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    The latest wielder of the Ebony Blade in a long line of heroes and villains known as the Black Knight.

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    Born and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Dane Whitman attended university as a young man, eventually obtaining a Master's degree in Physics. The descendant of a long line of heroes who took up the mantle of 'Black Knight,' Whitman assumed the role after his uncle Nathan Garrett had resurrected the name to partake in villainy.

    Garrett was seriously wounded in a fight with Iron Man, and, on his deathbed, expressed his wish that his nephew might restore the family legacy by making the 'Black Knight' a hero once again. Initially resistant to this idea, Whitman eventually took up the mantle to fight the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, whom he had accidentally summoned to Earth, soon establishing himself as a hero.


    Dane Whitman was created by Roy Thomas, John Verpoorten, and artist George Tuska and first appeared in The Avengers #47 (1967). He became the Black Knight in the issue after his first appearance, The Avengers #48 (1967).

    Major Story Arcs

    The Avengers

    Black Knight accepts his membership.
    Black Knight accepts his membership.

    In his early adventures, the Black Knight is frequently mistaken for his villainous uncle, which allowed him to infiltrate the Masters of Evil. This act of espionage leads to him helping the Avengers defeat the Masters of Evil and earns him the respect of the Avengers, who invite him to join them as a provisional member. He declines the offer and travels to England where he has inherited a castle.

    In the castle, he is contacted by the ghost of his ancestor, Sir Percy Scandia, the original Black Knight. He is found to be worthy of wielding the Ebony Blade and returns to America with it. In America, he finds the Avengers have become subject to the will of Kang, who has been given the power to control all Avengers by Grandmaster. Not an Avenger himself, Black Knight is able to defeat Kang and free the others from his power. Again, he is offered membership in the Avengers, but, this time, he accepts.

    Avengers-Defenders War

    Black Knight joins the Defenders, and is seemingly killed when he kisses the Enchantress and turns to stone. During this time, his Ebony Blade and flying horse are passed to Valkyrie, a newly arrived member of the Defenders. His petrified state is the impetus for the Defenders becoming involved in the search for the shards of the Evil Eye which causes the Avengers-Defenders War.

    His soul is revealed to have traveled back to the twelfth century, where he inhabited the body of one of his ancestors. He remains in the past for some time until he is rescued by the Avengers, who travel back in time to bring him back to the proper era. He returns after defeating Fomor and sealing the portal between Earth and Avalon.

    Under Siege

    Black Knight briefly leaves active duty with the Avengers when he learns that the Ebony Blade has a blood curse that is twisting his mind every time it draws blood. He is able to remove the curse with Doctor Strange's help by destroying the Brazier of Truth and removing the tethers holding Sir Percy's soul on Earth.

    He then returns to fight alongside the Avengers when they come under siege from the newly-reformed Masters of Evil. Both the Black Knight and Captain America are captured by Baron Helmut Zemo and his cohorts, but they eventually manage to free themselves. Afterwards, they rejoin their fellow Avengers and are able to defeat the Masters of Evil.

    Operation: Galactic Storm

    Whitman ends the Supreme Intelligence.
    Whitman ends the Supreme Intelligence.

    As a war brews between the Kree and the Shi'ar, Black Knight is assigned to Team Kree, an Avengers delegation that attempts to negotiate peace with the Kree faction. Though the peace negotiations are successful, much of the Kree Empire is destroyed by a bomb detonated by the Skrulls.

    Going against Captain America's wishes, Black Knight joins several other team members in an effort to destroy the Kree Supreme Intelligence, which is revealed to have been responsible for the war and the bomb. Dane's group apparently succeed in destroying the Supreme Intelligence.


    Black Knight joins several of his Avengers teammates in traveling to Genosha to challenge the despotic ruler and aid in the attempted recovery of Luna, the daughter of Crystal and Quicksilver. He fights alongside his allies, and wounds Exodus with his sword. Later, he performs cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a severely wounded Quicksilver, saving his life.

