Violet Parr

    Character » Violet Parr appears in 68 issues.

    The meek and shy daughter of Robert and Helen Parr. Sibling to Dash and John Parr. She has the ability to generate purple colored force fields as well as invisibility.

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    Violet, or Vi, as her family calls her, is the shy and meek daughter of Robert and Helen Parr. Both of whom who were famous super heroes in the late 60's.

    Using her Powers

    When her mother was flying a plane over the ocean, Syndrome, the man holding her father captive, sent out two missiles. Right before the plane blew up, her mother told her to put a shield around her and her brother. Timid and afraid to use her powers she tried, without success. Even though they all survived Violet felt very guilty about the accident.

    When her, her mother, and her brother Dash, got to shore she tried to apologize. Her mother (Helen Parr) stopped her because she felt it was unfair to ask such a big task of her on such short notice. They found a huge cave in which they all took refuge. Their mother told them that she was going to find their dad, and that the bad guys aren't like the ones on TV, she explained that they would kill them if they got the chance. As their mother left she said "Vi is in charge" and Dash was very upset. While the fire was burning she started to practice her force fields. First putting one around the fire, and then suspending one in mid-air around the smoke.

    As Dash got bored she went further into the cave. Suddenly flames came shooting out at him, he ran to the entrance, grabbing Violet on the way.

    The next morning they woke up and saw a strange bird, it asked them for identification. Violet said "I don't think birds are supposed to talk".

    Just then flying saucers came, with men driving them. They began to run the opposite way, when they came upon men holding guns. She reminded dash that their mom said run as fast as he could, so he ran and left her. Some of the men ran after him, and the flying saucers flew after him. She turned herself invisible and jumped into the water. Although she was saved by her brother they ended up being caught by Syndrome.

    Using her powers to free herself and her family, they flew a jet to where Syndrome was going to use his robot to destroy the city. After a long strenuous battle, they go home to find Syndrome had Jack Jack her baby brother. As the engine of the plane that blew up above them Violet put a force field around her entire family, showing that her powers had grown tremendously.

    Powers and Abilities

    Violet has the ability to generate purple colored force fields, which are are able to withstand great amounts of pressure. These fields have been shown to withstand gun fire, and the weight of a massive machine. Violet is able to generate more than one force field at a time; she also possesses the ability to change the size of these fields at her will. The maximum size of the force fields is unknown.

    Violet also has the ability to make herself invisible. These two powers have not been shown to work in conjunction. She also has not been shown to be able to turn others invisible. But she has shown the ability to imitate telekinesis, much like Invisible Woman. She is also capable of levitation, while in her forcefield. She has a certain type of mastery over her powers, she even rivals gravitational powers. She is among the most powerful supers ever; next to Mrs. Incredible, Frozone, and Mr. Incredible.


    Robert Parr-father,

    Helen Parr-mother,

    Dash Parr-younger brother ,

    Jack Jack- baby brother.


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