Adventure Time Comic

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  • Perfect is a word I hesitate to use because there no such thing in most art, because is all subjective. if you said something is perfect then of course someone can point out the flaws, but I guess when you find that perfect something it does not matter what other people said. This is a perfect comic. Rewarding all the readers who been keeping up, and all the fans, this is simply perfect. The comedy, the stake, the new villain, the art, the setting, just everything about it was just perfect for me. It was a great send off to Ryan North and a high point to end his run. Plus I love the one-off chapter, with all the creator creating their own comics which just show there personality so well. Also is probably the closest we get to Bubbleline ship being real so I guess that was a bonus.

  • Everybody fell in love with Fionna and Cake episode, and for good reason. That being said there hasn't really been a true sequel to it as the other episode with them focus on random characters. This books open and explored the mythology with Natasha Allegri, the person behind the idea in charge. Is really interesting to explored this mythology and the amount of theory and speculation from this comic alone. It gave us what people wanted and left them wanting more with one of the most weird ending ever that left so many question that might never be answer which just makes this book so much special. This was an excellent volume and must read for any Fionna and Cake fans.

  • What a great first volume for the Adventure Time comics. This volume went all out with all the cast fighting the Lich. The comic illustrate all the thing I love about Ryan North run of adventure time, the writing, the little commentary below, Paroline and Lamp drawing that goes so well with the jokes. Best of all was the extra content you get when you get the hardcover which have the people who work on it show how they made the comic in a rather hilarious and creative way. The BMO lesson chapter is the only thing that was rather forgettable I guess, but aside from that the chaos and the amount of creativity from this volume was just a joy to read.

  • Nooooooooo the feels. Yeah this comic have the Ice King go with Finn and Jake going on a dungeon made by him and two other people. It was creative, had lots of awesome thing you would see in other dungeon games like Legend of Zelda, and had lots of great moments with Ice King, with problem with dementia and having a grasp on reality. Ice King is always a great sympathetic character that you can't help but root for. Ryan North takes great advantage of this and explored it and definitely makes it a story worth reading. Plus the one-off chapter was fun I guess.

  • A detective story with Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon bun sound interesting, but I also had no high expectation which were blown away. Basically Finn and Jake gone missing and the two duo are trying to look for new hero's by pairing two unlikely people which bring great interaction that you have not seen before and just great jokes after jokes. The adventure and the wacky adventure they get themselves into are just so much fun. Is just a fun weird team up comic book that main goal is to just to have fun.

  • A other bubbleline story yay. Fun fact, I do have the hardcover of all the adventure time book from 1-7 of Ryan North run. I was going to get the twenty dollar one, but decided to spend more and get this one instead bc hey is them on the cover and I don't like LSP that much. That aside, this story was fun, with great memorable jokes, art, and just a fantastic chemistry between Marceline and Bubblegum. While Marceline Gone adrift does explore more about their relationship, this one just has fun with their chemistry and it shown so damn well. Fun fact, there a chapter in this comic with Marcy narrating Bubblegum story which was hilarious, and also written in a day since the idea just came off naturally due to their amazing chemistry and is convey well. It was nice to have comic with Jake and Finn being sideline so they can focus more on Marceline and Bubblegum. Plus the first POV chapter in the beginning was fun.

  • HEY a Bubbline story, that how you know is good (granted Marceline and the Scream Queen was okay at best but whatever). The first thing to note is how great the art style is, which really convey the feeling of the characters and their difficult decision of friendship versus responsibility. Plus the side story in it was actually hilarious. Is a overall just a good story, that does a great job at looking at Marceline and Bubblegum relationship. Plus the atmosphere created by the art along with beauty of space is well appreciated.

  • First off, the pick your own story one-shot was excellent and lots of fun with great humor. The main story itself just showcase the creativity of the series and made good use of the time travel aspect with great reference and humor.You can tell the creator had lots of fun with this. Shout out to Paroline and Lamp for really giving their best with their illustration which come out alive in this comic. This was the first Adventure Time comic I read, and I bought it not just because it was $8 for the hardcover, but also because I saw the art and was like this look fun, and sure enough it was.

  • A book that focus on the side character of Adventure time and end up in a robot apocalypse with time travel. So Basically Adventure time vol 2 just with side character being focus. Is lots of fun with great humor, and love seeing all the character interacting. While it has been done better by Adventure time vol 2 and Candy Caper, is still creative and fun.