    Sersi & the Gann Josin ceremony

    The Black Knight became attracted to the Eternal and fellow teammate Sersi who was at the time, unbeknownst to him, mentally unstable due to the secret actions of a mysterious man called Proctor. Sersi was attracted to him as well and the two became affectionate. After a time, the Black Knight and Sersi decide to take their relationship to a higher level. They form a special bond by sharing a mental link the Eternals use as a form of matrimony; a bond they call the Gann Josin.

    Though it is usually forbidden for an Eternal to enter into the Gann Josin with a human, the bonding of the Black Knight and Sersi was permitted by Ikaris, then the acting Prime Eternal, because he saw their bonding as a way to possibly help stabilize Sersi's troubled mental state. It soon came to light that Proctor was a version of Black Knight from an alternate reality who had traveled into the mainstream Marvel Universe reality to seek revenge on the Sersi of that reality. He did this because his reality's Sersi had an intimate relationship with him but later rejected him leaving him alone and distraught, his mind twisted by their bond created by the Gann Josin.

    Proctor finally met the mainstream Marvel Universe Sersi in battle and Sersi killed him. Needing a change in her life and a fresh start, Sersi soon after decided to leave the mainstream Marvel Universe for the alternate universe known as the Ultraverse. Though their Gann Josin bond was now severed, the Black Knight accompanied her to the Ultraverse because he still had feelings for her and out of a sense of duty to her. He also went with Sersi to keep his feelings for Crystal from destroying her relationship with her estranged husband, Quicksilver.

    Black September and Aftermath

    In the Ultraverse, Black Knight becomes the leader of the Ultraforce and fights alongside them for some time. Eventually Sersi's mental stability is restored, and the pair attempt to return to their native universe. They briefly become trapped in the twelfth century, where they fight against Apocalypse and meet Bennet du Paris, who they befriend. When du Paris is put into suspended animation by Apocalypse, Black Knight organizes an honour guard that will protect his body until he awakens.

    Dane and Sersi attempt to travel to their native time period, but are mysteriously separated, and their gann josin bond is also broken. In the correct time period but alone, Black Knight learns of the Avengers' apparent deaths at the hands of Onslaught. Later, he is selected to act as the Pendragon for his age, and gifted with new Avalonian weapons. He joins the Heroes for Hire for a time, and with them fights the High Evolutionary and discovers the New Men at Wundagore Mountain. He leads the New Men for a while, but ultimately returns to the Avengers.

    Last Days of Camelot and Time with Excalibur

    Dane returns to his ancestral home, Garret Castle and transforms it into a museum dedicated to telling the tales of those that wore the Black Knight Mantle throughout the centuries. While there, he receives a phone call from Brian Braddock, seeking his membership in the recently reformed Excalibur. During the course of the conversation, Dane is again possessed by the spirit of his ancestor, the original Black Knight, Sir Percy of Scandia, sent forward in time by the Lady of the Lake in order to seek out the aid of Excalibur. After a brief scuffle between Sir Percy and members of Excalibur, Sir Percy leads the team to the Lake and the portal back in time in order to avert the premature destruction of Camelot.

    When they arrive, Dane is once again in control of his own body as Sir Percy, possessing his original body, greets them. Sir Percy leads them to Merlin, fighting a group of dragon-like creatures, in order to stop his assassination by the creatures. During the fight, the Ebony Blade is knocked from Sir Percy's hand. Dane picks up the weapon in order to continue fighting. Though Excalibur is ultimately successful in rescuing Merlin, Percy warns that the creatures will return the following day to destroy Camelot. When the fighting is done, Dane is surprised when Percy strikes him, warning him never to touch his sword again.

