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    Cinderblock is a huge possed stone creature. His power is nearly unmatchable.

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    The creators of the animated Teen Titans series were originally going to use Blockbuster as the muscle of Slade's team. But they modified the character too much for it to resemble it's original. So they decided it was best to just make him a brand new character.

    Major Story Arcs

    Cinderblock only appeared in the comic book tie-in (with the animated TV Show) Teen Titans Go! comic books, Titans: Fractured, and Titans.

    Teen Titans Go!


    Cinderblock attempts to rob a bank but is stopped and captured by Cyborg. He later escapes police custody and tracks Cyborg down. He finds Cyborg helping some kids play baseball and attacks them. This time he is stopped by the Teen Titans as a team.

    Other Media

    Cinderblock brawling with Cyborg.
    Cinderblock brawling with Cyborg.

    Teen Titans (Animated TV Show 2003-2006)

    Not much of his origin or background is known. His first appearance is when he has to break Plasmus out of prison. Throughout the course of the series, Cinderblock hasn't really done much else besides whatever is commanded him. He mostly acts as a hired muscle for Slade or another villain.

    In later episodes Cinderblock is merged with fellow villains Overload and Plasmus, creating Ternion. After Slade's death at the end of season 2, Terniona ttacked a number of guards and fought well against the Titans, even smashing Robin off a cliff into the woods, until the combined forces of the remaining four managed to subdue and detain him; though Slade claims that he was the one who freed Cinderblock.

    Cinderblock did not appear for most of season four. He made his return in season 5 as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil. Cinderblock was used as a key player in Beast Boy 's plan to infiltrate the bas of the Brotherhood. While the remaining titans attacked and distracted Cinderblock, they used Jericho to control his body.

    Teen Titans Go!

    Cinderblock appears in Teen Titans Go! as a minor villain, only appearing in two episodes. He is shown standing still while Robin is constantly punching and kicking him. He eventually gets bored and punches Robin off him. In the other episode he appears in, he is shown to have a dodge ball team.

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    Powers and Abilities

    Cinderblock is shown as a gigantic monster of concrete who is of limited intelligence. He is capable of some degree of sentient thought, will and memory, though crude. Possessing tremendous physical strength and endurance, as well as extreme durability, granting him resilience to vast amounts of brute physical force and energy attacks alike. Cinderblock is a foe to be reckoned with and has been used by Slade as a top fighter when in need of sheer power. Cinderblock has shown to be capable of holding his own against all five Titans for some time, nearly killing Robin, and it took the joined force of the remaining four to subdue him.


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