Character » Gargouille appears in 40 issues.

    Gargouille was one of the Acolytes who aided Cortez' with his attack on Wundagore.

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    Brief History

    Gargouille very much looks like a Gargoyle, giving her gray skin, large bat-like wings which allows her to fly, and sharp horns and talons on both her hands and feet. Her diminutive height (3 feet, 8 inches) and highly dense body are reminiscent of a fantasy dwarf. She has enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, agility and stamina. She has hyper-keen senses to an unknown degree. Gargouille is one of the few mutants to retain their powers after M-Day.


    Gargouille was created by John Ostrander, Joe Edkin, and Ivan Reis in 1998 and first appeared in Quicksilver #9


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