    They make their way back to Camelot, where they are greeted by King Arthur. Hearing the tale of how they came to be there and their purpose, Arthur, deciding that nothing can be gained and realizing that the following day might be Camelot's last, orders a banquet to be held. During the banquet, Dane is still troubled by Percy's behavior and decides to speak to Merlin of it. Merlin warns him that the sword will ultimately consume Percy and that all the times his spirit urged him to destroy the blade, it was only because Percy could not bear the thought of another holding the blade.

    As they are discussing why Percy is allowed to continue wielding the blade, Merlin suggests Dane ask Percy, who arrives at that moment. Again Percy strikes Dane and Merlin leaves to allow them to sort out their issues. This time, however, Dane fights back. As they are fighting, Percy allows Dane to hold the sword again, telling him to feel the power of the blade. The sword, Dane realizes, is much stronger in this time, when it is new. He realizes that Percy was concerned the blade might consume Dane, as it is slowly consuming him. Percy reveals that he is, in fact, not the first Black Knight, that eight other knights, all noble men, were given the sword first, and each one was consumed by the blade and had to be put down.

    After the last of them, Arthur's own cousin Sir Reginald, was slain, it was determined that only Merlin, Arthur and Percy were noble enough to be trusted with the Ebony Blade. However Arthur was the King, and Camelot needed his steady rule. Should Merlin become consumed by the blade, it was feared that no force on earth could stop him. The blade, therefore fell to Percy. After hearing the tale, Dane finally understood Percy's actions and the two made amends.

    During their discussion, Camelot was attacked by the dragon-like creatures that had attempted to kill Merlin the day before. Dane and Percy join the battle, and while they fought valiantly, there appeared to be too many of the creatures for even Excalibur to fight off. At that moment, Sage and Wisdom, who had been scouting the creatures, returned and Sage instructed Merlin to conjure formosan herb. Confused, Merlin did as he was instructed, which caused all the creatures to fall into a deep slumber. Sage then revealed that the creatures were not Dragons but were in fact Makluans, creatures of the same species as Fin Fang Foom. Formosan herb had been used to put Fin Fang Foom, which gave Sage the idea. Their task done, Dane and Excalibur returned to the present where, while not officially joining the team, Dane nevertheless elected to remain with them for a time.

    Sometime later, Juggernaut is attacked by the Wrecking Crew. In his weakened condition, they overwhelm him, dropping a bus on him. At that moment, Dane and Excalibur arrive and quickly defeat them, despite both Captain Britain and Wisdom arguing about who of them was in charge. Juggernaut, clearly upset about this turn of events, walks away. With most of the team believing he just needed some time to cool off, they are surprised to learn that he has gone to Korea, the original 'birthplace' of the Juggernaut.

    Dane accompanies the team as they go in search of them. While there, the group suddenly breaks down into a bout of in-fighting. Dane attempts to stop them and at that moment feels something is wrong with his sword. Nevertheless he has their attention and his rebuke gets the team back on track. A short time later, the team is attacked by agents of Cyttorak. The team defeats them, after which they disappear, allowing Excalibur to continue following Juggernaut. Arriving in the temple of Cyttorak, they learn the truth of Cain's ascension to the Juggernaut mantle and what he had to do in order to attain it. Shocked, they walk out of the cave, leaving Cain alone.

    Back at their headquarters, Dane has elected to leave. His recent handling of the original Ebony Blade as well as his uneasy feelings around his current blade made him come to the realization that the blade he has is, in fact, a fake and he plans to undertake a mission to find out how and where the original blade is. While Brian offers Excalibur's aid, Dane states that this is something he must do alone. Bidding farewell to his friend, Dane leaves.

    Secret Invasion

    Dane with MI-6
    Dane with MI-6

    Having dropped out of heroism to look into allegations that his Ebony Blade was fake, Black Knight returns during the Skrull invasion and becomes a member of MI: 13. His Ebony Blade continues to cause him trouble, frequently urging him to kill. It is ultimately revealed that the Blade is indeed a fake, constructed by Dracula and designed to feed on blood.

