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    Cassandra Sandsmark was originally the daughter of Olympian God Zeus and Dr. Helena Sandsmark. She became the second Wonder Girl in an attempt to save Wonder Woman's life. Cassie continues adventuring as a member of the Teen Titans. Her New 52 incarnation is the daughter of Wonder Woman's half-brother Lennox, and derives her powers from an ancient armor named the 'Silent Armor' related to the demon Trigon.

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    Current Events

    Wonder Girl
    Wonder Girl

    Following the DC wide reboot into the new 52, Cassandra is one of the founding members of the Teen Titans, a group of teens who came together under the direction of Tim Drake so that they can escape capture by a mysterious organization. Much of her personal history and background remains unexplored, though she still has a connection to the gods based on her boasts during her fight with Superboy. She was the first teenage metahuman Red Robin contacted. Most recently, Wonder Girl traveled with the rest of the Teen Titans to S.T.A.R. Labs. There, Wonder Girl battled a super-villain known as Grymm. Grymm used his superpowers to subdue Wonder Girl and Bunker by administering a paralytic toxin to their system simply by touching them. However, Bunker was able to knock Grymm out by using his powers which were unaffected by the toxin. Wonder Girl immediately recovered after Grymm was knocked unconscious. After surviving the Culling and escaping, she was stuck on Mystery Island alongside the other Teen Titans before Danny the Street managed to return them home. Recently, she has begun to lose control of the Silent Armor that she wears, and she attacked Solstice, Bunker and Kid Flash.


    The third Wonder Girl
    The third Wonder Girl

    Cassandra is the third character at DC Comics to bear the distinction of Wonder Girl and is the present holder of this title. Before her came the golden age stories of Wonder Woman as a teenager and the more famous stories of Donna Troy throughout most of the silver and modern age of comics. Cassandra’s first appearance was before she had received her powers. After the battle alongside Artemis against the White Magician, Diana decided to leave Boston for Gateway City and while there she decided to work at a museum. Her boss was a woman by the name of Helena Sandsmark and Cassandra was her daughter. Cassandra aided Diana in some of her early adventures, but her first real action as a superhero was when she donned the gauntlets of Atlas and winged sandals of Hermes. Soon after she was granted a boon by Zeus who granted her superpowers (though these could be switched on and off by her mother.) It would later be revealed that her father was, in fact, Zeus, the result of a relationship her mother had had while on an archaeological expedition (though as with most of Zeus dalliances, it is implied that he was disguised.) Soon after her appearance with powers, it was determined that Cassie is indoctrinated in the ways of the Amazons and her training began under Artemis.

    New 52

    Wonder Girl in the New 52
    Wonder Girl in the New 52

    Cassandra grew up with her mother, her father having left when she was four years old, going around from archeological dig to the next, never settling down. While her mother was unearthing ancient treasures, Cass was robbing them from the museums. While in China, she was cornered by a guard who was knocked out by Diesel. It was 'lust at first sight,' and the pair grew close as Diesel followed Cass on her mother's ventures while seducing her to take part in a more criminal lifestyle. While in Cambodia on a dig, Cass returned at night, knowing that Diesel would try to loot it, and she searched for him, finding a secret corridor he had opened. She found Diesel, the Silent Armor secured to his face and she donned the war gauntlets in an attempt to pry it off of him. She spoke with the armor, convincing it that she was the better candidate, and it possessed her, nearly overwhelming her. Diesel attacked her, enraged that she had stolen his 'treasure,' but the chamber collapsed and Cass used the armor to escape. She apparently split from her mother afterward as she was alone when Red Robin encountered her. It has recently been revealed and confirmed that Wonder Woman is Cassie's Aunt and the demigoddess, Cassandra is her other Aunt.


