Character » Amir appears in 48 issues.

    An Atlantean covert operative who assisted Wolverine. She was also a romantic interest of his. She was killed by Shogun.

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    A trained and skilled member of the Atlantean Guard, Amir is an Atlantean. She was also an undercover sleeper agent for a long period of time. She assisted Wolverine in a few of his missions where they shared a mutual goals. Initially however she had less than friendly interactions with the X-Man, after she was activated from her sleeper role to hunt down and capture Nitro along with two other Atlantean sleeper agents, Paul and Janus. Nitro was considered an enemy of the Atlantean's after his role in killing Namor's cousin Namorita. Wolverine was also hunting down Nitro for his role in the Stamford tragedy and a confrontation was had between both parties. Assisting each other eventually Wolverine got the information he wanted from Nitro and the conflict of interest he had with Amir was resolved.


    Amir was created by writer Marc Guggenheim, and artist Humberto Ramos and Carlos Cuevas. She first appears in volume 3 of Wolverine, in Wolverine #43.

    Major Story Arcs

    Some time later a bond between both characters is revealed, Wolverine appearing to confide in Amir. She aided him in a few of his missions, but was ultimately killed during one of them.

    Powers and Abilities

    Amir has many of the standard Atlantean species traits. Body adapted to living underwater, the ability to breath and function underwater, withstand the pressures, temperatures and living conditions of the sea. Enhanced senses as well. Amir has superhuman characteristics, increased strength, speed, agility, and durability. Whilst under water, she can lift up to 75 tons, but after prolonged periods out of water, that amount is decreased. With a body adapted to withstanding deep pressure under water, Amir can withstand gunshots, and blasts, and is otherwise very durable. She also possesses a healing factor that works best in tandem with exposure to water. Amir uses Atlantean technology to breath on land. As a member of the Atlantean Royal Guard and a sleeper agent, Amir has been trained in various martial arts forms and is a formidable fighter.


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