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The Gray Gargoyle has just turned the Hulk into unmoving stone! Too bad no one told the Hulk!

An 'Acts Of Vengeance' crossover! Hulk is falling from the sky as the sun is rising causing him to transform back into Bruce Banner while still miles off the ground. Luckily he is able to remain as the Hulk until he crashes to the earth. Bruce emerges from the crater and begins walking back to his house. Doctor Doom approaches the Gray Gargoyle and manipulates him into attacking the Hulk, he is next seen flying to the Yucca Flats and during the flight he sees the Hulk falling from the sky like an asteroid and turns the man sitting next to him to stone.

While at his job as a janitor at the Yucca Flats Nuclear Research Center, a scientist reveals that he knows who Bruce really is and tells him that he will keep his secret if he helps him with his work. After work Bruce is driving home and the Gray Gargoyle posed as a cop pulls him over and turns him to stone. He puts him in the back seat and starts to drive until the sun goes down and he looks back to see that the transformation into the Hulk isn't prevented by the fact he has been turned to stone. Hulk causes him to crash the car and their battle begins. Hulk is still slowed due to the transformation but his healing factor is quickly reversing it and he defeats the Gray Gargoyle. He snaps the Gargoyle's arm and tells him that he has to fix his arm before he turns back into a human and he flees.



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AF Reviews: Acts of VengeancePeter David and Jeff Purves' Still Life is an issue of Hulk which is part of the Acts of Vengeance crossover and has the greengrey goliath battling it out with the Grey Gargoyle.Doctor Doom decides to send the Grey Gargoyle after the Hulk hoping that the Gargoyle can encase the Hulk in stone to pacify any threat he may pose. Grey Gargoyle tracks Hulk down and encases him in stone while he is Bruce Banner but later when the transformation to Hulk occurs he effectively...

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