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    Yara is a Brazilian demi-god given the title of Wonder Girl by Wonder Woman. In Future State, when Diana was absent, she took over as Wonder Woman and joined the Justice League.

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    Yara Flor was created by Joëlle Jones for DC Future State event According to Yara Flor's creator, the look of the superheroine was inspired by the Brazilian indigenous model Suyane Moreira.



    Yara Flor is from Brazil but left with her aunt figure Renata to the United Stated during childhood. As a teenager, she went back to Brazil, despite Renata's disapproval.

    Back to Brazil

    Upon returning to Brazil, Yara saved someone and met João. She then heard music from a waterfall and when she went to investigate, met a mermaid-like create who revealed herself as Iara, who Yara was named after. She then went on a flight back to Rio and was attacked by an Amazon. The plane then was brought to the ground by the gods Zephyros and Eros, the latter of whom had fallen in love with her. Yara and João reunited but were interrupted when Eros hit her with his arrow, causing her to fall in love with him. Eros then brought Yara to meet Hera.

    Mount Olympus

    Upon arriving at Mount Olympus, Hera made Yara her "project". Yara was trained and tutored by Chiron and Eros and was given gifts from the gods. Yara and Chiron went into the woods and Yara realized that she couldn't control her powers, which upset her but also led her to name her horse Jerry. At the next training station, it was clear that she her behavior had changed. She was more calm than angry. On a walk with Eros, he told her that Hera wanted Yara to become her champion, but it would require giving up a lot. Yara said she wanted to visit Brazil one last time first.

    Back at Brazil, she reunited with João before meeting someone who claimed to know her some time ago, a woman named Potira. Potira showed her Themyscira years ago and showed her her mother. She declared that Yara must join the tribe that her mother was once apart of, but was interrupted when Artemis and Cassie Sandsmark showed up. Artemis, upset, confronted her. Cassie tried to defuse the situation and gave Yara some advice. Yara then returned to Mount Olympus to become Hera's champion.

    However, she ended up refusing the drink that would make her live eternally, which angered Hera and Eros. Hera then ordered that she be sent to Tartarus, but instead Yara ended up fighting Hephaestus's army. When she defeated them, she summoned Jerry. The two tried to find a way off Mount Olympus but couldn't and were stuck roaming around there. However, Hephaestus killed Jerry. Yara was defeated when she tried to fight him and Hera arrived, telling her that Hephaestus wanted a word with her.

    This ended up with Yara being sent to Tartarus, where she encountered some creatures there before she ran. Turning around, Yara saw that they were running from a giant-size man, as it appeared. Yara was locked in a cage and no matter what she tried, couldn't escape. During her time of captivity, Eros visited her, asking why she rejected Hera. They ended up arguing and, sometime after he left, the giant-sized man came back and grabbed her. They fought and Yara won, which was when Jerry showed up and Yara realized that he was still alive. They flew out of Tartarus where Yara caught Jerry up on what happened. They walked around Mt. Olympus until they came across large doors. Thinking she heard a voice, Yara opened them, only to be confronted by Eros' army (not that she knew that it was his).

    Personal Information


    • Eyes: Amber
    • Hair: Black


    • Citizenship: Amazon, American, Brazilian
    • Born in: Brazil
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Known Relatives: Aella (mother), Renata (aunt), Brian (uncle)

    Powers and Abilities

    As an Amazon-Guarani demigoddess demigod, Yara Flor possesses superhuman powers, which include flight, superhuman agility, super-strength, invulnerability, heighten awareness and unrefined control over water.

    Abilities: While on Mount Olympus Yara learned many disciplines.

    • Archery
    • Art of War
    • Equestrianism
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat
    • History
    • Multilingualism: She can speak Brazilian Portuguese, English and American Sign Language
    • Philosophy
    • Swordsmanship



    • Kokoshnik Tiara


    • Jerry, the Wing Horse


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    • Amazonian Sword: A magical sword made by Hephaestus.
    • Golden Boleadoras: According to Joëlle Jones, Yara’s bolas are even more powerful than the Lasso of Truth, in some ways. "Her bola acts more as a weapon of control. She could control somebody to speak the truth, or control them in the way they think, or control their actions. It takes the Lasso of Truth and amps it up a bit more."

    Alternate Versions

    Future State

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    Yara Flor, the daughter of an Amazon and Brazilian river god originates from the Amazon Rainforest in South America. Accompanying her is her winged steed, Jerry, and her friend a forest guardian spirit, Caipora. Yara set off on a journey to the Underworld to rescue one of her Amazonian sisters from Hades grasp

    Yara is also an active member of the Justice League, despite not being very happy to be apart of the team. In 2040 Yara joined The Justice League to stop an invasion led by Starro/Darkseid, by 2070 she left the team due to their connection to The United Planet which she believe is a corrupted organization.

    After the Justice League, Yara teamed up with Future State's Superman, Jon Kent, a couple times.


    It was announced in 2020 that the CW will be developing a TV series based on Yara Flor. However, The CW decided not to move forward with the series as of February 2021.


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