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    The young and cocky son of Robert Parr (Mr. Incredible) and Helen Parr (Elastigirl), Dash as his family calls him, has the ability to run at superhuman speeds. Sibling to Violet and John Parr.

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    As the son of former superheroes, Dash is a rather mischievous child. He gets into trouble a lot at school.

    Dash's ability to run super fast gives him an advantage of doing something and getting away with it. His acting out is a sign that he needs an outlet, for his seemingly unending need for attention. Dash as he is super fast, wants to go out for Track & Field, but his mother (Helen Parr) doesn't trust his judgment, giving the argument that he would in attempt to show off, he would use his powers. He begs her but she is persistent in her answer.

    Like any other boy it is his job to tease and annoy his sister, and he takes the job very seriously. When he finds out that his sister Violet has a crush on a boy at school, he takes every chance to broadcast it to the whole family.

    When their mother comes home from a trip to Edna Mode, she brings superhero costumes. He runs in and takes his and Violet's out. When he tries it on he says "The Dash Likes". This could be a future trademark- him talking in third person.

    When their mother said she was going on a trip. As she left to go on the plane, him and Violet sneak aboard. When Mrs. Parr activated her husband's tracking device, it set off Syndrome's alarms, which led to him getting caught. Offended that Mr. Incredible tricked him, he sent two missiles to the origin of the Mrs. Parr's jets landing requests. As Syndrome talked, Mr. Incredible heard his wife and children's voices. On the plane, Helen Parr used her body as a guard for her children, right before the plain exploded. When they hit the water, she formed her body into a boat, and Dash pushed her using his speed as a propeller, until they reached the island shore. When they came across, a cave their mother spoke to them about the dangers, they might face while she went to go look for their father.

    The next morning they went into the jungle and were attacked by Syndromes lackeys. While Dash ran away -only because Violet told him to- two of the flying saucers that attacked them went after him. While running away, he came to a lake, where even he was surprised that he was able to run on top of it. Getting back to his sister, they used their powers in conjunction to get away. While they were rolling, they stumbled over their parents. They all were attacked by Syndromes lackeys, and captured by Syndrome himself. They were released by Violet, and ran after him. Realizing that he had already gone, they had no way of catching up to him. They got aid from Mirage who gave them a rocket. When they got to the city where Syndromes' Omnidroid was attacking, Dash ran over a man-made pond to catch the controls for the Omnidroid.

    As soon as they got home they were confronted by Syndrome who had taken Jack-Jack hostage. As the rest of the family make successful efforts to save him, looked on and trying to lighten the mood.

    Power and Abilities

    Dash has the power of super speed and agility. His legs are not the only thing that can move at super speeds, he can punch at the same speed. His top speed that has ever been recorded is 190 mph, his maximum is unknown.


    Mr. Incredible (Robert Parr) - Father

    Elastigirl (Helen Parr) - Mother

    Violet Parr - Older Sister

    Jack Jack Parr - Younger Brother


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