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    2000 AD » 2000 AD #2362 - Prog 2362 released by Rebellion on December 13, 2023.

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    Welcome, my Thrill-hungry humanoids, to the traditional end-of- year bumper prog, where we both celebrate your planet’s festive season and also cap another scrotnig twelve months of circuit-frying amazingness. It’s an issue of two halves this time around — in the latter half, we have the ongoing Thrills Helium, The Devil’s Railroad, Enemy Earth and Feral & Foe, continuing from their autumn runs and going on into the beginning of 2024.

    Front-loaded in this pulse-pounding prog, however, are a selection of self-contained one-off stories starring some of the Galaxy’s Greatest’s most iconic characters. Judge Dredd’s here of course (in a manner of speaking) and visited by the ghosts of his past, courtesy of Ken Niemand and Tom Foster, plus there’s new adventures for Rogue Trooper in Runaway by the Wessel and Coleby droids,Anderson, Psi-Division in The Game Within by Torunn Grobekk and Kieran McKeown, andStrontium Dog in Alpha by Rufus Hound and Dan Cornwell, a seasonal Fiends of the Eastern Fronttale by the Edginton and Trevallion droids, and the latest chapter of Dan Abentt and Tazio Bettin’s Azimuth.

    Phew! Quite the packed prog, I think you’ll agree, my Squaxx. Remember, Terrans, that this ghafflebette issue is on sale for three weeks, so I’ll see you all again on 3 January 2024 for more SF excitement. Have a zarjaz Christmas and New Year, humes!


    Mega-City One, 2145 AD. Home to over 200 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America with the irradiated Cursed Earth to the west and the poisoned Black Atlantic to the east. Unemployment is rife, and crime is rampant. Tensions rest on a knife-edge and only the zero-tolerance Judges can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD — he is the Law!


    Welcome to the city of AZIMUTH, a data-driven metropolis, where anything is possible. Ruled by an aristocracy of the New Flesh, such concepts of life, death, and body-forms are fluid. Anyone can take any shape, if it can be conceived by the imagination. The New Flesh masters have been troubled by strange dreams and portents, which seem to have predicted the coming of a stranger — none other than Ramone Dexter…


    Mega-City One, 2145 AD. Psi-Division is a section of Justice Department that specialises in Judges with accentuated psychic talents — from precognition to exorcism, astral projection to pyrokinesis, its operatives deal with all manner of paranormal crimes. Cassandra ANDERSON is Psi-Div’s top telepath, who has been responsible for saving the city on a number of occasions from supernatural threats…


    In 1980, the diary of German soldier Hans Schmitt was discovered in Berlin, detailing events that occurred in 1941, when he encountered the terrifying vampire Captain Constanta and his Romanian platoon. But Schmitt was not the first person to meet Constanta — the vampire has popped up throughout history, in various countries and under various guises, and in Romania he ruled over his cowed subjects…


    Late 22nd century. After the Atomic Wars, many survivors were warped by the Strontium 90 fallout. These ‘mutants’ became a victimised underclass, forced into ghettos, and the only job open to them was bounty hunting. One such Search/Destroy agent, or STRONTIUM DOG, is Johnny Alpha, whose eyes emit piercing alpha waves. Partnered with his Viking buddy Wulf Sternhammer, they’re good men in a bad galaxy…


    Nu Earth, site of a galactic war between the Norts and the Southers, where use of chemical weapons has rendered the atmosphere poisonous. So the Southers created the Genetic Infantrymen, bred to be immune to the planet’s lethal cocktail of pollutants — G.I.s like ROGUE TROOPER, the last of his kind. Together with biochip buddies Helm, Gunnar and Bagman, they’re searching for the traitor that sold them out…


    The far future. It has been three hundred years since the Great War ended, and eighty-five per cent of the Earth’s surface now lies beneath a gaseous ocean known as the Poison Belt — a toxic cocktail of biological weapons. The survivors live above the lethal fugue, but a Professor Bloom has emerged, claiming he can make the planet habitable again. Constable Hodge is tasked with protecting him, but they’ve been followed…


    The Earth year 3038, and Planet Diaspora X-167 is a world that has been ravaged by war, a conflict that sees no sign of ending despite years of death and destruction. One couple, Palamon and Constance, are attempting to escape the caranage, especially now that Constance is pregnant — if the baby is born on Earth, it’ll have full Earth rights. Seeking a new life, these refugees must take a risky journey…


    The near future. Mother Nature has turned against the people that live upon the Earth’s surface. Now, the planet’s flora and fauna have mutated and are viciously attacking humanity. As society crumbles, and survivors seek safety, young Zoe, who has lost her own family, has rescued Jules, who’s the prime minister’s son. Now, the PM and the two youths have been shot down en route to India, crashing in the jungle…

    FERAL & FOE // BAD GODESBERG, Part Eleven

    It’s been over five years since the Last-of-All-War, when the Monarchy succeeded in defeating the Malign Lord. With their leader dead, his minions are scattered, fleeing retribution from the Wretchfinders. Necromancer Bode and warrior Wrath are two such beings, and were offered a deal — hunt and kill their own kind or be declared FERAL & FOE. Now, they’ve travelled to Godesberg, a stronghold that’s in trouble…


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