    He ignores the Blade's suggestions and is among those who battle the Skrulls in London. He becomes close with Faiza Hussain, a medic who saves his life and discovers the fact that his heart is still petrified stone. After the conclusion of the war, he makes her his squire and travels to Wakanda to reclaim the true Ebony Blade from Black Panther.


    He slowly started to become insane because of the curse of the Ebony Blade. The longer the weapon is wielded, the more of a toll it takes on the mind. While apprehending Savage Steel, he inevitably lost control and brutally beat the criminal, costing him an eye and leaving him in a coma. This atrocity was revealed to Rebeca Stevens, an expert on the Ebony Blade, after the Watcher's death and the release of the secrets buried in his eye. She tracked Dane down and told him that the past users of the Blade had all fallen insane because of its curse. She offered her help, but he refused.


    Reunited with the Ebony Blade.
    Reunited with the Ebony Blade.

    8 months after the events of Secret Wars, Dane was once again recruited to be on the main team of Avengers. He fought with them while trying to conceal his insanity. However he exposed himself one day when he brutally murdered a criminal. At the scene of the crime, Rebeca Stevens met with the Avengers and explained the curse of the Ebony Blade and the other crimes he has committed, including the beating of Savage Steel. Steve Rogers and the Avengers vowed to take him in and make him answer for his crimes. They chased him until a portal opened up that sucked Dane into Weirdworld.

    While there, Dane was made king and ruled unopposed. This was until the Avengers eventually made it there and apprehended him. They placed him in prison and separated him from the Ebony Blade. He begged for them to understand his necessary struggle, but was not able to get through to them. It was not until Captain America himself was corrupted by the blade that they understood what he needed to do. After a brief fight between Dane and Steve, the Avengers intervened and returned Dane to power with his sword by his side. Rebecca Stevens however decided to stay and watch over his illness as his supervisor.

    War of the Realms

    Successful Monster Hunt
    Successful Monster Hunt

    When warlords from various nine realms banded together to take over Midgard, the heroes of Earth fought back, including Dane. He chased dark elf fanatics into Svartalfheim, where he continued to fight them after the war had officially ended. He was tracked down by The Punisher and his new “Kill Krew.” Their mission was to track down the specific monsters that created war orphans, including the Frost Giant, Kasyckla. Kasyckla locked himself behind a bunker that could only be breached by the Ebony Blade.

    After joining them in killing all the other monsters, they finally made it to the bunker. Dane cut their way in, and, after a close fight against his army, they eventually get the best of Kasyckla when Punisher is thrown the Ebony Blade to behead him.


    More recently, Dane seemingly returned to his more heroic ways and started working together with the Avengers once more, while still residing in Weirdworld. He came back to Earth after the request was made by Captain America in aiding the heroes against the invasive alien invaders known as the Cotati. Captain America was happy to have Dane back with the Avengers. Dane himself responded that it felt good to be on the side of the heroes once more.

    Savage Avengers

    Savage Avengers
    Savage Avengers

    The original Savage Avengers team had split only to be replaced by a new war party gathered by Strange and Elektra. It included previous teammates Wolverine, Conan, and Doctor Voodoo, as well as a few new ones, like Dane. Strange's plan involved them splitting up to find the first and second Eyes of Agamotto. The first team was led by Magik and consisted of Conan, Juggernaut, and Dane, and they went after Sadurang, the Asgardian dragon with the Second Eye of Agamotto, and successfully recovered the artifact. Unfortunately, the second team never found Kulan Gath. Without leads to Kulan Gath, Strange puts the team on hold.

    In the meantime, Gath had siphoned enough energy from Shuma-Gorath to finally strike at his enemies. Strange called upon the Avengers, the X-Men, as well as the previous Savage Avengers that aided them in the past, now including Dr. Doom. Unfortunately, Gath easily defeated them and quickly took over the world, ending civilization as we know it. Conan was able to escape with Doom's help, eventually inheriting his enchanted armor.

