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Battle of the heavy hitters 0

Asgard stands its ground as Galactus attacks.    Warrning: Spoilers The Story Galactus and his herald the Silver Surfer are out to get the seed of the world tree which might quench the big mans hunger once and for all. However (the other big guy) Odin doesn't want to give it up with out a fight. Little Loki seeks out the three sisters with a locket of Sif's hair (that he took from naked Sif in the last issue). After that we got action, action, and more action as Thor, The Surfer, Odin, Galactus,...

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Down in Flames 0

Hal Jordan isn't a green lantern and flying a jet.   Warning: Spoilers The Story  Hal Jordan saved Abin Sur from the crash and didn't get the ring. He is flying for Ferris air fields and is dubbed the go to guy by President Obama himself. The amazons decide to attack the air field with their invisible jets that Carol (aka Sapphire) can some how see and shoot down. Then the amazons drop this tiny crate ( that is larger then there jets) that some how turns into a HUGE and I mean HUGE three headed ...

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The arc to pick up 0

Deadpool is finally committed to an insane asylum after way to many years of being on the loose.  Warning: Spoilers  The Story If you read the last arc with the hulk (if you didn't it was really good and you should) it ended with the Hulk smashing Deadpool into a million little blobs and then him being put back together and being sent to an insane asylum in England. She-Hulk was Deadpool's lawyer and got him but in Crossmore Prison in England instead of The Raft Prison in the USA. Once incarcera...

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The same stuff <or is it> 1

The Reverse Flash is jumping through time and hopefully we will find out how Flashpoint started.   Warning: Spoilers The Story  We get the story of The Reverse Flash &lt;Eobarad Thawne&gt; first hand through his eyes what he is doing thinking and planning. The story starts by showing why Thawne doesn't like Barry and how Barry stopped him from being a hero. Next it &lt; vaguely &gt; explains how Thawne went from in jail to somehow tapping into the negative speed force and becoming the reverse f...

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The Game Changer 0

Deadpool has sicked the Hulk upon none other than himself in the last two issues. His goal is to do the impossible and die. Unfortunately he has endangered a daycare and this issue decides who lives and who dies.  Warning: Spoilers  The Story  If you have read issue 37 &amp; 38 &lt;which I recommend you do first&gt; Deadpool is trying to meet death and has persuaded the hulk to help him &lt;with the help of two nukes&gt;. Driving the Hulk out of control Deadpool finds himself outside a daycare ...

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Tomar-Re strutting his stuff 0

The not so famous, Tomar-Re, is faced with difficult decisions in this once shot .   Warning: Serious Spoilers The Story  Tomar is discussing with (Albin Sur I think) and we find out that he has a passion for earth. He is then called to his home planet due to an emergency. He arrives to find the planet is utter chaos with a death toll at 1.2 billion. Chasing after the one responsible he pushes beyond the limits of the corps and ventures in to the lost sector. Catching up with the fleeing ship T...

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Albin Deserves His Own Origin Comic 0

Albin Sur is the man who started it all.   Warning: Spoilers The Story  The beginning starts off with some heroic action from our pink skinned friend when he intercepts a galactic arms dealer that is heading towards earth to sell weapons. We find out that even though earth is is Albin's sector he has never visited the planet and feels that it is full of primitive self centered creatures. Some of the debris of the intercepted ship end up reaching earth and it happens to be a techno-organic virus...

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Didn't do much for me 1

"Flash" Thompson is back in the brand new series Venom.   The Story  Flash Thompson is back as a Venom. The beginning gives you a nice introduction of who "Flash" is as a person and lets you kinda gauge how he is going to act when under the influence of Venom (if you don't already know). Jack'O Lantern is terrorizing a city and melting through UN bots designed by Stark Industries with this newly found technology which is some sort of Antarctic Vibranium that can melt through any metal. He is cl...

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I read it again 2

Intro We find ourselves reading the story of a transformation from innocence to power and wondering what's going to happen next. If you read a story this summer make it be this one. You won't regret it.  Warning: Spoilers BELOW &lt;I don't give it all away though&gt;The Good The Story  Eric is a young boy who falls from a tree playing superheros with his brother. Impaling himself with the falling branch he will be forever effected by his actions that day. Developing chronic headaches we find our...

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How many Captain Americas are in your comic book? 1

A Captain packed comic that keeps the action coming with great art. Warning: Spoilers  The Good    The Story   Steve Rogers has been removed when needed most from a multitude of realities. These disappearances are causing ripples in space and time that are effecting every reality. The Watcher feels that this is natural and refuses to take action but an Elder of the Universe feels otherwise. Opposing the Watcher the Elder gathers a corps of five Captain Americas spanning from Steve (Before he ...

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The Man's a Genius 0

Not only can he draw but he can write. David Finch is having at Batman: The Dark Knight series and it is spectacular.   The Good Story Bruce is having flashback about a "new" childhood friend Dawn Golden. When we come to current time we find out that she has gone missing and that Bruce is after a street venom influenced crock for answers. After a few fists are thrown and answers are given Bruce finds himself  breaking into a safe that contains the necklace that Dawn was wearing in the flashback....

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