    Cassie Sandsmark was created as a supporting character for Wonder Woman by writer/artist John Byrne in 1996, making her debut in Wonder Woman #105. Byrne's initial depiction of Cassie was that of a tow-headed tomboyish girl who could almost be mistaken for a boy. It was not until much later, when Cassie had grown and come to terms with being a super-powered daughter of Zeus, that other artists began to depict her as an attractive young woman (her concerns over her appearance were a recurring early theme). Unlike Donna Troy whose publication history is mostly in the pages of the Teen Titans, Cassie has undergone a great deal of character development in the pages of Wonder Woman.

    Character Evolution

    During an unexpected visit to Mount Olympus Cassie was able to convince Zeus into granting her superpowers, which he did but with the caveat that Helena could disable whenever she chose to do so. After Donna Troy's history was redefined she felt it was time to move on from her Wonder Girl persona, a role which she passed on to Cassie, including her original uniform. As Cassie grew and accepted a heroic lifestyle, it was decided she should be trained as an Amazon, a role which a revived Artemis took upon herself. One of the most defining aspects of her character is her friendship and later relationship with Conner Kent (Superboy). She also has a fairly close friendship with Tim Drake.


    Cassie has displayed a remarkable amount of growth in her relatively short career, which is comparable to her older namesake Wonder Woman. Cassie has become one of the most highly recognized and trusted young heroes. Two of the reasons for which she took on the role of Wonder Girl have continued to define her as a character: her youthful adventurousness and her sense of duty to her allies and friends. Her inexperience was a common point of crisis and conflict during her early years but she has maintained her indomitable spirit throughout her career.

    Cassie's tenure as a member of Young Justice was littered with change, in both her civilian and superhero identities. She found herself with a powerful crush on Superboy, leading to new moments of indecision and dramatic fluctuations in confidence. However, it was out of these low points that Cassie truly found herself. Cassie ditched her childish original costume in favor of a more adult outfit, a sign of her burgeoning confidence in herself and her abilities. It was during this period that Cassie's leadership potential emerged, as she took the reigns of the team from Robin and led a massive strike force of young and inexperienced heroes into the team's most epic battle.

    Her confidence was again shaken with the death of Donna Troy, leading to a reduced (and sometimes reluctant) role in the new Teen Titans. She still displayed the strength that had made her such a strong member of Young Justice, however, going as far as to take the lead in her relationship with Superboy and help Raven adjust to her life as a teenager.

    Cassie continued as a stable, dedicated heroine until the death of Superboy and the loss of her powers. She has distanced herself from her mother and her teammates, letting her grief and the influence of Ares make her bitter and more violent. She has shown glimpses of the "old" Cassie during recent events, however, leading one to believe that her personality will right itself as she deals with her loss.

    Major Story Arcs

    Young Justice

    Cassie in Young Justice
    Cassie in Young Justice

    While assisting the Amazons whenever the opportunity arose, Cassie found herself wandering deeper into the world of superheroes. After being assaulted by the villain Harm, Cassie found herself recruited by Robin, Superboy, and Bart Allen, a group of teenage heroes known as Young Justice. Along with Arrowette, Secret, and Empress, Wonder Girl represented the second wave of Young Justice members, creating an honest team out of what was originally three sidekicks goofing off and fighting crime as an afterthought.

    During her tenure with Young Justice, Wonder Girl grew into a full-fledged superhero. She took over leadership of the team when Robin stepped down from the post, all while cultivating a crush on Superboy and close friendship with Secret and Arrowette. It was during this period that Cassie's secret identity was revealed to the public when she was forced to defend her high school against an attack by Wonder Woman's nemesis the Silver Swan who thought that she should be Wonder Girl.

    Just as Wonder Girl began settling into her leadership role, the Teen Titans and Young Justice were offered sponsorship by a mysterious corporation called Optitron. While mulling over the pitch, both teams were assaulted by Indigo, a misunderstood android who unwittingly activated a homicidal Superman robot. Donna Troy was killed in the ensuing battle, an incident that left the heroes shattered. Depressed and guilt-ridden over the death of her friend and idol, Cassie contemplated retiring from super heroics.

