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    Syndrome, once the biggest fan of Mr. Incredible, turns his back on all the supers, because he was turned down to be the sidekick of Mr.Incredible. He is a super genius but has no powers. So he uses gadgets for combat.

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     His real name is Buddy Pine. He was once the biggest fan of the supers, especially Mr. Incredible. One night as Mr. Incredible was saving a cat, he slipped into his super car. When Mr. Incredible got back into his car he saw Buddy, and recognized him from one of the autograph signings he attended. He told Buddy t get out because it was to dangerous for him to tag along.

    Afterward, when Mr. Incredible was stopping a vault robbery, he showed up. Mr. Incredible asked Buddy how he got up to such a high level of the building. Being a super genius inventor, he showed off his rocket shoes. With his limited control of the shoes, he began to fly all over the place. Causing problems, allowing the bank robber to get away.

    Mr. Incredible told him that was useless and denied having anything to do with him.  Buddy was escorted from the scene by some of the Police only to go home and destroy everything he had pertaining to supers along with his love of them.


     Finally His Revenge Starts
     Finally His Revenge Starts

    Later in the years, Syndrome is a crazed super villain who has been kidnapping former supers to test is Omnidroid machine. For the final test he tricked his former idle to battle the machine. The Omnidroid is a learning machine, that uses battles to learn and defend itself in the future . Due to the prior fights Syndrome used it to capture  Mr. Incredible who escaped by hiding in a cave.

    Later that day, Mr. Incredible sneaked into the lair of Syndrome where he was caught, and detained by the tracker signal emitted from his uniform. When Syndrome came into the room where he was detained later he made Robert Parr listen as he fired several  missiles out to the plane that had sent out a distress message. Not knowing that is was Mr. Incredible's family.

    After a series of events the Incredible family was reunited only to be captured again by Syndrome. Placing them all in suspended gauntlets around their hands and feet, Syndrome left the room.

    Super Power?

    Syndrome's plan was simple he used other supers as test dummies for his Omnidroid machine; to get them out of the way so he could play the role of a super hero. His plan was to set the Omnidroid loose on the city, let is destroy some building and when all other forces seem to have exhausted themselves he would come in and save the day. Syndrome had remote control gauntlets, that allowed him to control the Omnidroid. When he arrived at the scene in what seemed like the nick of time to save everyone, he first disabled its laser. Then he pointed his finger and with a press of the button a laser shot out, in what was a hoax to get people to believe he actually had powers. As bystanders watched on they speculated that the supers had returned, and some even called out names of former supers that were famous in the late 60s'. Letting the accusations go, he introduced himself as the new super hero Syndrome. Another plot to destroy everything that was sacred to a super, he would play this part, and when he got old and couldn't do it anymore he would sell his gadgets so everyone could have super powers saying "And when everyones' super, no one is"

    The Omnidroid being a learning machine had quickly disposed of Syndrome learning that his gauntlet's controlled it, when the the Incredible family arrived at the scene. Infuriated that they once again would win, he fled the scene. 

    Final Move 

          Jack Jack Puts an End to Syndrome
          Jack Jack Puts an End to Syndrome
    It is unknown where he goes until the Incredible family arrives home. Syndrome unfolds his Plan B; to steal Jack Jack the baby of the family, to train him in the evil way, he takes off to his waiting jet hovering above the house. As he flies up, Jack Jack powers become out of control and he drops from Syndrome's clutches. He claims that he will be back, but is sucked into the propeller of his plane, which blew up. It is highly unlikely he survived the event.

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