    In the future, Conan continued to fight against Gath, but he needed a new strategy. He reached out to Kang the Conqueror and was able to make a deal with him to reassemble the Savage Avengers from the timestream, including Dane. Together, they defeated Gath and then returned to the present to celebrate with a feast at Doom's castle.

    Curse of the Ebony Blade

    Dane and Jackie with the Ebony Relics
    Dane and Jackie with the Ebony Relics

    Dane grew cynical about the crazed fury the Ebony Blade caused him to feel, when Knull and his symbiote army invaded Earth. Dane armed himself to protect the people of Earth, but his fight with a flying symbiote dragon caused him to crash in China and lose the Ebony Blade. He also crossed paths with Swordmaster, who refused to fight the symbiotes after learning they weren’t the demon horde of his nemesis. His enchanted sword rejected him for that and armed Dane instead. While fighting off the symbiotes, the sword also showed the truth to Dane: his family’s history of mental instability and bloodlust was not caused by the Ebony Blade but rather what attracted the blade to his genetic family line.

    Soon after the symbiote invasion, Dane found his illegitimate daughter, Jackie Chopra. Afraid to tell her the truth, Dane reached out to her as an academic instead. He wanted to discuss her thesis on Arthurian mythology, however, he was called in as a reserve Avengers to fight a magical foe and was killed. While his body was on display at his castle home, Jackie showed up just in time for the sword to bring Dane back to life. He needed Jackie’s help researching the truth of Arthurian lore and the secrets of the blade itself.

    With Elsa Bloodstone’s help, they tracked Mordred down before he could grab the Ebony Chalice. They were able to stop him so that Dane could drink from the chalice. He learned that the written Arthurian lore was a whitewashed version created by Merlin to hide Camelot’s dirty secrets and downfall. He also learned that Mordred had planned on melting all the Ebony artifacts down to forge the Ebony Crown, which would act like a mystical amplifier and allow Mordred to reclaim his dark kingdom. Together, they were able to stop Mordred by taking possession of the crown and combining its powers with the blade, which revealed to Jackie her familial connection to Dane, and defeat Mordred.

    To Dane’s surprise, Jackie did not reject him as her father and instead offered to share the title of Black Knight with him and help shoulder the burden of their family curse. He also reforges the the crown into the Ebon Siege, a throne that allows the seated to look into the secrets of the past and the possibilities of the future.

    The Hyborian Hunt

    Savage Avengers strategize
    Savage Avengers strategize

    Dane was drowning his sorrows over getting his daughter mixed up with the Ebony Blade when he saw Clay Cortez almost get mugged. He jumped into action not knowing Clay was both a Hulk and a Wolverine, when a madbomb went off nearby. Due to their savage nature, Dane and Clay were not too affected by the weapon and could track it to the thieves. They found a Deathlok (a variant of Miles Morales) fighting Conan the Barbarian, who had already dispatched the cultists who had stolen the madbomb. They tried helping Conan, as did a few other savage heroes, only to accidentally activate the Deathlok time circuits and time travel to the Hyborian Age.

    Elektra came up with a plan to trap Deathlok so they could use him to get home. Dane's part of the plan was to fight Deathlok one-on-one with his photonic sword, which disrupted his electronics. Unfortunately, their plan was interrupted by sorcerer, Thulsa Doom, that tortured them with hallucinations so he could kidnap Conan. Dane saw himself becoming a bloodwraith due to the curse of the Ebony Blade. After Thulsa Doom's enchantment wears off, Black Knight combines the powers of his team to help them track Conan. They show up to take on Doom's snake cult, however, Conan was sacrificed to raise the god, Set. To take on Doom, Dane stole his ceremonial sword, completing his transformation into a bloodwraith.

    With Set banished and Doom slain, Miles Morales, who was the corpse being used by Deathlok that Elektra awoke with Hand magic, tried to bring them home.