    Joining the Teen Titans

    Wonder Girl with the Teen Titans
    Wonder Girl with the Teen Titans

    Instead, she found herself persuaded to join a new incarnation of the Teen Titans, reformed from the ashes of Donna's death by Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire. Wonder Girl fought alongside former Young Justice teammates Superboy, Robin, and Impulse (now going by Kid Flash), as well a de-aged Raven and new recruit Speedy. The new team came up against a litany of threats from the original incarnations past, fending off assaults by Deathstroke, Brother Blood, The Fearsome Five and Dr. Light. She also found herself constantly confronted by the Olympian Ares, who gave her the lasso she currently uses.

    While a member of the Titans, Cassie surmised the true identity of her father during the story arc "The Bronze Doors." After assisting Wonder Woman in defeating Hades and restoring order to the Olympian Pantheon, Cassie was granted one wish which she used to force the revelation of her true parentage -- Zeus himself. Zeus and Helena Sandsmark had a dalliance while Zeus was disguised as a human, resulting in the now half-Olympian Cassie.

    Cassie also finally began dating Conner Kent, the then current Superboy. They enjoyed a comparatively normal courtship until Lex Luthor activated long-latent mind control of Conner, resulting in Superboy brutally attacking the combined forces of the Teen Titans and the Outsiders. It was Cassie who eventually returned Superboy to sanity, but the incident resulted in his leaving the Titans and therefore his relationship with Cassie. It is also Connor who influences Cassie to change her costume to something similar to his (even though she is often later seen wearing Amazon battle armor.)

    Wonder Girl continued to fight alongside the Titans, including venturing to the planet of New Cronus to save the life of Donna Troy, until the Infinite Crisis hit. When the Olympian gods left Earth following an attack by Maxwell Lord's OMACs, Cassie found herself without her power source. She reluctantly accepted half of Ares' godly abilities, a gift from the war god in exchange for Cassie accepting him as her brother.

    Infinite Crisis

    As the final battle with the maniacal Alexander Luthor loomed, Cassie reunited with Conner, followed by the two finally consummate their relationship. Their newfound love was not to last, however, as Superboy died heroically while single-handedly destroying Luthor's universe-generation machine.

    After Superboy's death, a depressed and vulnerable Cassie found herself taken in by a Kryptonian resurrection cult in hopes of bringing Superboy back to life. She ultimately saw through the "Cult of Conner" with the help of Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man (even if it seemed they may have stumbled onto some true results in their resurrection ceremony).


    Directly after Infinite Crisis, the Teens Titans fall apart. Cassandra leaves the Titans during the year in which 52 takes place, following Robin's departure. She feels abandoned by her best friends.

    Cassie becomes involved in an online cult heavily influenced by Kryptonian culture. She sets up an altar in Titans Tower with Kryptonian crystals and a gold figure with the Superman-insignia, which means "hope" in Kryptonian. Soon, Ralph Dibny approaches her because someone defaced the grave of his wife Sue with an upside down 'S' Shield, which in Kryptonian means "resurrection."

    About five days later, Cassie and her fellow cult members meet with Ralph. Cassie mentions that it was another member, Devem, who led her to join. Cassie explains that the goal of the cult is to resurrect Superboy. As a test of their process, they intend to resurrect Sue Dibny. Cassie and Ralph attend a ceremony designed to resurrect Sue, but Ralph grows suspicious and with the help of other superheroes, disrupts the ceremony, destroying the Kryptonite which was essential to the process. Cassie leaves with Devem, blaming Ralph for destroying her chances to resurrect Superboy. After stopping Weather Wizard in Metropolis, Cassie meets Supernova and refers to him incorrectly as Kon-El, who actually turns out to be Booster Gold in disguise.

