Injustice 3: 9 Guest Characters NetherRealm Must Include

With guest characters becoming a must have in fighting games, the next entry in the Injustice franchise must have the most epic guest characters ever if they want to top what they did with Injustice 2 (Sub zero, Hellboy, Raiden and TMNT).

And with that in mind, here it is my wishlist of 9 characters from different franchises that would fit really well in the Injustice universe.

-Sabrina Spellman

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With a new show on Netflix, Sabrina Spellman just gained a new level of popularity. Based on her newer incarnation of the comic book “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” she is the perfect candidate to represent Archie Comics .

As a bonus Sabrina is no stranger to the DC universe, with a version of her character having a small part in a recent crossover named “Harley and Ivy meet Betty and Veronica”, with some interactions with Zatanna she already showed that would fit right at home with DC’s magic characters.

She might not be a proper fighter but with her knowledge of magic, her trusty familiar Salem and a unique personality, she could be a nice addition to the roster.

-Lord Drakkon

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Unlike the more campy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show, the BOOM! Studios’ comic book take on the franchise is surprisingly more serious. So because of that some of its character would be a great fit for the Injustice universe.

And Lord Drakkon is best choice to represent this franchise. An original character created for the comics, he is an evil version of Tommy Oliver with the powers of Green and White ranger. And having in mind that Injustice have premier skins there is a chance of seeing the original actor who played the character (Jason David Frank) doing both the evil and good version of the same character.

With his training in martial arts, Megazord and a huge variety of Ranger weapons, Lord Drakkon is one of the best villain that comic books can offer.

-Deku(Izuku Midoriya)

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Yes, a manga/anime character in an American super hero fighting game doesn’t sound as right as the rest of the list. But this is a nice opportunity to bring manga fans into the amazing world of comic books, and My Hero Academia is not only very popular anime but also a very good super hero world which makes the best modern candidate to have a hero be represented in the game.

Deku is the best choice for the roster because of the creative ways he uses his powers, and unlike All Might, it would be awesome seeing Midoriya being a fan boy all over the other heroes in the game.

-The Mask

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He might not be as popular as he once was, but he is an iconic character and deserves another chance in the spotlight.

A much darker character in the comics than his 19994 movie appearance, The Mask is the perfect character to represent Dark Horse comics since Hellboy will probably not be returning for the sequel.

The Mask is a great potential guest for this game, not only because he can create pretty much anything for his move set(bombs, laser guns, baguettes…), but he is also a very funny character that can have some of the best lines of pre fight dialogue in the game.


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With a movie and an animated TV show in the horizon (eventually) it might be a good time for Invincible to get the recognition he deserves as guest character in the injustice franchise( and even the writer of his comic book agrees).

Mark Grayson and his “Invincible” persona might not be the most interesting character move set wise( having only flight and super strength). But maybe he can also bring the help of Atom Eve into some of his moves, and since his story has a big inspiration from Superman’s mythology, he might have some really strong opinions about Superman’s regime and what happened with his version of Earth.

-Cassie Cage

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With this being a game made by NetherRealm is very likely that we will have a Mortal Kombat as guest character, and the best pick to represent a new era of the franchise is Cassie Cage.

Daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, she is a trained martial arts fighter with fire arms and full body green armor abilities that she inherited from her dad. Unlike most Mortal Kombat characters Cassie’s personality is very sassy and youthful, and that would make some really interesting dialogues.


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Another manga/anime character that is a pop culture icon, Goku is one of most popular fictional characters around that they can bring into the game. One that certainly would make fans lose their minds for sure.

Besides being massively popular, this is the perfect opportunity to see the fight that fans always wanted, the infamous "Goku vs Superman", and not only watching but also playing the fight ourselves.

Goku might be a little too strong for this universe, but since characters like Harley Quinn can defeat Superman in a fight, the character’s strength doesn’t matter. So he would be able to show us all his awesome techniques like Kamehameha and Genki dama without actually killing anyone.


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Yeah, a Marvel character in a DC fighting game might be a difficult thing to make it happen and even controversial in the eyes of some fans. But if it happens, it would be “the most ambitious crossover event in history”!

Spider-man is arguably the most popular character in Marvel comics and would make for the best guest character they can add to the roster. With his web gadgets, spider strength and agility he would be a very interesting character move set wise.

And also Peter is a very funny character with a down to Earth personality; he would make some great lines of dialogues with other characters.

-Black Hammer(Lucy)

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My last pick is Lucy from the comic book Black Hammer...It would be nice to have more modern comic book heroes outside Marvel/DC and Lucy is the best choice for such thing.

Lucy have the powers of the Black Hammer...and is a very the story of the comic is really interesting and full of mysteries so it is best if you give it a shot yourself.



So...Injutice 3 just basically have been teased by the Injutice comics writer... So I decided to update this list with some honorable mentions!

-Avatar Aang

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The Avatar doesn't really feet in the Injustice universe as well as the other characters on this list...But since Ed Boon himself wanted crazy characters that have 0 to do with comics and super herois like Neo from the Matrix to be in the game...I think cool factor is something that counts. And you can't get much cooler than the freaking Avatar bending 4 elements in a fighting game!


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Can a Joke go so far that stops being a joke and becomes something that you really want? Scooby and the DC universe have been really close in recent years. So I can totally see Shaggy having a very unique fighting style kinda like Phonex Write in MvC3 and be the most interesting characters Nethereal ever done.


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The world of the Boys is as serius and Dark as it can get so a character to represent the franchise might be great idea. And Starlight is the best choice to me because she have a nice bland of interesting personality, story and powers. While Billy and Homelander would also be great, i think the game could use more unique chacters like her.

And that is it...I can't think of many honorable mentions for now....and here is my other list of DC characters I want to see in the game. DC character that needs to be on Injustice 3