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    The Brain is the nemesis of The Chief, and because of the latter has been left as a brain contained in a jar, and protected by his creation, Monsieur Mallah.

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    Ten years before his own death a French scientist experimented upon the mind of a superior ape and, through secret teaching methods and shock treatments gave it a genius IQ of 178. The scientist named this ape Monsieur Mallah. When the scientist died, the intelligent ape removed his brain and transferred it into a sophisticated receptacle which was connected to a vast computer network. Now virtually immortal, the Brain organised the Brotherhood of Evil to advance his aims of world conquest.

    Major Story Arcs

    Doom Patrol and Teen Titans

    When the first Brotherhood of Evil disbanded after many battles with the Doom Patrol, the Brain assembled a second team that fought the New Teen Titans.


    After coming in to conflict with Nightwing's Outsiders, The Teen Titans, and Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) the Brain is killed by Gorilla Grodd during the events of Salvation Run.


    However, the Brain appears to have returned in the New 52, confronting Supergirl. He is seen being cradled by Monsieur Mallah who has allied with Gorilla Grodd during Rotworld. Unfortunately, Brain is killed again but by Frankenstein's hands not Grodd's

    Other Media


    Teen Titans

    The brain is coming!
    The brain is coming!

    He appears as the main antagonist in the final season of the series, voiced by Glenn Shadix . Being the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil (Madame Rouge, Monsieur Mallah, General Immortus and tens of super villians). He acts behind scenes coordinating the brotherhood.

    His principal plan is to capture then freeze the teen titans all over the world, so he stole one of the transmitters of the team, with the help of Madame Rouge disguised as hot spot, he manages to imprison most of the titans less Beast Boy, Pantha, Más, Jericho and Herald, which plan an strategy to free the entire group.

    He has telekinetic and telepathic powers. Nevertheles he is weak and vulnerable in his physical form, so he needs the protection of Monsieur Mallah in order to avoid any attack.

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Message from the Brain.
    Message from the Brain.

    He appears in episode "Journey to the center of the bat!", Controlling Chemo he took possession of a nuclear warhead. His attempt to destroy Bialya City was frustrated by Batman, that had been infected by chemo´s virulent organism but Atom and Aquaman manage to destroy the infection from within batman´s body. Cured Batman destroyed Brain´s mechanical arms and beat him.

    Young Justice

    Brain appears along with Monsieur Mallah in the episode "Alpha Male". Mallah and Brain use an army of animals mind-controlled by the collars. Mallah uses a special trap to capture Captain Marvel, then attacks Young Justice, assisting the mind-controlled animals. They were defeated by Young Justice, but escaped.


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