    One Year Later

    Back in the Fight after Infinite Crisis
    Back in the Fight after Infinite Crisis

    After regaining her senses, an increasingly violent and erratic Wonder Girl began a career as a solo superhero by tracking the Brotherhood of Evil. This search brought her to Robin's new Teen Titans team, whose membership she accepted begrudgingly. Still unable to fully cope with Superboy's death, Cassie found herself working alongside Robin in the hopes of resurrecting Conner -- all while trying to control a new and unwanted attraction to the Boy Wonder. Wonder Girl and Robin did share a kiss in front of Superboy's costume, and Cassie then ran away crying. Nothing came of the kiss and the attraction seemed to have ended.

    The Teen Titans were called on to save Raven from Bombshell, who was hired by Deathstroke the Terminator to get Jericho's disk back since it held his soul. Raven used one of Brother Blood's spells to give Jericho a new body cleansed of the evil force that once held him in its thrall. Wonder Girl asked if Raven could do the same for Superboy, but Raven said that Conner's soul had moved on into the afterlife and she could not bring him back.

    The Titans were kidnapped by the Titans East and the two teams fought. It was very hard for Wonder Girl and Robin since a Superboy look-alike (Match, a bizarro version of Connor) was there, and he looked and spoke just like Conner. Match even went as far as to say that he was Conner. This enraged Wonder Girl, but Match seemed to truly have some memories that belonged to Conner, so Cassie stopped fighting him for a moment. Match took this opportunity to knock her and Robin out.

    The entire team was now beaten, until Nightwing, Donna Troy, and Flash showed up and helped defeat the Titans East.

    The Leader of the Teen Titans

    The Titans then took a drastic new turn. When Robin left to return to Gotham after the death of Batman, Cassie became the team leader. Miss Martian and Ravager left the team. After Wonder Girl told Supergirl that the only reason they were friends was that she was her only remaining link to Conner, Supergirl also quit the team. Cassie was left with Red Devil and Blue Beetle but soon recruited other new members -- Bombshell, Static, Aquagirl and Miss Martian eventually returned.

    Wonder Girl found herself leading a new team that had very little experience in working with each other, which was incredibly difficult since she had even less experience at leading a team. When Titans veteran Beast Boy arrived and told Wonder Girl that the Teen Titans needed a real leader, Wonder Girl and her team remained adamant that Cassie was the true leader of the Teen Titans. The mystical enemy known only as Wyld arrives and attacked Raven. This led to Raven rejoining the team and the Titans fighting off Wyld and his horde.

    Wonder Girl has remained the leader of the Teen Titans, growing in confidence as the team becomes tighter and more efficient. On a mission in Dakota, Wonder Girl and her team do battle with Holocaust and get captured which leads to ex-Titans Kid Flash and Superboy to rejoin the team. Following the mission, Cassie has shown that she has mixed feelings about her recently resurrected boyfriend Superboy. Upon their return from Dakota, Raven is abducted by Wyld once again and Cassie and the Titans travel into the Wyld's tainted dimension in order to save their teammate. The team works well together but are marred by bad luck as Aquagirl and Bombshell are overwhelmed and lost in the dark depths of the ocean. While other members of Cassie's Titans also leave the team following this mission for different reasons, Wonder Girl decides that she cannot lead heroes who she does not feel comfortable leading.

    Wonder Girl and the Teen Titans after the old guard comes back to the team.
    Wonder Girl and the Teen Titans after the old guard comes back to the team.

    Following this decision, Wonder Girl invites Ravager to rejoin the team, which Rose surprisingly agrees to. Seeming to begin anew, Wonder Girl has developed a professional attitude while leading the team. This rubs Superboy the wrong way and their relationship continues to be strained. Batman (Dick Grayson) arrives at the Tower and requests that Robin (Damian Wayne) be put on the team despite not being a teenager. Wonder Girl accepts this new Robin and the team does battle with new villains Dr. Caligan, Headcase and the Feral Boys.

