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    Head of the C.I.A and the person who gave the orders to kill Al Simmons who would be reborn as Spawn. He is reborn as the supervillain Disruptor

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    Head of the C.I.A. Jason controlled many things, including Albert Francis Simmons. A skilled assassin who Jason often used in field missions and partnered up with Chapel.


    Jason's Greed got the best of him when Malebolgia offered him the substance known as Psychoplasm in exchange for Al Simmons. Jason agreed to the deal and hired Chapel to kill Al telling him that Simmons was a traitor and had to be taken out. Falling for the obvious lie Chapel killed his own best friend, sending him to Hell and indirectly causing him to become Spawn. As promised Jason received the Psychoplasm and it reacted and fused with Al's memories creating Simmonsville. The military would later put Major Vale in charge of Simmonsville to oversee the use and study of Simmonsville only to have a portal to Hell open inside of it. Spawn eventually destroyed it and killed Major Vale.


    Jason in search for power had hired the child killer Billy Kincaid to kill the governor's daughter. The governor had hired Al Simmons to kill Billy Kincaid only to find out he had already been arrested. Soon it was revealed that Jason had used his power to get him only 5 years in jail and destroyed the evidence against him and Kincaid. Unfortunately, his link to Kincaid and the murders and eventually Kincaid himself would come back to haunt him in many ways.

    The First Redeemer

    The Anti-Spawn is Born
    The Anti-Spawn is Born

    Chosen for his history with Spawn Heaven abducted him and fused his body with The Heavenly Fire and gave him a new suit. Dawning the mantle of the Anti-Spawn,

    Jason became the first Redeemer. The Redeemer attacked Spawn while he was in Simmonsville. Redeemer manged to beat Spawn nearly to death. Spawn had to teleport to escape but redeemer still followed him, but thanks to a distraction from the bums in Spawn's alley Spawn got the upper hand and killed the Redeemer. He was later returned to Earth with his memories of these events wiped out.

    Deal with the Clown

    When Spawn found out Jason had hired Chapel to kill him he made an attempt to kill him but failed to do so. Soon after Jason began receiving constant visits from Violator who was disguised in his clown form. He gave Jason help and advice on how to get rid of Spawn and then used him to get to Spawn and his family without letting Spawn know that he was behind the whole thing. Violator then kidnapped Cyan and Spawn promptly came after him and killed him.

    Possession and insanity

    Soon after Kincaid's return to Earth he possessed Jason forced him to commit horrific murders luckily he fought off the ghost and escaped before he got caught. Eventually Spawn found him and instead of killing used his powers to drive him insane. The Violator then appeared before him and helped him control himself enough to get back his powers in the C.I.A, soon after he began murdering people on his own, looking for people who looked like Al's wife Wanda Fitzgerald When Spawn found him he beat Jason who nearly fell to his death only to have The Violator betray him and cause him to fall. Then he possessed his body and the Violator was reborn. In the events that followed Wynn was said to have died, what has become of Wynn has yet to be seen.

    Other media

    Spawn The Movie

    Martin Sheen is Jason Wynn
    Martin Sheen is Jason Wynn

    Jason Wynn appeared in the Spawn Movie, he was played by Martin Sheen. He is one of the antagonist of the movie, this version of Wynn is not as powerful as he is in the comics, his only positions of authority is in an agency know as A6 and as Al Simmon's Boss. Unlike the comics, Wynn killed Simmons in person, rather than ordering it. He is also a lot more emotional and hot-tempered in the film than he is in the comics. He is also caucasian rather than Asian.

    Todd McFarlane's Spawn

    Jason Wynn in the animated series
    Jason Wynn in the animated series

    Jason Wynn appeared in the HBO miniseries, he was voiced by John Rafter Lee.

    He is the head of NSC, Jason Wynn paid and bought his way to the top and was in the business of selling arms to foreign countries to aid in their wars. He sold to more than one side as well, so no matter who won the wars he was successful. Jason Wynn was also the man who ordered Al Simmons to be killed, telling Terry Fitzgerald that “Your friend Simmons thought he could fuck with me and I burned him alive.”

    Jason Wynn’s troubles first started when a shipment of arms went “missing”; these arms, however, never left Wynn’s warehouse. One of Wynn’s employees, Terry Fitzgerald, began searching for these missing weapons and was nearly killed by hitmen hired to by Wynn to stop his investigation.

    Spawn interfered in all of this to tell Wynn to back off of Terry Fitzgerald and Wanda Blake. Having no choice but to comply, Wynn conceded.

    Wynn eventually lost control of his company, leaving the office right as the police arrived to arrest him. Wynn’s last chance at power was in the mask of Genghis Khan. Using one of his prisoners, Major Forsberg, as an aid to get to the mask, Wynn succeeded in finding where it currently resided.

    The mask would grant the wearer the powers of Hell, but Wynn did not possess the wisdom to control the War Mask. The mask burned and scorched his face when he put it on. Fleeing the shop, Wynn returned to Major Forsberg only to find that Spawn stood in his way.

    It is unknown what happened to Wynn after the shootout with Spawn.


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