Rico Dredd

    Character » Rico Dredd appears in 70 issues.

    Rico Dredd is the clone brother of Judge Dredd.

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    Both Joe, and Rico Dredd were cloned from the genes of the famed Judge Fargo.

    All of Fargo's clones excelled themselves from an early age, but Rico was one of the most gifted, often beating his brother Joe and the other Judges in aptitude tests.

    After the two had graduated as Judges Rico became corrupt, and his brother Judge Dredd reported him. Like all bad Judges Rico was sent to a prison colony called Titan and outfitted with breathing tech.


    Rico Dredd was created by Pat Mills and Mick Mcmahon. Appearing in the Judge Dredd series of comic books the character was first introduced in 1977, in 2000AD issue 30.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Return of Rico

    After managing to escape from Titan, Rico returns to Mega-City One for revenge on his brother for having him arrested.

    Unfortunately for Rico his time on Titan has slowed his reactions, and Dredd outdraws and kills him.


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