The Best Injustice 3 Character Wishlist

This is just a follow up to my amazing Injustice 3 most wanted guest character list....

This time the list is a little basic on explanation content.

But are the ideas that count right?


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If there is a character that needs to be in this game is Static!! He was almost one on Injustice 2...this needs to happen!


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I kinda like Tremor from would be nice to have a titan with similar fighting gimmick.

3.Beast Boy

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A great character with amazing moveset to go along with Terra.


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Platinum is made of Platinum...she could have a really cool moveset.


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I think her should be the Wonder WOman villain represented in the game.

6-Black Hand

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He can bring the dead characters from Injustice in his moveset...that would be amazing(and he have more personallity than Nekron)


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Lobo's daughter to represent a new generation of DC characters...Djin would also be cool.

7-Killer Croc

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Enough of Bane...Put Croc in the game!

8-Captain Boomerang

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The Flash villain to be represent this time.


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It is weird wanting a character in the game just because of her cool costume?

10-Plastic Man

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He was great in the INjustice comics.