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An Atlantean who has spent sometime disguised as a human. After the villain Nitro devastates America by destroying a school in Stamford, killing many lives, including the lives of many members of the New Warriors, Janus and many other Atlantean sleeper cells are activated. Their new missions are to locate and capture Nitro, for the crime of killing Namorita, cousin of Namor. Janus is contacted by fellow Atlantean Amir with new information, and along with Paul, Amir's husband the trio set out to capture Nitro. They locate him, but must face off against Wolverine in order to capture their prey. Although Wolverine is impressed by Janus's strength, he exploits Janus's need to use technology to breath on land, and removes his breathing apparatus causing Janus to choke. After realizing they share a common enemy in Nitro, an alliance is made.  


Created by Marc Guggenheim, Humberto Ramos and Carlos Cuevas.

Powers and Abilities

Janus has many of the standard Atlantean species traits. His body is adapted to living underwater, with the ability to breath and function underwater, withstand the pressures, temperatures and living conditions of the sea. Janus has superhuman characteristics, increased strength, speed, agility, and durability. Whilst under water, he can lift up to 75 tons, but after prolonged periods out of water, that amount is decreased. With a body adapted to withstanding deep pressure under water, Janus can withstand gunshots, and blasts, and is otherwise very durable. He also possesses a healing factor that works best in tandem with exposure to water.  Janus uses Atlantean technology to breath on land. Janus is a skilled surfer and fighter. 

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