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    Crush is a young Czarnian, suspected to be the daughter of Lobo, and a member of the Teen Titans.

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    Crush was created by Adam Glass and Bernard Chang. She made her first appearance in Teen Titans Special #1.

    Character History

    In Superman-esque fashion, Crush was rocketed to Earth as an infant, crash-landing outside the Burning Man festival where she was found by a couple of hippies named David and Lisa Rojas. David and Lisa adopted the distinctly alien child as their own, naming her Xiomara and raising her as their daughter.

    David and Lisa were loving parents, but they had drug-related debts that forced them to keep relocating to avoid the anger of the dealers they owed. As a child, Xiomara once asked her parents why she did not look like them. David and Lisa made up a story about Xiomara's parents being superheroes who had sent their daughter to Earth to be cared for. Eventually, however, Xiomara learned the truth when she saw Lobo fighting Superman on the news and realized she must be a Czarnian like him.

    Xiomara angrily accosted her parents, who insisted that Lobo's savagery and amorality did not reflect on who their daughter was. After accusing them of lying to her for her whole life, Xiomara walked out on them - but when she returned to their trailer, she was horrified to find that her parents had been murdered and the trailer set on fire.

    Eventually Xiomara learned that her parents' killer was a drug dealer named Ezikiel, whom David and Lisa had stolen some drugs from. Ezikiel had offered to forgive the Rojases' debt if they sold him their alien daughter, but David and Lisa refused, and so Ezikiel had simply killed them. Enraged, Xiomara cornered Ezikiel and contemplated killing him, but was reminded by Djinn of what her parents had told her - that being a Czarnian did not mean she had to be a killer like Lobo. With great difficulty, Xiomara let Ezikiel live and handed him in to the local authorities.


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