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Following his escape from Hell Ghoul begins his search for the "gray demon" for his revenge,finding a depressed Mr. Fixit at a Vegas show drinking away his recent problems from those closest to him.They then brawling through the streets, with even a hail of bullets fired from several police officers having no effect on the furious Ghoul. Ghoul eventually manages to scratch Hulk causing his arm to become immobile,but continuing the fight eventually managing to force the demon into a pool much to it's fear. While back at Mr. Cloot's mansion Glorian confronts Cloot still believing him to be his mentor The Shaper of Worlds,but quickly learns otherwise as Cloot informs him he has midnight until his contract he signed expires.Hulk and Ghoul then continue their battle in the air, but come crashing down right into Mr. Berengetti's casino with Ghoul getting the slight advantage until an assist from Berengetti's security. He then forces him into the hotel meat locker slowing him down and hanging him on a meat locker, before being fired by Berengetti.

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