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    The Redeemer, made of eternal fire is the soldier of heaven (after The Disciple). After a Redeemer is chosen, the human given the power of eternal fire he has to take the role and protect the heavens. He also bears the name of Anti-Spawn.

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    The Redeemer aka the Anti-Spawn is essentially Heaven's equivalent of the Hellspawn basically a righteous warrior infused with heavenly matter to fight the forces of darkness and Hell itself. From time to time, The Ethereal Masters seek the assistance of the Star Hive to create Durable warriors loyal Soldiers of God. This mysterious Organization Chose mortals who are worthy to be the hosts of the Redeemer and transforms them into angelic warriors with Elemental Fire on Par with Hell's Minions. The Redeemers retain no knowledge of their previous life as the Redeemer and they retain no knowledge of them becoming the Redeemer upon returning into the mortal realm. However there was an exception with Eddie Frank who retained all memories of his past life prior to becoming the Redeemer. Much Like their demonic counterparts, The Redeemers carry the same limitless rage inside their souls, however the core of their anger is that of light rather than darkness. There had been three Hosts of the Redeemer:

    • Jason Wynn: The first host he was selected due to being the one who killed Al Simmons and turned him into Spawn but was proven inadequate due to his lack of purity.
    • Phil Timper: The Second host A reformed convict and a devout follower of Religion he became the second Redeemer due to his pure heart and became more powerful than Wynn, but only lasted for two issues.
    • Eddie Frank: The Third host, Frank was a young boy whose life had not been pleasant. He blamed Spawn for his predicament and later on after trying to kill himself became the third and current Redeemer who stands much more powerful than his predecessors.
    • The fourth host of the Redeemer is still unknown.

    Jason Wynn

    The Anti-Spawn, Jason Wynn
    The Anti-Spawn, Jason Wynn

    Jason Wynn, The first Redeemer Al Simmons' former employer and Government official in charge of national security and all Covert operations, was Training in hand to hand combat when he was selected by heaven's angels as a candidate for the Anti-spawn soul-fire. Jason Wynn was molecularly transformed, taken apart atom by atom, and reconstructed with a fire in his soul. The fire gave him all the powers that Spawn had, and a relentless, painful, insatiable drive to destroy Spawn. Neither were aware of each other's human identity, and they fought in a war that waged across the country. When Redeemer made it clear he had the upper hand, Spawn tried to flee, but that proved fruitless as Redeemer was made specifically to hunt Hellspawns. In their war, they traveled to Simmonsville, Nevada. This city was named after All Simmons because it was made entirely of Necro/psychoplasm (Matter from the 6th dimension) that takes the form of mental states in it's environment. during this battle, it was being destroyed due to Redeemer's heavenly light. Spawn tries to flee again, and Redeemer follows, back to rat city. Here, beaten within an inch of his life, Spawn gains the upperhand as his friends, Bobby and Bootsy distract heaven's angel. with this, Spawn has to unleash a great deal of power and lands a cripplng blow to Redeemer. Spawn follows up by decapitating him. The remains of Redeemer are then teleported back into heaven's orbital station high above the Earth. Jason Wynn is then again, broken down on a molecular level adn re-assembled as a human, the fire now gone. Heaven's sentinels then see the err of their ways, as they needed a pure soul, in order to fully grasp and contain the power of the Soul-fire.

    Phil Timper

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    The second Redeemer, was an ex-convict, who had found faith in the teachings of the bible during his imprisonment. Phil was caught unawares when serving at a homeless shelter, as the cook. He soon underwent the same process as Jason Wynn, broken down and reassembled with Soul-fire. However, unlike Jason Wynn, Phil's soul was redeemed with repent. Phil was a great deal stronger than his predecessor, and this showed as he beat the Hellspawn down, while focused on other matters. Phil Timper was not to hunt Al Simmons, but instead retried a homeless friend of Bobby, because he contained traces of hell, from when he was resurrected by Al Simmons.

    Later, when Spawn recieved an upgrade to his suit, he broke into the Heaven terran embassy, and was met by Redeemer. The violence that ensued could not be called a battle, for Phil was no match for the new and improved hellspawn. Redeemer had his hand severed, and began spewing soul-fire.

    Eddie Frank

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    As a teenager living in Alabama, Eddie and his little brother Andy lost their mother. as a result, their Father, Joe Frank, a well respected cop became an angry soul, daily beating his kids. one fateful day, Spawn would teleport in their front yard, and Andy would find Al. Spawn was hurt in his battle with Angels, and it was obvious he needed help. Showing compassion, Andy carted Spawn home and kept him hidden in a shed. later, he would show his big brother Eddie the discovery he'd made. After Andy spilled a beer, Their father went into a rage and threatened to shoot him. They were both severely beaten. Spawn witnesses the atrocity, and snatches Joe in an ally, and scares him to treat his children better. Before Spawn leaves, he uses his powers and inscribe the phrase "I beat my Children" all over Joe's body. When Joe returns home, he brutally beats his son Andy. Having enough, Eddie grabs his father's gun, and shoots the abusive parent.

    Later, we would return to the two brothers. Having escaped Juvenile detention they travel to Manhattan to stay with Spawn. Once there, and without money, Eddie gets into the drug dealing business to provide for his brother and himself.

    After the brothers meet Spawn again they argue with Simmons to stay with him. Al doesn't want them there, and says so. Eddie leaves, and Andy stays with Spawn. Andy returns to his Boss' house, Snake. While Snake is lecturing Eddie, Eddie tells him that he went to see Spawn. Snake, convinces Eddie that Spawn is a client of his drugs, in order to find Spawn's hideout (Spawn has been a major problem in Snake's drug running business and wants to kill Spawn, thinking him as just some normal hero). Snake finds himself following Eddie through the allies of Rat city, and before long, he notices his henchmen are no longer alive. he takes Eddie hostage, and shoots Andy. Eddie then murders Snake, and Spawn has Andy healed. Al tells the boys that running away will not solve problems, so Eddie and Andy then bus back to Florence, Alabama.

    Transforming into the Redeemer

    When Eddie was released from Juvenile detention, the headmistress' and nuns had brainwashed him thoroughly. He now believed that Al Simmons was the focal point around which his tragedy grew. Returning home and writing in a Journal, he was targeted for the next "savior" project. Being mystically transported to the satellite, he was made into the next Heaven-spawn, And lost his prior memories. Still, his false hatred for Spawn remained, and flying around the world instantly, he tracked him down and the intensity of the hit sent them both into hell. Spawn escaped Hell, leaving the new Redeemer stranded in the eighth circle for a time. Eddie would later escape from hell with the Help of Nyx but Spawn rips off his wings and reverts him back to Eddie Frank. Sometime later Eddie returns as the Redeemer again and was later to have an angel wife named Victoria.

    Powers and Abilities

    Redeemer possesses

    'Elemental Fire' Manipulation- His body was filled with the 'Elemental Fire' inside his body, which he can use to project multiple types of energy blasts. He can also solidify this energy into a blade, that he can use to cut and stab.

    Teleportation- The Redeemer can teleport by turning his body into a blue energy.

    Other Media

    Spawn the Video Game

    The Redeemer appears as a boss on this video game for SNES.


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