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Amelia part ways from Professor X
Amelia part ways from Professor X

Amelia was a nurse when Xavier ( Professor X) had lost the use of his legs. Her caring and fun personality had helped Xavier cope with his disability. Soon their relationship turned into a romantic one, and both of them traveled back to America. There, Xavier was developing a machine called Cerebro which would track down mutants and help them in a safe environment. Voght discovered these plans and thought Xavier's plan was to exterminate mutants. She confronted him about this, showing her mutant abilities, and Xavier defended himself with his own powers. This in fact strengthened their relationship, but overtime their views were too different on too many levels, like Xavier's relationship with Magneto. When Xavier brings Cyclops into training, Voght asserts that his plan is going to doom all mutants, and she leaves Charles.


Amelia Voght was created by Scott Lobdell and John Romita Jr in 1993 and first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 issue 300.

Mayor Story Arcs

Joining the Acolytes


The relationship between mutants and humans had improved and she was then approached by Fabian Cortez and had become a team with the Acolytes. As she was a more experienced mutant, she was given high priority, though she did not see eye to eye with the other mutants in their group and their extreme ways, like killing humans. She would also help the X-Men out for a while when Quicksilver attacked. She eventually realized what the Acolytes' aims were, and left disappointed. She is also one of the handful of mutants who has retained their powers.

Messiah Complex

Amelia and Karima
Amelia and Karima

Voght recently reappeared in the X-Men crossover, Messiah Complex. At the moment, she is temporarily back with the Acolytes led by Exodus. Among the members, Amelia became the most wise, in advising them to cope with the situation that they were encountering as Magneto was depowered; however, this insulted Frenzy. The team's objective that time was to help Professor X recover, but because of the incident when Professor X blinded Frenzy, their leader went up against Charles.


She remained with the Acolytes until Professor Xavier, at the end of his pilgrimage of self-discovery, returned to Avalon to convince Exodus that in light of the decimation of mutantkind, his old ways were no longer helpful. As a result, when Exodus decided to disband the Acolytes and destroy Avalon itself, Amelia decided to go to Greymalkin Institute in San Francisco, along with Random and Karima Shapandar. During this incident, it was revealed that while she still shares deep feelings for Charles Xavier, she was not yet ready to establish a new relationship with him.



She can turn any matter, including herself into a mist. This is useful during battle, as anyone attacking her will cut straight through without damaging her. This is also useful for traveling through vents or tight spaces. She can also grab someone; turn them into mist while holding on them and then reform. With this, she can vaporize weapons, bring them to her and reform them in her hands. Her mist form can also travel through astral planes, allowing her to teleport anywhere she wishes, while carrying others along. Amelia is also able to teleport a person to herself as long as she can visualize them.


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Known Relatives: Unrevealed.

Citizenship: American

Place of Birth: Unrevealed.

Marital Status: Single.

Education: Unrevealed.Occupation: Terrorist, Subversive, former nurse


Gender: Female

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 156 lbs. (71 kg)

Eyes: Green

Hair: Red

Other Media


X-Men Animated Series

X-Men Animated Series
X-Men Animated Series

Amelia Voght is a former nurse that helped Professor X to recover from the injury that took the use of his legs. The two had a great friendship until they had an argument even before he founded the Original X-Men. Amelia then became a member of the Acolytes and was offered a place to live in Asteroid M as a project of Magneto for mutants to fearlessly live. When Fabian Cortez decided to overrule Asteroid M, which brought Magneto to his apparent death, Magneto had survived. He then teamed up with the X-Men and took revenge on him, destroying Asteroid M. After the incident, Amelia went back to Earth and continued her nursing career as her mother wanted her to. It was also revealed that she once had affections for Professor X. She also once worked in Moira MacTaggert's Muir Island facility. They then encountered the Phalanx after some events. Amelia then teamed up with the X-Men and she probably went to Muir Island after that.


X-men: Battle of the Atom

X-men: Battle of the Atom
X-men: Battle of the Atom

Amelia is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

  • Amelia Voght
  • [Acolytes] Amelia Voght
  • Acolytes


Amelia was created by Scott Lobdell and John Romita Jr.. During her first comic book appearance, she was a former student of Professor X who refused to join his Original X-Men. However, as she reappeared in the pages of the comic books, her origin was revised to a nurse to Professor X.

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