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    He is an acclaimed American comic book writer, well-known for his lengthy runs on Supergirl, Aquaman, Young Justice, and The Incredible Hulk.

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    Peter David is a writer known for his work for Marvel Comics and DC and his long runs on the Incredible Hulk (which lasted over ten years) and the original X-Factor series. He is currently writing a second volume of X-Factor, witch he started in 2006 with now more then 100 issues and counting. He has introduced popular characters like Marlo Jones, Maestro, Joe Fixit, and Phyla-Vell. Peter David is the writer adapting Stephen King's Dark Tower series. He also wrote the dialogue and the story for the 2011 video game, Spider-man: Edge of time.

    His writing is known for its comedy and pop culture references as well as his love for letter-pages and funny recap pages, in witch he also tells stories about what is going on with his wife and daughters.

    In December 2012, Peter had a stroke while on vacation in Florida. At the moment he is recovering from this stroke, planning to make a quick recovery and writing his books.

    However, he has, with the help of his wife, been slowly recovering, he is already walking well, goes to therapy, and works out a lot.


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