able to tap directly to his power cells, Rock was armed with a Mega Buster in which he was to use very wisely. Dr. Light then assured Rock that if even the Mega Buster should not be enough, he will have the ability to adapt the abilities of other Robot Masters by means of a Unique Copy Chip built inside of him. Last but not least Rock was given an armored helmet with the ability to communicate with Dr. Light when away for heroic tasks. The newly improved Rock Man (Mega Man) proceeded to defeat the industrial robots, and approached the mad-man behind it all. Dr. Wily, Dr. Light's old assistant, had used specialized computer chips to take control of the minds of Light's industrial Robot Masters. Mega Man defeated Wily's behemoth the Yellow Devil, and forced him to flee from the scene. Mega Man was able to destroy the control device during the fight and was able to free the industrial robots from Wily's control.

    Wily quickly returns after his defeat at the hands of Mega Man with a new group of Robot Masters. Specifically engineered for battle: Air Man, Wood Man, Quick Man, Bubble Man, Metal Man, Flash Man, and Crash Man were all made to pit themselves against the blue bomber. After defeating them, one-by-one, in armed combat, Mega Man was led to Wily's new headquarters. Mega Man was able to defeat Wily once again, but he escaped before he could be detained.

    Wily attacks Mega Man countless more times, but Mega Man always defeats him. However, when eventually Mega Man found the chance to eliminate Dr. Wily from existence, he failed to do so, capturing him instead. Mega Man's adventures take place during the unspecific years of 200X-20XX.


    Mega Buster
    Mega Buster

    MegaMan is a synthetic lifeform that was upgraded from his original form to possess significant superhuman strength, endurance, and durability to fight against any threat that came against mankind. He has the ability to overcome a wide variety of adversaries, and has defeated entire robot armies thanks to these abilities and his considerable on-board weapons arsenal.

    MegaMan's main weapon is the Mega Buster. Built into his arm, it is capable of powerful energy blasts. This power can be charged for greater power.

    On top of his Buster, Mega Man has the ability to copy the powers of any enemy he defeats. Through this method, Mega Man has literally amassed hundreds of different weapons, although he does not like to use them too much as it quickly uses up his internal energy.

    He is able to copy other robot powers by simply touching them and is able to work with the robot with the same powers together

    Mega Man's boots are also equipped with the slide function, making him more nimble, agile and faster.

    Mega Man also has many assist abilities as well, including platforms and rocket sleds to help navigate Wily's traps. He has Roll and Auto to assist him with parts and upgrades as well as Beat and Eddie to assist him on the field. Mega Man's most valuable team mate is his dog Rush, who is able to launch or fly Mega Man to distant platforms or across hazards.

    Mega Man can drink an E-Tank to restore his energy and similar items to restore his weapon energy.


    His armor can be highly damaged by material that can puncture such as sharp spike surfaces. He will later on get an upgrade to lower damage but this defense protects him a limited amount of times.

    He has to follow the robot rules of not hurting humans unless that human is becoming a threat to other humans. He is clever enough to contain without hurting anyone.

    Alternate Versions

    Mega Man X
    Mega Man X

    Many heroes have dawned the iconic blue armor of Mega Man over the course of history. Mega Man X is an upgraded version living about 100 years later, in 21XX.

    Mega Man Volnutt (Not to be misnamed Mega Man Legends, which is the name of the game he debuted in) is a version far later, in the 81st century.

    There is also an alternate timeline of the series (see Megaman.EXE below), in which the Mega Man Battle Network/Starforce versions correspond to the Classic series and X series in the core timeline. (Happening in 200X and 220x respectively).

    Mega Man X

    In a vague date set some time after the original Mega Man series in the year 21XX, Doctor Light built an upgraded version known as X. Around one hundred years later, the dormant robot was activated and began a quest to fight the maverick insurrection.



    In the past of the Mega Man series, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily once collaborated in research. The time line split based upon their disagreements about what technologies to develop. Wily wanted to develop robotics; Doctor Light believed (quite accurately) that robots could too easily be harnessed for ill, reasoning instead that Internet technology should be developed, and that the increased communications it fostered would help to bring about world peace. Megaman.EXE is Mega Man's counterpart in the time line where the Internet was developed instead of robotics. His adventures involve hunting and eliminating computer viruses, casually sparring with his friends, and defending against Dr. Wily, who in revenge at not getting his way, seeks to destroy the world Dr. Light built.

    Other Media

    Captain N: The Game Master (1989-1991)

    Mega Man from Captain N - The Game Master
    Mega Man from Captain N - The Game Master

    Mega Man appeared in Captain N: The Game Master as a consistent member of the hero's team, and was voiced by Doug Paker. This version of Mega Man was drawn quite differently from how he looked in the games, being very short and colored in green hues, not blue ones. However, later episodes in the series would focus on his games a little more, introducing other elements like Dr. Wily and his robots.

    Mega Man (1994-1995)

    Mega Man as he appears in his cartoon, with Rush.
    Mega Man as he appears in his cartoon, with Rush.

    In the 1990s, Mega Man got his own cartoon. He was voiced by Ian James Corlett, and as such, has bit of a Canadian accent in this series. This Mega Man was initially planned to resemble his game counterpart closely, but later concerns were raised that a short, stocky and cute protagonist might alienate Western audiences, and as such, he was redesigned to look more mature, being made taller and more muscular, similar to the standard appearance of superheroes in Western media. Ultimately, though, this version of Mega Man resembles his game counterpart much more than the one in Captain N. His mannerisms also bear a rather uncanny resemblance to the way Spiderman was portrayed in his 1990s cartoon; here Mega Man is a good-natured hero who often wisecracks during battles.

    This version of Mega Man shares his game counterpart's ability to copy the weapons of his enemies, but it works a little bit differently. Unlike in the games, Mega Man doesn't need to defeat his enemies to use their weapons--here touching them is enough. Also, in this cartoon Mega Man does not change color when using a copied weapon; instead an icon on his helmet changes to represent the new weapon.

    Megaman NT Warrior (2002-2003)

    Voiced by Andrew Francis

    Mega Man Star Force (2006-2007)

    Voiced by Kyle Hebert


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