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    On the anniversary of his family’s death, Frank Castle flies a kite. With the memory of his loved ones haunting his every breath (and blow), the Punisher remains locked in his quest for vengeance. The next name in Castle’s war journal? Mobster Hector Montoya- the man responsible for Punisher’s loss.

    On the anniversary of his family's death, Frank Castle plans to visit the park where the murder took place. As he travels to the park however he encounters several mobsters harassing a distressed couple and child. Choosing to intervene and he fights off the gangsters and rescues the couple who reveal to Frank that they are attempting to escape from the life of crime. The woman who reveals herself to be the don's wife also attempted to save her child from a life of crime by swapping her child with her sisters who is mentally disabled hoping that when the don realises the child's condition he would send the child to best institution which her sister would never be able to afford. The don however realising the switch a lot faster than his wife anticipated has sent his men after the escaping couple. Frank ultimately deciding to help the two then infiltrates the don's home, killing him and most of his men in the process, to rescue the child and steal enough money to ensure the family has enough to pay for the disabled child's medical care and set themselves up in another city on the other side of the country.



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    Sunday in the Park... With the Punisher! (Some spoilers!) 0

    As for a first issue, this was ok. It was a little slow at times, but at least for those new to the Punisher character, it helps you understand just who he is and why he does what he does.   My favorite parts are the flashback panels at the bottom of most of the pages, detailing how he lost of his family. I felt the art, composition, and placement of what happened in them were great and tell a great mini-story within a story when read all together.   I thought it was a nice touch that on the ann...

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