    Wonder Girl recently starred in her own one-shot title, released in 2011. While visiting her mother at an architectural conference in London, Wonder Girl met a teenage girl of Indian descent named Kiran. After a brief but friendly conversation, Kiran revealed herself to be the super-heroine called Solstice. Wonder Girl and Solstice teamed up to do battle against villain Lady Zand, a tyrannical ruler of Zandia that was searching for lost artifacts from her country. The duo worked well together despite Lady Zand escaping. Following this battle, Cassie seemed to mend her relationship with her mother, which had grown cold since Cassie had taken over leadership of the Teen Titans.

    Cassie has also over the same time frame appeared as a supporting character in the Wonder Woman title. She is usually called upon when Diana needs additional firepower (such as against Circe) or when the Amazons have needed to stand united against a threat (such as against Genocide). Her lack of confidence in her actions has occasionally been used against her by such villains as Devastation.

    Red Robin (Tim Drake) decides to reclaim his place amongst the Teen Titans and the band is back together. Wonder Girl immediately relieves herself of leadership and allows Red Robin to take the reigns once more. Superboy and Cassie are officially broken up and the team responds to a missing person report from Cassie's mother, Dr. Helena Sandsmark. Once they arrive, the Titans find themselves in battle with Hindu demons. But with Solstice as their ally, the Titans may have a shot at defeating them.

    Infinite Frontier

    After being alerted to Yara Flor's presence, Cassie volunteered to the Amazons to keep Yara safe. She then went on a search to find where Yara was and ran into Artemis along the way. They had a brief fight before Cassie convinced Artemis to work together with her. They eventually found Yara but the interaction was short. Artemis confronted Yara and Cassie tried (and failed) to calm them down. Before following Artemis and leaving, Cassie gave Yara some advice with being Wonder Girl.

    Later, Cassie ranted to her uncle Hermes about the situation. When he had to leave, she talked with Potira and apologized for Artemis' behavior. Potira then revealed to Cassie that she was a part of a tribe and Cassie was happily surprised to learn of another tribe. Potira took her to their city and revealed to her their plans to battle the Olympians. Before Cassie could say something about that, Potira surprised her again by showing her that their "last weapon" was Donna Troy.

    Donna and Cassie talked, where Donna told her that after she had failed to check-in with the Amazons on her mission to meet Yara, Donna was sent after her, where she met the other tribe. They walked with the other women to confront the Olympian gods.

    The New 52

    Wonder Girl
    Wonder Girl

    Cassandra Sandsmark appeared in the New 52, but with a new background. As Wonder Woman was now the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta instead and Cassandra, a new origin was given to her. It is known that she is somewhat of a famous thief and is also incredibly powerful, referred to as the most powerful member of the rag-tag group of teenagers called the Teen Titans before Superboy joined their team. It's also stated by her that she finds Superboy hot (albeit angered with him trying to kill her and her friends).

    Unlike her previous incarnation, Cassie derives her powers not from the Greek God Zeus but from an ancient, invisible armor related to the Demon Trigon. Wearing it is said to cause her agony. Her father was also revealed by Trigon to Wonder Woman's demi-god half-brother Lennox, one of Zeus' many sons, and making Cassandra the granddaughter of Zeus. She is a member of the Teen Titans family. It has been confirmed the demigoddess, Cassandra and Wonder Woman our her Aunts.

    Amazon Family

    Queen Hippolyta, ruler of Themyscira.

    Princess Diana, Wonder Woman.

    Jason, son of Hippolyta and Zeus and also first male born on Themyscira.

    Phillipus, general and former co-ruler of Paradise Island.

    Artemis, of Bana-Mighdall, Bana warrior, former co-ruler of Paradise Island and former Wonder Woman.

    Donna Troy, the first Wonder Girl and member of the Titans of Myth, Queen Hippolyta's adopted daughter.

    Nubia is Queen Hippolyta's daughter.

    The Olympian, Achilles Warkiller became the King of the Amazons, later gives Queen Hippolyta back the throne.

    Steve Trevor, love interest to Wonder Woman, first man on Themyscira and an honorary Amazon.

