Favorite comics

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  • Adventure Time comic series had capture what I love about the series with fun and creative adventure with lot of character moment and comedy. The reason this is number one is because it does everything I want from the comic and more, and does it so wonderfully. It reward the reader who read all the previous issues with some call back, and has the heart, creativity, humor, twist and so much more. Is one of the only comic I consider perfect because is everything an adventure time fan want while also teasing Marceline and Bubblegum shipping which is a nice bonus.

  • Black and white comic can really add to a story, by creating great atmosphere and this books takes advantage of that and more. The story is gripping and goes over the ordeal of Girl and her psychological problem in a journey that she has to overcome with reality and fiction mixing together as she fights her inner demons. Is an excellent story not only delivers in it's style, narrative and character but has a great message that is done right. While my only flaw is the fact that the bully does go over the towards the end, there something after it that makes you forget about and overall was an excellent read.

  • A interesting re-imagining of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman, going through the journey with Gordon. First of all at I actually love how the art style compliment the world of Gotham. The place feels alive with everything you expect from it, also this is one of the moment where Gordon is a total bad ass, and show why he not just a old guy shining the bat light. Also the scene with the swat team chasing Batman is great, especially the moment where he save a kitten despite his own live being in danger. Is just great, seeing how Bruce hides his cover, him practicing to be Batman, while also fighting corruption. Is one of the more enjoyable Batman story and probably the best origin story of him.

  • While I cannot recommend enough that fan of Adventure Time should read the comic, fan of Fionna & Cake have to read Fionna and Cake comic. Fionna & Cake is a genderbender fan fic of the ice king that only have a 4 episode to them. While they been great, none of them has been as good as the first episode. I feel like this comic is a true sequel to the first episode, as it was actually done by the creator of Fionna & Cake. Also the added benefit of having little exposure to this world is the fact that there so much thing to learn which this comic deliver and yet makes the reader asking more question with one of the most bizarre ending that keep me going back to this book to analyzed. It manage to be fun, with great art work, and the humor for the most work. Is a wonderful book to read.

  • I never really saw Batman the animated series, I only saw couple of episodes and only recently started watching them, (might continue later) so of course I never read the comic. So to my suprised to how great this comic was, not only because of it's commentary on abusive relationship, but how well they character are portray. From the Joker egocentric nature, to Batman brilliant detective mind. Is just a short and simple story that managed to be engaging, cruel and fun at the same time. Managed to not only entertained my adult mind, but also my kid heart. So prop to it.

  • I really love Ryan North run on Adventure time, and immediately notice something wrong after his mnemoid arc in Adventure Time, is not his writing.Suddenly Adventure time comic books were just okay instead of being an exciting adventure. Then I read Unbeatable squirrel girl and immediately recognize it was his work due to the type of humor and knew I was in for a treat. Then this came out, and this was lot of fun. Is the same creative fun I had with his Adventure time comics, just with Marvel characters. The art also goes surprisingly well with the jokes. The comic does do a great job at looking at Doreen Green character and what makes her unique with her compromising attitude and always wanting to help everybody. Also this comic book made me care about a squirrel so that have to count for something.