The Punisher War Journal #7

    The Punisher War Journal » The Punisher War Journal #7 - Endangered Species released by Marvel on July 1989.

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    An African poaching ring has been killing dinosaurs, but their operation ends here…at the end of Wolverine’s claws and Punisher’s firearms! That is, if Wolverine and Punisher don’t kill each other first.

    Castle wakes up underwater, almost out of breath but also being attacked by a crocodile. Castle uses the crocodile to break the surface of the water, but he can't escape the water without killing the crocodile, the second creature he has had to kill in self-defense. When he gets to shore, Castle assumes Wolverine is the poacher who has been killing gorillas and killed the boy he befriended in the previous issue. Both Punisher and Wolverine resume their hunt for each other in the jungle. Meanwhile, the deli owner continues his own hunt for the source of his visions about big game animals in Texas. He approaches the compound of oil magnate Otis Roberts, the mysterious man with the collection of rare animal heads, upon whom he spies doing some telecommuting business. When he departs, the deli owner enters and does some computer business of his own.

    The dinosaur-hunting expedition continues without Castle. In another village, the villainous wife and corporal kidnap a girl who can lead them to the dinosaurs. The girl is released when they find the dinosaurs, and she returns to the village, informing on the covert pair of poachers. Wolverine and Punisher also stumble onto the dinosaur spot, though they only have eyes for each other at first. After another intense battle, they both realize they have been mistaken when the real poachers start to fire on them. The expedition arrives just as the dinosaurs start to escape the madness, but the greedy poacher wife won't allow it. The poacher corporal is wounded by a loyal Congo soldier. Punisher shoots the wife in the back, who dies after she tells her husband she only used him to get money for dinosaurs heads, paid by the Texas oil magnate Otis Roberts. Wolverine lets the jungle finish off the corporal and disappears. The Punisher, though, isn't as merciful, and ties up the corporal using the cheetah skin that first got Wolverine involved in this business.

    Ten days later, back home, the Punisher discovers he doesn't have to go after the Texas oil magnate, since the secretive deli owner already did. Since he doesn't know him personally, this only puts Castle on edge, wondering who knows about his identity and location. Months later, a dinosaur tramples over the bleached-white bones of the poacher corporal in the Congo.



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    The resolution to this story was appropriate, if somewhat violent. As with the previous issue, the set piece is the battle between Wolverine and Punisher, highlighted by the fact they don't know each other. One gets the feeling they should - how many other guys with claws coming out of his hands exist in Frank Castle's world? I get the world thinks Wolverine is dead (though I don't know why that is off hand), but Castle should be smarter than that. The absence of any reconciliation between them ...

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