    The Amazons, of Themyscira.

    Personal Profile

    Cassandra Sandsmark as Wonder Girl, after she gained her own powers and losing the bracelets
    Cassandra Sandsmark as Wonder Girl, after she gained her own powers and losing the bracelets
    • Height: 5'11"
    • Weight: 150 lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Blond
    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: unrevealed
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Education: High School

    Powers and Equipment (Pre-Flashpoint, New Earth)

    Cassie wearing the Sandals of Hermes
    Cassie wearing the Sandals of Hermes

    When Cassie first became Wonder Girl, she attempted to fight crime with the help of Amazon artifacts "borrowed" from Wonder Woman. She derived super strength from the Gauntlet of Atlas while gaining flight and super speed from the "Sandals of Hermes." It was also during this period that she was trained in unarmed combat, largely by former Wonder Woman stand-in Artemis.

    The powers granted to Cassie by Zeus were largely the same as those granted by the artifacts, but they operated at a higher level. Unfortunately, they also came with a rarely used loophole given to Cassie's mother Helena, wherein her powers could be canceled if her mother so wished. Soon after Cassie joined the Teen Titans, she was granted the Lasso of Ares by the War-god himself. The lasso gave Cassie the ability to manipulate electricity through it's enchanted fibers. She also has a suit of Armor similar to Diana's with a shield and sword to go with it, for times of great Danger or need.

    When Zeus and the rest of the Olympic Pantheon left Earth during the Infinite Crisis, Cassie realized that her powers were waning -- with some instances of total failure. In order to help defeat Alexander Luthor, Cassie finally gave into Ares, taking half of his powers to replace what she had lost. She seems to have retained her former abilities, but recent battles show her strength may have been enhanced -- a fact Cassie herself has commented on.

    Cassie served Ares as his connection to our realm, until recently when he brought his son back to take her place. After talking to her father, Cassie realized that she had spent too much time relying on others first artifacts, then her father and later her brother. During her battle with her nephew, she gave him all of her brother's power and was able to tap into the divine energy that was her birthright as a daughter of Zeus. Cassie appears to have all the same abilities, though her strength has once more increased.

    Superhuman Strength

    Cassie Partial Olympian flesh and bone is about one and a half times as dense as similar human tissue, contributing to the Olympians' superhuman strength and weight. Cassie when powered by Zeus previously, was not as strong and could lift around 100 tons, and could effortlessly throw a bus around. Now Cassie is much stronger after she taps into her own powers from being the daughter of Olympian God Zeus Cassie powers grow to now being able to lift in excess of 100 tons.

    Superhuman Durability

    Cassie possesses a high resistance to damage and magical attacks. If she were somehow wounded, her partial godly energies would enable her to recover with superhuman speed.


    Cassie can also mystically fly through the atmosphere through sure act of will, enabling her to soar through the atmosphere at sub-orbital levels and travel across the planet. She is immune from the effects of extreme height, such as dizziness and lightheartedness.

    Superhuman Reflexes

    Cassie is fast enough, her mind processes information at least on a subliminal level that she is aware of her surroundings. She is fast enough to deflect and catch bullets.

    Superhuman Speed

    Cassie can move at supersonic speeds. She can move fast enough to not register in the normal peripheral range of humans and seemingly vanish and disappear at will.


    Cassie's body heals at a superhuman level.

    Superhuman Agility

    Cassie's agility is far beyond that of even an Olympic level athlete.

    Superhuman Stamina

    Cassie can last a great deal of time in any fight.

    Superhuman Senses

    All five of Cassie senses can be used to a superhuman degree.

    Martial Combat

    Cassie can fight armed and unarmed and has had Amazon training.

    Divine Birthright

    Cassie being the daughter of Olympian God Zeus, Cassie can tap into her own powers as a demi-god (like her brother Heracles). Her real powers increased to an even greater level of strength and abilities than ever before. Cassie is still a young girl and as she grows so may her powers and abilities and she may one day be even greater than Wonder Woman herself or join her father as an Olympian Goddess.

