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    Popular comic book artist from Mexico, Humberto Ramos is known for his work on Impulse, Spider-Man and the X-Men. He has created many of his own series including Crimson, Out There and the French publication Fairy Quest.

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    Emerging Artist

    Born in Mexico, Humberto Ramos was trained by Oscar González Guerrero & Oscar González Loyo who introduced him to the comic book conventions held in the United States. It was at the San Diego Comic-Con of 1993 when he was discovered by Walt Simonson and introduced to Milestone Media. His first published work in America appeared in 1994's Hardware, and a year later he was introduced to a wider audience through the DC Comics title, Impulse. He followed up his success on Impulse with the first few issues of the Wildstorm team DV8, but left soon after to focus on a new project.


    Crimson #13
    Crimson #13

    1998 saw the launch of a new imprint from Jim Lee's Image. Cliffhanger featured three titles that were created, owned and plotted by their artists. The three artists were Joe Madureira, J Scott Campbell, and Humberto Ramos. While Madureira and Campbell were notoriously slow, putting release dated back by moths (sometimes years), with Battle Chasers & Danger Girl respectively, Ramos' work on Crimson was rarely late.

    Crimson dealt with themes of Christian mythology, featuring a reincarnated saint, fallen angels, vampires and werewolves. The plot surrounded Alex Elder, a teenaged boy who was transformed into a vampire & became the chosen one to save the world. The series built up to an action packed climax in the 24th issue, while Danger Girl & Battle Chasers were struggling with their 4th or 5th issues.

    Although Crimson finished in early 2001, Ramos soon followed it up with another title a few months later. Out There featured a bunch of high school kids who tried to battle supernatural forces, at a time when shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer were popular. Although not as successful as Crimson, Out There lasted for 18 issues, ending in the summer of 2003.


    X-Men #194
    X-Men #194

    Much like his Cliffhanger co-creators, Ramos began to do variant covers for other publishers. This gave him more and more work with Marvel, and resulted in him working on the a four-issue story arc ' Death in the Family' in Peter Parker: Spider-Man with the writer Paul Jenkins. This in turn brought Ramos & Jenkins more work with marvel's web-slinger's new Spectacular Spider-Man series.

    His work with Marvel continued as he enjoyed a successful run on Wolverine, which included the Civil War tie-in issues, and later on the X-Men. However, his work was included in the popular X-Men cross-over story line Messiah CompleX where his art style did not match those of the Uncanny X-Men artist, David Finch. The wide difference in styles has brought criticism among some fans.

    Continuing his relationship with Marvel, Ramos completed a run on the Runaways with Terry Moore and a four-issue story arc 'Disassembled' in Avengers: Initiative.

    He is currently the artist for The Amazing Spider-Man with Stefano Casselli.He is changing up with him.He is also doing some covers for some of the Marvel books.

    Other Works

    Humberto Ramos has enjoyed a successful and on-going working relationship with Marvel, but he has continued to work with other creators and publishers outside of 'The House of Ideas'.

    Fairy Quest
    Fairy Quest

    After his run on Spider-Man, Ramos teamed-up with Paul Jenkins to work for Dark Horse Comics. Although Revelations had originally been planned as a Cliffhanger six-issue mini series two years earlier. The series experienced some unfortunate delays.

    Ramos created the Kamikaze series for Wildstorm. However, instead of being the creator and owner (as her had previously been with Cliffhanger & Dark Horse), he left the illustrations to Francisco Herrera.

    While working on Wolverine with Marc Guggenheim, Ramos was also being published by Soleil Productions. The French company produced K, a space opera written by the French author Crisse. This has recently been translated & released in English by Marvel, under the name Kookaburra K, which is a 'Mature Content' flagged title.

    Once again, Ramos has teamed-up with Paul Jenkins to work on a series that the two of them first conceived years ago. Fairy Quest was due for release through Soleil. However due to unforeseen problems the project has moved away from Soliel, and they are currently looking for another publisher for Fairy Quest.

    In the meantime, Humberto Ramos has continued to work with Marvel producing several variant covers, regular humorous covers for Deadpool Team-Up, and tweeting with other artists & fans on Twitter.


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