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FLASH FACT! He's more powerful than ever…

All eyes are on the The Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne) in this One-Shot, where he watches and changes Barry Allen's history. Thawne is on a never ending journey to create the history he wants by erasing and changing segments of Barry Allen's life. However, changing history can cause unpredictable results...

Note: Although it say issue one of three it was a one shot.



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Flashpoint: Reverse Flash 0

Writer: Scott Kolins.Artist: Joel Gomez. Hello, and welcome to my first review. For my first review, I'll be doing a one-shot of one of my favorite Villains: Eobard Thawne.Plot Summary:This one-shot focuses on Thawne's Origins and Motivation to become the Reverse Flash; Thawne planned to be the Flash, but Barry (his idol) thwarted him. After being imprisoned, Thawne fueled and created the Negative Speedforce. So, if he couldn't be the Flash of the 25th Century, he'd kill the the Flash of the 20t...

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Revisiting the Past 0

When I learned there would be a Flashpoint tie-in focusing specifically on Professor Zoom, I was naturally intrigued. After all, this entire event is supposedly caused by his actions, yet he hasn't made a single appearance in the main series as of the third issue. Would DC really include vital plot points to the story in a separate mini-series? As of the first issue of three, it wouldn't seem that way.  In some ways, this issue acts as a sort of sequel to the origin story of the Reverse Flash th...

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The same stuff <or is it> 0

The Reverse Flash is jumping through time and hopefully we will find out how Flashpoint started.   Warning: Spoilers The Story  We get the story of The Reverse Flash &lt;Eobarad Thawne&gt; first hand through his eyes what he is doing thinking and planning. The story starts by showing why Thawne doesn't like Barry and how Barry stopped him from being a hero. Next it &lt; vaguely &gt; explains how Thawne went from in jail to somehow tapping into the negative speed force and becoming the reverse f...

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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