    Lasso of Lightning

    The Lasso of Lightning
    The Lasso of Lightning

    The Lasso of Lightning is a mystical item given to Cassandra Sandsmark by her brother Ares. Lightning emitted by the whip is fueled by its wielder's anger. This allows Cassie to expels Zeus's lightning when used in anger.


    These are a pair of steel cuffs that are indestructible because they were created from Amazon magic, Cassie's Bracelets work like Diana's. Cassie uses her super reflexes to deflect projectiles, blades, punches, or any form of offensive attack used against her. She can also use them to deflect an object back into her enemies.

    Amazon Armour

    When faced with a large threat Cassie will wear her Amazon Battle Armor for added protection as well as use martial weapons such as swords.

    Sandals of Hermes

    The Sandals of the God Hermes, this enchanted winged footwear gives its wearer flight and enhanced speed. When Cassie first became Wonder Girl, she attempted to fight crime with the help of Amazon artifacts "borrowed" from Wonder Woman. She long since gained her own powers and abilities.

    Gauntlet of Atlas

    The Gauntlet of Atlas magnifies its wearer's strength by a factor of ten. However, the wearer must be careful or find themselves in a frenzied state. Wonder Woman herself has used the gauntlet on occasion but is hesitant to do so due to the difficulty in controlling her strength at such a level. hen Cassie first became Wonder Girl, she attempted to fight crime with the help of Amazon artifacts "borrowed" from Wonder Woman. She long since gained her own powers and abilities.


    Maternal De-empowerment: Discouraged by previously shown arrogance in his children (Ares and Heracles), Zeus also blessed Cassie's mother with the ability to take away her powers for a short time via a simple touch. After Cassie taps into her own powers as demi-god it is now shown is her mother can still take away her powers. Cassie is somewhat vulnerable to piercing weapons, such as projectiles. Rifle or top notch machine-gun fire can cause bruising to slight penetration wounds.

    Powers and Equipment (New 52, Post-Flashpoint, Prime Earth)

    Thus far in the New 52, her powers are changed and she now receives her powers completely from her equipment regardless of her demi-god parentage.

    Silent Armor

    The Silent Armor
    The Silent Armor

    In the new 52 Wonder Girl receives most of her powers from an ancient parasite like armor called the Silent Armor which was forced to fight against Trigon. It was seemingly forced in the center of the sun by ancient higher magicians. The armor gives it's wearer a great power but with a price. Wearer of the armor needs immense will-power to keep it ''silent''. Losing the armor's control can cause the armor take control and eventually lead the person being trapped inside of the armor.

    • Super Strength: The armor gives it's wearer a great strength. Even though the exact limits of the armor's strength isn't known wearer of the armor is strong enough to exchange blows with beings like Superboy.
    • Invulnerability: Wearer of the armor also receives high durability against different kinds of harm. The armor itself is indestructible but however, attacks strong enough are still capable to hurt the armor's wearer. The armor can also be torn away from its host, but Superboy remains the only person who has been able to do it.
    • Flight: Wearer of the armor is also capable of flying.
    • Danger Sense: The armor is also seemingly able to sense danger and specially Trigon.


    The lariat is a powerful lasso like rope what comes in conjunction with the silent armor. It's indestructible and can be used in many ways much like Wonder Woman's lasso of truth. However, it can't compel anyone to tell truth but it has the ability to drain life-forces.

    War Bracelets

    Wonder Girl also wields a pair of indestructible bracelets. These can be used to counter attacks like bullet fire, but the bracelets also have unique ability to create force-field when put together.

    In Other Media


    Young Justice: Invasion

    Wonder Girl in Young Justice: Invasion
    Wonder Girl in Young Justice: Invasion

    Wonder Girl's animated debut is in the "Young Justice: Invasion" episode "Happy New Year!". After joining "The Team" sometime between 2011 and 2016, She is first shown alongside Batgirl confronting Lobo. She is shown to enjoy fighting, even if her opponent (in this case Lobo) is much larger than she is. Cassie also has a tendency to easily lose focus when impressed by something (such as praising Wonder Woman after seeing her demonstrate her strength), despite the fact that they were on a mission.

