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    Volume 2

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    Continued from Titans East Special

    Starting Team Members: Nightwing, Donna Troy, the Flash (III), Red Arrow, Cyborg, Starfire (II), Beast Boy, and Raven.

    Current Team Members following Villains for Hire Special #1: Deathstroke, Tattooed Man, Cheshire, Cinder, Osiris, Roy Harper (Recently Joined)

    Writer Judd Winnick and penciller Ian Churchill produced a Titans series to please both modern day fans and those of the classic Marv Wolfman and George Perez series. A prologue had occurred in the Titans East Special in January 2008 as Cyborg attempted to form a new team, only for them to be destroyed by a mysterious foe. Power Boy was killed and Cyborg himself left dismantled and close to death. With Titans the world over under seige, the original line up reformed to investigate and soon believed the danger stemmed from Raven's demonic father Trigon. Later it emerged that the true danger was from his evil offspring.

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