    Escape from Nueva York

    Savage Avengers in 2099
    Savage Avengers in 2099

    Overshooting their target year, Miles ended up depositing himself and the Savage Avengers in the year 2099. They were targeted by Jake Gallows, The Punisher of 2099, and a legion of Deathloks being controlled by Ultron in this time period. Dane led them to the old Avengers Mansion, hoping to lay low and maybe find an old weapon or artifact that they could use to jump home. Instead, they were ambushed by the Deathloks and forced to arm themselves with old Avengers weapons and souvenirs. When the Deathloks also started targeting Gallows, he reluctantly joined their team.

    Once they got to safety, Miles was able to network everyone's minds into cyberspace so that they could break into Ultron's servers and steal datafiles to give them an edge. The data revealed that this variant of an Ultron-enslaved 2099 was due to a piece of Miles' tech that was broken off in his first fight with the Savage Avengers. It also revealed that a 2099 variant of Doctor Doom was a prisoner of Ultron. With their new information, they try to infiltrate Ultron's headquarters in real life from multiple fronts. Most of them were just distractions for Dagger to get to and recruit Doom.

    Doom would direct the Savage Avengers to Latveria, where his Time-Array Gauntlet was being stored. However, Ultron and his forces had set a trap for them. Ultron easily defeated most of the Avengers, with only Miles and Jake escaping. The Avengers were transformed into Ultron's new Deathlok Avengers to fight across time, but Miles was able to reach them through cyberspace and help them purge the nanotech that created them.

    After Elektra recruited a number of "savage avengers" from the year 2099, the team made one last attempt on Ultron. He had Doom's time-gauntlet and planned on remaking the multiverse in his cyborg vision. As they showed up, his time portal was open to the exact moment these Savage Avengers first left their home time. Using a 2099 tech upgrade, Black Knight was able to firewall Ultron's consciousness in his body, and Miles was able to shoot webs through the time portal and retrieve the tech he left behind that led to this version of Ultron. When he destroyed that tech, time fixed itself returning returning 2099 to its normal state and returning the Savage Avengers to their home time.

    Powers and Abilities

    Athlete: Black Knight has no exceptional superhuman abilities; he possesses the typical physical attributes of an athletic man of his age.

    • Knight: He is a fighter of exceptional skill, particularly when it comes to swordsmanship. He is also skilled with horses.
    • Scholar: He is notably intelligent, particularly in areas of science and especially in physics. He also possesses proficient tactical and strategic skills.

    Superhuman Bond: He possessed enhanced physical skills when mentally bonded to Sersi and as Pendragon, possesses the ability to see through magical illusions.

    Photonic Sword
    Photonic Sword

    Weapons: Trained and skilled with many weapons, most of them being the medieval type.

    • Power Lance: Whitman's original weapon was a power lance which was a device adapted from the designs of his criminal uncle Nathan Garrett.
    • Ebony Blade: A powerful but cursed weapon forged from a meteorite which is capable of cutting through almost any substance. While holding the Ebony Blade, Black Knight is unable to be killed, and if he suffers a major injury such as decapitation, he will resurrect.
    • Photonic Sword: A blade of his own design constructed of solid, laser-like light. Rather than cut or burn, it delivers a stun to the nervous system.
    • Lady of the Lake: Whitman also possesses the Sword of Light and Shield of Night, bestowed upon him by the Lady of the Lake.

