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    Greg Capullo is a master comic artist and penciller who is best known for his work with X-Force, Angela, Spawn and Batman. A veteran of the industry Capullo has worked with Marvel, Image and DC. A definite fan favorite and a terrific guy to meet in person!

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    Current Work

    Currently working with Scott Snyder on massive changes in Batman after the conclusion to the Zero Year story.


    His first work was a title called Gore Shriek for a comic book store in Albany, New York. The book was specifically labeled Not Intended For Children.

    For three years he worked with Marvel Comics on titles such as Quasar, X-Men Unlimited, X-Force and What If?

    He left Marvel to work for Todd McFarlane at Image comics.

    Capullo began his work with McFarlane on Spawn with issues 16, 17 and 18. Temporarily taking over McFarlanes role as lead penciler. McFarlane re-took the reigns of Spawn again temporarily before handing the duties back to Capullo Full-Time at issue #26 where he became the main artist/cover artist for the book. At image he also worked on 18 issues of Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane's "Haunt."

    He also created his own miniseries titled The Creech. Which was broken into 2 3-part mini-series.

    A veteran comic book artist and all around great guy. At conventions Greg stands up to shake each fan's hand. He is the reason most comic fans get excited to meet an artist at a comic book convention. He usually has a limited print (usually of 200) to hand out to the first 200 guests he meets. He is one of the best pencilers in the business today. His work on the new launch of Batman has been breathtaking and that is an understatement!


    Capullo's iconic "BLS" hat is sold by Black Label Society, the band of former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde.


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