    She loves to fight (enjoying missions where there will a physical confrontation) and is more or less displeased with sitting on the sidelines.

    Like her mentor Wonder Woman, she uses a lasso as a weapon as well. She is voiced by Mae Whitman.She remained a recurring cast member up until the series cancellation and she was also depicted as a love interest for Tim Drake during the series finale. When Superboy notices this, he asks M'gann "Since when are Tim and Cassie a couple?". To which she replies by mentioning that hearing about Kid Flash's death made her realize that life is too short and gave her the courage to reveal her feelings for him.

    Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery

    Wonder Girl makes a cameo in the movie. She is seen watching television with Artemis, Miss Martian, and Zatanna.

    Young Justice: Outsiders

    In October of 2016, it was announced that WB animation would be reviving Young Justice for the third season set to air in 2018. At San Diego Comic-Con 2017 it was confirmed that Cassie Sandsmark aka Wonder Girl would still be a member of the team in a promo image released for the show.


    DC Universe Online

    No Caption Provided

    Wonder Girl is a static NPC vendor in the Magic Wing of the Watchtower. Players are able to sell and repair gear by interacting with her. Wonder Girl is also featured in her own mission against Giganta while playing during the leveling story portion of the game.

    In endgame, she can be found at the heroes base camp in the Sons of Trigon (DLC8), Gotham Wastelands zone. Later she is also a villain bounty found in the Gotham Under Siege zone, in Amazon Fury Part 1 (DLC10).

    Wonder GirI is also a playable character in the game's Legend's PVP system which allows players to battle each other while playing as iconic characters from the DC Universe.

    Young Justice Legacy

    No Caption Provided

    Cassandra Sandsmark/Wonder Girl appears in Young Justice: Legacy as a playable DLC character. She is voiced by Mae Whitman. Cassie has four available costumes, the standard young justice costume, a comic book version with jeans and a red top, Wonder Woman's costume and her New 52 variant.

    LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

    Wonder Girl in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
    Wonder Girl in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

    Cassandra Sandsmark/Wonder Girl appears in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, voiced by Kari Wahlgren

    Injustice 2

    Cassandra Sandsmark/Wonder Girl makes a cameo appearance in Cyborg's ending in Injustice 2. In this ending, she is freed from the Phantom Zone along with Superboy, Tim Drake, and Starfire.



    Teen Titans
    Teen Titans

    In 2013 Wonder Girl is made in a pack called Teen Titans. She has very strong powers and has a power card with her New-52 appearance on the back of her card and her powers on the card to attack and move and range.

    DC Heroclix: Origins
    DC Heroclix: Origins

    In 2006, Cassandra was released with the DC Heroclix: Origins line, wearing her classic red shirt and blue jeans outfit.

    Ame-Comi Heroines

    Ame-Comi Heroines
    Ame-Comi Heroines

    In 2010, DC and Ame-Comi collaborated to create "Manga Style" non-numbered limited edition statues. She's featured wearing an outfit that had never appeared in comics, as has not since. She comes with a stand and her lasso.

    DC Direct Contemporary Teen Titans (Series 1)

    Contemporary Teen Titans
    Contemporary Teen Titans

    In 2004, Cassandra appeared in the first series of Teen Titans figures based on the 2003 Geoff Johns run. She was wearing her headband, cropped red shirt, and red pants.

    Women of the DC Universe (Series 2)

    Women of the DC Universe
    Women of the DC Universe

    In 2008, a cold cast porcelain bust of Cassie was released, based on the art of Terry Dodson, for the Women of DC Universe line. She's shown from her thighs up, wearing blue jeans and her red tank top, holding the golden lasso.


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