    Personal Data


    Dane during the Gann Josin link.
    Dane during the Gann Josin link.
    • Height: 6'0"
    • Weight: 190 lbs.
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Brown
    • Unusual Features: Whitman formerly had distinctive full-red eyes because of his Gann Josin link to Sersi.
    • Identity: Known to authorities
    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: Gloucester, Massachusetts
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Avengers reservist, King of New Avalon, knight; formerly adventurer, crime-fighter, scientist, criminal (undercover), crusader, Ultraforce leader, M-13 Agent, Pendragon of Avalon
    • Education: Master's degree in physics, incomplete doctoral work
    • Known Relatives: Sir Percy of Scandia (ancestor, deceased); Lady Rosamund (ancestor, deceased); Sir Raston (ancestor, deceased); Eobar Garrington (ancestor, deceased); Nathan Garrett (uncle, deceased); Ernst Wythim (descendant from Earth-8834); Jackie Chopra (illegitimate daughter)
    • Base of Operations: Formerly England; Slorenia; Castle Garrett; Avengers Mansion; New York City, New York; New Avalon; Weirdworld; Bermuda Triangle

    Alternate Earths


    In this reality, Black Knight was the rejected lover of Sersi who gained eternal like power and became known as Proctor. He forms a group called the Gatherers, who aim to destroy every Sersi in existence in all universes. To this end, he crosses over into the main universe to eliminate his Gann Josin in alternate realities all at once.


    Black Knight is a member of the Queen's Guard in Morgan le Fay's self-created universe.

    Marvel Zombies

    On Earth-2149, Black Knight is zombified.

    Earth X

    On Earth-9997, the Black Knight moniker is used by Ahura.

    The Dane Whitman of this word was also active as Black Knight prior to Ahura. He was a member of Excalibur. He, along with most of the team, were turned into stone by Grey Gargoyle. King Britain (aka Brian Braddock) desperately looked for a way to transform them back, including grabbing Grey Gargoyle's from other universes but nothing worked until Mephisto tricked him by posing as Captain-UK.

    Ultimate Black Knight

    In the Ultimate universe, Dane Whitman is a former soldier who was rendered a quadriplegic while serving his country. He was transformed into a cyborg and given an advanced suit of armor by Nick Fury, and was part of the prototype team of West Coast Ultimates. After being released from his cryogenic stasis, Black Knight battled Thor.


    Dane was one of the Avengers who was killed at Hammer Falls. Morgan Le Fey used magic to steal away his sword and kill Tigra. Meanwhile, Atlas killed Dane.

    Other Media


    The Eternals (2021)

    Kit Harrington as Dane Whitman
    Kit Harrington as Dane Whitman

    Dane Whitman appears in the live-action Eternals movie, portrayed by former Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington.

    In the movie, Dane is a British history professor who is dating Sersi in modern times, not knowing that she is an Eternal. He does not suit up as Black Knight and appears to be a stranger to superhumans, knowing only what has been reported on about The Avengers.

    A post-credit scene heavily implies a future appearance of Dane as The Black Knight, with him receiving the Ebony Blade.


    The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

    No Caption Provided

    Black Knight makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Come the Conqueror" of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

    He can be seen in a montage fighting the forces of Kang the Conqueror in London during a montage.

    It is not a speaking part, so he has no voice actor credited.

    Video Games

    Avengers in Galactic Storm

    Black Knight appears as a playable character in this Japanese fighting game, marking his first appearance in a video game.

    Marvel Avenger's Academy

    Black Knight was a recruitable character during the British Invasion event of this mobile app game.

    Lego Marvel's Avengers

    Black Knight is playable in the Masters of Evil DLC pack.

    Marvel Super War

    Black Knight is a playable character in Marvel Super War.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • ToyBiz released a Black Knight figure for the Marvel's Gold line.
    • Hasbro released a Black Knight figure for the Marvel Universe line.
    • Black Knight was featured in the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Black Knight was featured in Diamond Collectibles' Minimates line as part of a two-pack with Enchantress.
    • Bowen Designs released a Black Knight statue and bust.
    • Black Knight was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Hasbro released a Black Knight figure for the Marvel Legends Brood Queen Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Hasbro later released a classic Black Knight Marvel Legends figure as part of the Cull Obsidian Build-a-Figure wave. This version came with two alternate heads.

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